The Juliettes

The Juliettes

 Seattle, Washington, USA

What if The Runaways grew up turned into the Female Foo Fighters? Only in pumps. Then you'd have The Juliettes - a self-styled Pump Rock band from Seattle. Gird your loins - these grown up women are fierce, foxy and fabulous.


Fierce. Foxy. Fabulous. If Mae West were around today, she’d definitely be a fan of The Juliettes – a formidable foursome of grown-up Seattle female rockers.

Jaws tend to drop when the band takes the stage – initially, perhaps, because there are four stunning women dressed to the nines in a city where lipstick and killer dresses are seen about as rarely as the sun.

But once the music kicks in, the fun really starts.

Why wouldn’t it? These ladies have individually shared stages with the likes of Pat Benatar, members of Yes, Journey, Queen, Heart, Bad Company, The LaBelles, Earth, Wind and Fire, The Cars, Foo Fighters, Brad, WAR, and The Hooters. While they appreciate the cat calls (who doesn’t want to feel sexy?), it’s much more fun to watch people’s eyes pop out of their heads as a result of their mighty musical talent and brazen wit.

So grab a sprinkle of Green Day, a cup of Go-Gos, a smidge of Henry Rollins, a helping of Ronettes and then season to taste.? Splash on a dash of Chanel #5, mix yourself a Sapphire martini and break out that Cuban cigar. Delicious.?? Put on your mink coat – they won’t judge you. Strap on your power-pumps. Red lipstick? Apply liberally.

The Juliettes will rock your faces off. That's all you really need to know.


"Hooray, You're Gay" - 2011, single
"Clutch the Pearls" - Debut Album - May 1st 2012