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London, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM

London, Ontario, Canada | INDIE | AFM
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"'!Earshot' Review of 'Adventures In...'."

The Joys are unmistakably, like many bands, best appreciated on stage during a live performance. There fourth album venture, Adventures In is enjoyed like a fine wine that gets better with age as they reach their five year pinnacle as a band. This new album is about as close as you can get to a live performance and get The Joys feel in the comfort of your own home.
Calling London Ontario their home time, The Joys high energy is felt and certainly appreciated on an album that debuted at number 2 on the Neilsen Soundscan Charts on March 25th.
Drawing on a myriad of influences from Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Janis Joplin, to name but a few, they pound the pavement like many bands at over 200 gigs a year with their North American tour just recently completed. The unique and raspy vocals of female lead singer Sarah Smith gives The Joys their own distinguished sound with one heck of a powerful voice.
This new album is all about fun and audibly delivers a strong sense of who The Joys really are with melodic ballads of “Time”, “Chains” and “Smoke Too Much” mixed with hard rocking songs like “Hard Makin Money”.

Adventures In is likely their best album to date and would paint this with a definite 8 out of 10. Certainly a welcome addition to your collection, but also worthy of sampling them live the next time they come to town.

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The Joys
Adventures In...

By Dave Ferguson
May 13, 2010 - !Earshot

"'Hugest band in the Great White North...'"

It's been a while since we've heard from Canada's The Joys. When last we heard from them, way back in 2005, I called them a band in need of a little development, polish and shine to fine tune their highly professional musicality. Well here they are three years later and they've done just that and honed their act to a razor sharp point that sounds like best blast of 90's hard rock you never got to hear.

This is a band that is the very ideal of what a professional band is all about. If you were to open a musical Who's Who, there would be a picture of The Joys album Unfold next to the that has it all together. This male/female combo is a super sharp, highly refined and ridiculously tight unit that is so skillful and adept that it's amazing that they're not the hugest band in the Great White North. That being said, Unfold sounds like it was pieced together precisely by a team of German physicists and engineers hellbent on designing the perfect alt-rock album.

After three years and listening to this band very closely it has finally dawned on me why their songs so ridiculously familiar. After a lot of investigation I've concluded that The Joys sound so much like Australia's Baby Animals that it's as if the soul of that former band has taken over these Canadians and made them play their hook laden, heavy handed hard rock in an effort to carry their name forward. The Joys have simply got the whole 90's alt-rock thing down so well that they could probably write 30 songs that sound like they came out of Seattle in their sleep. This is a band that knows how to groove, how to rock, and how to make songs that sound so big that stadiums can't hold them.

Untold sees The Joys developing into an alt-rock monster and while they might be a little late in getting to the party, their slick power packed songs more than make up for their tardiness. If you miss the days of super-sized over the top hard rock then The Joys is a band you must check out. This is a band that has truly developed into everything that they promised to develop into and that's a success story if there ever was one. - Paul POP - First Coast News

"Clear your September schedules, it's time to rock!"

"The band's infectious energy and high-powered tunes kept the crowd wanting more." - Stephanie Taylor - Interrobang (Fanshawe College)

"Top 10 Canadian Rockstars"

Sarah Smith
Hometown: London, Ontario
Band: The Joys
What Makes Her A Rock Star:
Sarah makes every single person in the audience feel as if they're also a member of the band. In a room full of a hundred people, she has the ability to make you feel as if she's singing to you personally. Regardless of what may be going on in her personal life, she exudes a joyfulness that translates to the entire room, and all the while rocking it old school. - Ìt`s Noth The Band I hate, It`s Their Fans`(BLOG)

"'A breath of feel-good energy...'"

