The Joy

The Joy



The Joy are a four-piece, two-generation band made up entirely members of the East London-based Heaton family. They are Trevor (guitar, vocals, uncle), Levi (guitar, keyboards, vocals, sister), Chrispy (bass, dad), Charlie (drums, brother).

They make the sort of breezy, somnolent-yet-wide-eyed indie pop that made the world fall in love with guitar bands again in the late '80s, after years spent adrift on a sea of synths.
Having installed themselves in a small recording studio in east London the family affair began to flourish, often working through the twilight hours to develop their winsome dream pop to perfection.
They have quickly established themselves as a great live act, already playing main support with Spotlight Kid and Bo Ningen.

They are now in progress for the release of their debut in November 2013


As yet no releases.