The Jon Lloyd Band

The Jon Lloyd Band


Rising unsigned stars of the Christian Worship/Rock movement, the Jon Lloyd band has had unprecedented support for their live shows and was one of the biggest Christian bands in the world this past year on myspace with 760k plays in 8 short months, and radio airplay in 5 states.


After two years, one album, one single, dozens of shows and worship events, and a huge, unexplainable explosion on the Internet, it’s pretty easy to say who the Jon Lloyd Band is and what they are about. Anthemic praise songs backed by huge, delayed guitars and driving loops. Stripped down acoustic and piano songs are accompanied cello. An obsession
with coffee beverages and a love of tech-talk meet an abundant passion for worship and for promoting the plight of the poor in Africa and around the world. It’s this combination of humor, personality and driving mission that make Jon, Justin, and Scott such a unique and inviting combination.

Singer-Songwriter Jon Lloyd was in the middle of a long climb up the secular music ladder when his life took a dramatic shift. While on a mission trip to Jamaica with his small-town church, Jon underwent a dramatic re-focusing of his life and musical career. The song “My Prayer” a simple acoustic piece emerged. Over the course of six months, more songs
would follow. Jon knew that his life was irrevocable altered, but had no idea that eighteen months later, “My Prayer” would quietly become the most licensed CCLI Communion song in America for February 2008.
Following his return, Jon assembled a group of local musicians including Scott (electric guitar) to record what would become the Jon Lloyd Band’s “This Place”- their debut album. Over an intense five day period of fourteen hour days, 10 tracks were recorded—time
was so short Jon had less than two hours to record every single vocal track on the last day. Jon’s goal had always been to connect with people as they were connecting with God. He had no idea what was to come next.

Flash-forward a year and half. Through word of mouth alone, the band’s Myspace received an unheard of 750,000 plays in nine months. Offers to play all over the Southeast, Texas, and even invitations to lead worship in Iraq and Australia followed, along with airplay in seven states and a number of local radio interviews. Endorsements and accolades were to
come as well as well but one in particular stood out.

After years of Jon and his family supporting “Greg” (they can’t pronounce his real name) through Compassion International, Jon was inspired to write “Revolution,” a call to action in the campaign to release children from poverty. As an official Artist Representative of Compassion, the Jon Lloyd Band includes a brief message about Compassion in their set.

Today, the Jon Lloyd Band is tight unit. With the addition of multi-instrumentalist Justin Clayton, the core trio of Jon, Scott and Justin bring a huge tight sound to the stage with multiple guitars and Laptop-based loops. Having opened for major label acts Building429 and Todd Agnew this past fall, and called “the next David Crowder Band” by producer Nick
Coetze (“Shout to the Lord”) the Jon Lloyd Band promises to be a band on the rise in 2009.


"This Place"- Debut Cd release.
"Revolution" Single

Set List

The JLB plays a mix of originals and worship covers while working with the venue.