The Joys strike a balance between straightforward rock and a breath of feel-good energy. With strong songwriting tying everything together, the driving life-force is lead singer Sarah Smith, playing the role of charismatic stage-woman to full effect. Creating a fanbase by touring all over Ontario, the band definitely made an impact with an inspired and energetic set, earning the title of Canadian-bred rock and roll. - Lonely Vagabond

"The Joys on the way up"

"The buzz is out and it’s growing. The Joys seem to have people talking wherever they play. With more pent-up energy than a bag full of grenades, The Joys are ready to bust out." - Jamie Vandermoer - London Free Press

"The cure for February blues"

"The Joys’ concert is an ecstatic experience, a form of sensory overload as the temperature rises and the music takes over." - Alison Gair - Simcoe Reformer

"Canadian Music Week Review"

"The Joys ... what more entertainment do you need at a good rock show?" - Caitlin Hotchkiss - Chart Attack Magazine

"'Their show was electrifying...'"

Their show was electrifying to say the least, and I still feel that Sarah Smith is probably the most entertaining Canadian frontwoman in indie rock today. Their new CD will be called "Unfold", and it's been taking a while to do just that, but I can be patient if the CD is going to rock my socks off as much as I think it will.

The first single, "Soul On Your Sleeve" is very refreshing to me. When it comes to indie music these days, I'm always trying to listen for a new gimmick, or a new sound strategy. But as soon as the guitar smacked me upside the head on this one, I stopped searching and just rocked out! The Joys aren't interested in gimmicks or studio tricks. They just want to rock. I'm not saying the music isn't deep, it definitely is, (just listen closely to the lyrics for crying out loud) But first and foremost they just want to make us feel good. They've used their own music as therapy in their own lives, and I have a feeling that they'll do the same for many others.
- It's Their Fans (online Mag)

"'Most popular upcoming Canadian bands today...'"

One of the most popular upcoming Canadian bands today. The Joys a London, Ontario based band wow’s crowds wherever and whenever they play. Their live show is energetic and fun and it has to be seen.

This 3 song sampler of tracks from the upcoming UNFOLD disc was sent out to those of us who pre-ordered the disc many moons ago. It is a ‘Thank You’ to us for waiting for the finished product. The single “Soul On Your Sleeve” is quite the little rocker. Starting off with some funky guitar and effect coupled with some cymbal crashes and simple drum beat. The funky rhythm works well and is a fantastic live show song. It kicks in with some great drumming and melodic bass lines. A sure chart topper.

“Keep Trying To Try” is a powerful, heartfelt track. Sarah has a slight rasp to her voice here which gives a hint of a Joplin influence. Sort of similar to a Melissa Etheridge song but allot more emotional and not forced. Musically the guitar and bass are toned down for the mostpart and the drum keeps the song marching on. Its great to hear the drums turned up in the mix and basically used as the main instrument on the song. The guitar solo is a classic “Power Ballad” esque piece that is just like the great ones of the 80’s hair bands. CLASSIC!

“Storm” really drives it home with the heavy guitar and pounding drums. Sarah just lets loose here and just lets it belt out of her. Her voice is wicked, crazy powerful. She just smokes!!!!! Mike just lays down some great distorted riffs and gets a cool groove working. What a great tune. My jaw hit the floor here. Brilliant song, simply the best.

If this sampler is any indication of what the full cd UNFOLD is going to be like then watch out as the rest of the world should be aiming for Number 2 as they will own #1.

R.Bursey -

"Review of 'On The Stage and Off the Floor'"

Little wonder that London’s Joys have been selected two years in a row to play at the prestigious alt-country South by Southwest music fest in Austin, Texas. From Sarah Smith’s powerful pipes to the scrappy soulful playing of the band itself, the Joys’ reckless rootsiness is always compelling, never more so than on their new On The Stage And Off The Floor. Ostensibly an aural mash note to their loyal fans to let them know what they’re up to, the mix of live sessions, raw studio takes and demos reveal a band that at their best are as comfortable laying back supporting Smith’s intimate vocals as leaning on the throttle on cuts like their cover of Free’s Alright Now or their own Fly. On The Stage And Off The Floor may be a stop-gap effort until the results of their recent Winnipeg recording sessions hit daylight but it’s as vital a sign as any that the Joys’ name is still their raison detre.

Rating A – - Bob Klanac (Scene)


"Adventures In..." - 2010
- 1 single to radio: 'Hard Makin' Money'.

