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The next local band to watch out for. These guys will be snatched by a major label any day...they are popular on the mainstream station 99.9 KISW.
- The Current - Green River College

Unique, Catchy, Rockin! -

There's a slinky, sexy vibe to this groove - definitely rock in style. Highly memorable chorus hooks ... anthem-like durge-stomp ... darkly hopeful lyrics perfectly complimented by your vocal swagger

Good, clean production - great looking packaging. From the opening ... I was hooked in. - Taxi - The World's Leading A&R Company

The Joshua Cain Band will kick down your door and demand your attention. This is a must hear and see band in the coming year. Their songs and sound make me feel something in my soul. Call me to deeper things. Make me want to get off my ass and live. Dylan/Petty/Bruce will be calling them for an opening slot on their tours . I like the sound of the record a lot. Jason Ott delivers again both in sonics and production. Very very good band. i cannot wait to see them live.

- Spiro - National Artist

Joshua Cain’s “The Devils in the Joneses” is an excellent CD with a nice mix of rock and spiritual songs. The CD is high quality in terms of musicianship and recording production. The extremely accomplished guitar work is especially noteworthy, as are the outstanding vocals. The CD nicely changes up styles, with both spiritual as well as working-man rock and roll tracks. The title track is reminiscent of an old black spiritual song in tempo and lyrics. The strong solo vocal presentation as well as the background singers of each of the tracks is very professional, with clear and articulate lyrics and excellent pitch. The spiritual and yet very modern presentation of the lyrics on “Here and Now” is inspiring. "Exodus" is a spiritual adult rock song with an excellent vocal contrast of lead male vocals and backing female gospel vocals. The CD also includes a couple of well-know cover songs from the 60’s. The CD is an excellent addition to any collection from a listener who enjoys spiritual rock and roll.
-Lea and the Reviewer Team

I 'heard' the first ten or so seconds.........I 'felt' the rest.

This is top quality stuff! - Flaming Red Musician from Tasmania

The Joshua Cain Band on Exodus demonstrates what cohesive harmonies can do to bolster the signature of a song. Love your voices altogether ascending and blending. I am tapping my toes. . - Molhol Publishing Catalog

The Joshua Cain Band is a unique rock-blues outfit, indeed. Much of the music on this CD is associated with the Civil Rights Movement, yet this band frames these memorable songs in a more modern/spiritual context. The group also pumps up the volume way past 11 for these normally quieter folk and/or blues anthems.

The template for the band’s sounds appears to be U2’s Joshua Tree. The primary difference, however, is that U2 was made up of Irishmen expressing their discovery of American traditional music, whereas The Joshua Cain Band is a native Tacoma group re-translating its own musical language.

A rocking “We Shall Not Be Moved” is the most striking reinterpretation on the CD. This recording puts Led Zeppelin heavy metal guitars right up front in the mix. It’s a little like what Plant/Page once did with Blind Willie Johnson’s “Nobody’s Fault but Mine." Nevertheless, much of the other traditional material is, well, more traditional. This disc also includes the old spirituals “Eyes on the Prize," “We Shall Overcome," and “Turn Me ‘Round."

This group also puts its stamp on a few more contemporary sources. There is a great bluesy stomp with Bob Marley’s “Exodus” and a performance of John Lennon’s “Crippled Inside." Even so, the act doesn't cover anything recorded within at least the last twenty years or so.

Half of these tracks are covers, the other half originals. And much of The Joshua Cain Band’s original material is lyrically empathetic in nature. “If blessed are the meek the poor and the weak, then blessed are the ones who walk these streets,” the band explains with its own “We’ve all Been There." The band also deserves credit for taking the whole ‘turn lemons into lemonade’ cliché, and transforming it into a credible song with "Lemonade."

