the Judas Cow

the Judas Cow


The Judas Cow pride themselves in carefully crafting hook-filled, aggressive rock songs that the Midwest and Columbus, Ohio has become known for. The band's live shows often follow one simple rule--hit hard and play short. They waste no time, except to poke fun at each other's mistakes.


The Judas Cow formed several years ago in a basement in Grandview Ohio. The band, initially a three-piece consisting of a former member of Silo the Huskie, a drummer, and a bass player, played their first few shows during the now sort of famous “glass-house” shows an underground party featuring new and established Columbus bands.

The music at first consisted of slow to mid-tempo Alt-country, Americana rock songs, but quickly the writing outgrew the style. As the songs progressed the need to change the lineup was realized and the band quickly added another guitarist and a new drummer.

What emerged out of the lineup change was a set of new songs that resembled more of the aggressive yet hooky Midwestern rock tradition that Columbus has become known for. The new lineup now consisting of two members of Silo the Huskie began to be recognized by local establishments, and a newly energized fan base. The Judas Cow have over the course of the last year gained praise for their self-titled e.p., recorded with John Chinn, and were invited to play CD101’s summerfest at the LC.

The Judas Cow is Chris Bair, Kevin Spain, Dave Murphy and Ryan Haye. The band continues in 2008 to play shows both in and out of Columbus and have been lucky enough to play several shows in Columbus and Cincinnati with regional and national darlings alike. The band is currently writing songs for a new album to be released this summer, while still finding the time to play shows, work and fill out applications for festivals.


The Judas Cow e.p. 2008
Last Summer e.p 2006

Set List

Last Summer, No Particular View, Exit Strategy, Great Divide, Kerouac pt. 2, Earl Voyuer, Frozen Ground, Late-Night Before, Apologetic, Breadline, Constant Glare, Faithfulholler

Our sets are typically 45minutes long at their longest.
Typically no covers are performed