"On the Stage and Off The Floor" - 2009
- Live Recording.

"Unfold" - 2008
-Secured a distribution deal with E1 Entertainment.
- 3 singles to radio: 'Storm', 'Soul On Your Sleeve' and 'Keep Tryin' To Try'.

"The Joys" - 2007
- Certified GOLD!
Contains singles off the CD release, "Unfold".

"Demolition Sessions" - 2005
- 10,000 units Sold
- "Do I" - Single Release, used in Heather Graham Movie, "CAKE"

"Anyone Who Cares" - 2004
- 6 song EP, currently sold over 4500 units
- First single, 'Anyone Who Cares', received feature play across Canada



The Joys perform with unparalleled energy, amazing stage presence and raw emotion. The audience is left with an unforgettable musical experience,during which listeners become aware that they are witnessing some of the best talent in Canada. Their recorded material exhibits undeniable musical skill, irresistible melodies and heartfelt lyrical honesty.

The Joys play more than 200 shows per year across Canada and the US, and have shared the stage with artists such as Sam Roberts, Robert Plant, Matthew Good, K-OS, Finger Eleven, The Trews, David Wilcox, Colin James, 54-40, Kim Mitchell and the Arkells, among many others. The Joys have achieved such milestones as reaching certified GOLD status, charting nationally at College Radio (2009 & 2010), winning "Best Rock Act" at the 2010 Jack Richardson Music Awards, and repeatedly having their music licensed throughout all media streams.

This four-piece rock band, hailing from London, ON, consists of Sarah Smith's emotion-filled vocals, Brad Derby's electrifying guitar riffs, Ken Ross's steady grooves on bass and Kevin Komatsu's rhythmic skill on drums. With their latest and 4th release "Adventure's In..." The Joys have currently sold more than 15000 CDs from the stage, online, and at retail outlets- a true testament to their toe tapping, head bobbing, and soul-searching compositions. The Joys have had the distinction of being called "The Band of the People" and "The hardest working band in Canada".


* Certified GOLD Single
* #1 selling CD in London, ON
* Charted Nationally at College Radio for 2009 and 2010
* TOP-10 Best Albums of the Year London Free Press, (2009 Unfold) and (2010 - Adventures In)
* Top-5 CDs of 2009 on CHRW 94.9FM (Unfold)
* Top-5 CDs of 2010 on CHRW 94.9FM (Adventures In)
* #2 CD of 2010 - 100.3 SOUND FM (Adventures In)
* Best Rock Act 2010 Jack Richardson Music Awards
* Best Female Fronted Band" 2008 Toronto Independent Music Awards
* Best Live Act" - 2007 Toronto Indie Awards
* Best Pop / Rock Act - 2004, 2005, 2006, & 2007 London Music Awards
* Group Of The Year 2007 London Music Awards
* Licensed music to TELETOON series, "Majority Rules"
* Licensed music to the feature film "CAKE" starring Heather Graham
* Licensed music to SONY PLAY STATION 2 commercial
* Joys song used as theme song for OUT TV show Chris & Johns Road Trip
* Nominated for Entertainer of the Year at the 2004 & 2005 - COCA - Canadian Campus Entertainment Awards
* Sponsored by: GSUS clothing, Sabian Cymbals, Fabutan Sun Tan Studios, Elixir Strings, Daisy Rock Guitars, Shure, Los Cabos Drumsticks

* 2 - USA Tours, with stops at South By South West (SXSW) in Austin, TX - 2009 and 2010
* 7 - Cross-Canada Tours
* Perform over 200 shows a year & over 30 Universites/Colleges all across Canada
* Played shows with: The Salads, Sam Roberts, Robert Plant, Matthew Good, K-OS, Finger Eleven, The Trews, Honeymoon Suite, Loverboy, Sloan, Edwin, David Wilcox, Snoop Dogg, The Sadies, Colin James, The Headpinds, 54-40, Kim Mitchell, Sloan, Arkells, Bedouin Soundclash, Crash Karma, Thornley, Uncle Cracker

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