Joshua Cain is this namesake band’s lead singer, and he comes off just as overtly earnest as Bono did back in the late 80s. Eventually, Bono discovered irony and humor, which ultimately made U2 a much more believable act. In other words, they revealed a more well-rounded view of human nature. I think The Joshua Cain Band will eventually need to show a little of its lighter side, because all of its heaviness begins to weigh the listener down after a while. Perhaps a little humor on its next effort would make the medicine go down a little easier.

If you add it all up, however, The Devil’s in the Joneses comes out a winner, simply because the group performs this traditional and traditional-sounding music with so much spirit. It’s heartening to hear Civil Rights music updated for our modern times because this fight is not over -- not by a long shot. It also makes sense for a Christian act to share these equality-for-all sentiments, as upholding human dignity is very much a Godly ideal.
- - A&R Dan MacIntosh

Love the grit and beat... Fuzzy guitars with a clean slide behind it. And awesome acoustic sounds too! You guys rock.!

-Daniel Palmer

A and R,

- - A and R Daniel Palmer


The Devil's in the Joneses - March 2008 - Debut



A unique rock-blues outfit, indeed!
Indie-Music – Editor’s Choice

Love the grit and beat ... you guys rock! - A and R Daniel Palmer

Excellent ... extremely accomplished guitar work ... outstanding vocals. - Gold Award Band

There is a slinky, sexy vibe to this groove - highly memorable - darkly hopeful!
Taxi – The World’s Leading Independent A&R

History of Accomplishments

• Continuous play on premiere rock stations

• Two National Tours

• Featured artist on Kings of A&R

• Song featured on Columbia Tri-Star International Release

• Song featured on hit WBTV show “One Tree Hill”

• First Place Regional & National Finalist - Budweiser Battle of Bands

• Cock Fight Hall of Fame on Seattle Premiere Rock Station 99.9 KISW

• Songs featured on various Extreme Sports DVDs

• Shared the stage with Seven Dust, Sublime, Theory of a Dead Man...

• Producer Rick Parashar - Pearl Jam, Nickelback, Bon Jovi...

• Studio Work in Sound Kitchen, London Bridge, and Studio X


The Joshua Cain Band found their souls on the streets of urban Tacoma. You might play great music, but then the town finds you, strips you down, and makes you real. Pain and possibility seem to go hand in hand there, spinning tales that remind you that a song isn't really a song until you’ve lived it.

The boys had been leading bands and playing good ol’ rock n’ roll for years and the stream of accomplishments was nothing to smirk at. Their music had received regular radio play and their songs were picked up by legendary stations and media networks. From their Columbia Tri-Star Release song to their feature on the hit WBTV show “One Tree Hill” the boys kept winning contests and pleasing fans. But coming off a national tour with their previous band they new it was time to head back home and really hear what that old town had to say to them. They were not disappointed.

The history of the city cut its way into their hearts and bled out a new way of seeing the world. The old African Americans fighting for their community, the blue collar union workers fighting for their jobs, the homeless and displaced just tryin' to survive - the City of Destiny told its story well. The band sucked in the aroma and breathed out a whole new sound. Loaded with the influence of delta blues, negro spirituals, and countrified working man music, their rock n’ roll would never be the same again.

The response has been amazing, crossing generational, race, class, and genre boundaries. Half protest rally, half front porch music, it makes you want to shake your fist and stomp your feet at the same time. The great philosopher Rousseau once said, “Keeping citizens apart has become the first maxim of modern politics.” The Joshua Cain Band aims to play music “that brings people together again.”

Often described as “swamp rock” this is the kind of music that helps you remember that life is about friendship more than fame. John Fogerty from Credence described the style saying, “Swamp [Rock] is an essence, an underlying ingredient of rock n’ roll. If I was to paint a picture of rock n’ roll I’d say: “You’ve got the R&B or black side of music, like what came out of Chicago, mostly Chess Records, Bo Diddley, Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, and then you’ve got the Sun Records sound, which is white rockabilly – Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Elvis. You put those two things together and you’ve got rock n’ roll as far as I’m concerned.”

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