The Jungle

The Jungle


Jungle is a rock band heavily influenced by rock, R&B and funk. Our original music style ranges from heavy blues/funk grooves to midtempo pop/rock songs layed over personal, insightful lyrics. We have appeal for a broad range of music fans, from young, new listeners to classic rock and blues fans.


Jungle delivers a funky, soulful rock groove that is unique for todays music fan. Their dynamic live shows have earned them fans and cool gigs for the two years they've been together. New material recently recorded at Grammy award winning Studio4 in Conshohocken will surely turn heads with the fresh sound they bring. Check out our recent video in our myspace blog.


Long Day

Written By: Hans Lorei

Looking for a way out of this long day
I got a feeling that I’m living the wrong way
Spending time in line for salvation
Open up and get some elevation

Feeling trapped inside a little box of time
You crossed the line take another day off
Well I had it, and I had it, and I had it
Oh, not gonna do a damn thing about it

And when the morn comes to take me
You won’t have to touch me or wake me
Been doing fine inside the little mind of me
Wait a minute, did you feel your heart stop?

Looking for a way out of this down time
Keep my head up if I make it it’s all mine
Losing will to fight all my demons
Look in my eyes now what is the reason

Tired of being a slave to your owner
I was and am and always will be a loner


Written By: Hans Lorei

Words/Music by Hans Lorei

I got a pain and it’s too strong
Don’t got feet to walk upon
I’m feeling fine about the weather
Keep saying I got to get it together
I need strength from heaven blessed
Grace to grant me needed rest
I got no angel on my shoulder
Only dreams can fill my head

And when it comes I know
Just like it always was
I’m feeling just a little down and out
And it only goes to show
It’s a battle all the way
I’m feeling kind of melancholy

The Sun rises everyday
But it gets darker anyway
I’m so tired that I can’t sleep
Hold me closer in a minute I don’t know what else is on my head
Sick to my soul
Just digging a deeper hole
The worst three days a man could have
But fate does not play games

Feeling like my own king
Except I don’t got anything
I sit and think of others bound
More than me, dead on the ground

Same Time Same Mind

Written By: Hans Lorei-Alex Keim

Same Time Same Mind

I’m everywhere at the same time
I’ve have enough
I stand up tall with the same mind
It’s all I trust

You can make, you can take, cannot fake it
When life is living on you with the loving you desire
Now the sun is setting
Everything they told you all along

So they went and sold you
They sold you to the sun
All the years of slaving
20 years all gone

Take a hold of the world they said
But I can’t start moving
Deep is my last regret
But I’m still losing
I got to find me something
Some sort of relief
Because the wicked world will not stop
To watch you breathe


Recently released debut EP "Stand and Deliver"..25 original demo recordings. "Headlow", "Come Down Get Down", "Long Day" have seen some radio play on college radio.

Set List

Our set list can range up to 2 1/2 hours of material. We'll play most songs from our catalog as well as some new songs in progress.