The Jungle People

The Jungle People



The Jungle People scream anthems from the top of mountains and weep ballads from the bottom of their souls. Their music is symbolic of the generations they represent: hopeful, free and yearning.

Their artistry and musicality is deep and allows for an uncensored and raw experience of music that journeys through the realms of Rock, Folk, Soul, Hip-Hop and Pop. These are effortlessly bound together by the soaring, distinctive vocal character of Nick Lovell, a nine year veteran of the Melbourne music scene, whose musical relationship with bassist Jason Bonnington, percussionist Marius Wyllie, and lead guitarist Hardy Thomas has provided each with the opportunity for the profoundest of musical expression.

Their music is composed and crafted through a creative process where questions are not asked, impulses are not censored and consequences are not feared.

With a sound that has been compared to artists as diverse as Bruce Springsteen, Jeff Buckley, The Doors and Bob Dylan, the band has been taken into the hearts of passionate fans of their debut album 'Sleeping Giant'.


Track listing from The Jungle People's latest album 'Sleeping Giant':

1. Broken
2. The Balm
3. Time To Rule
4. Jungle People
5. Jiggy
6. Pack Of Lies
7. Pray
8. All Is Love
9. Sittin' On A Train
10. Floor Boards

Set List

60 minutes or original material is standard but could play for a few weeks if provided with water.