The Junior Panthers

The Junior Panthers


Dirty licks, fuzzy tricks & California kicks! John Lennon meets Charlie Manson meets Bobby Gillespie... These San Francisco cats notorious for raw guitars and addictive melodies are showcasing their current release, "Sirens", influenced by Art and Vampyres.


September 2008: The Junior Panthers are the winners of the first ever Psychedelic Spotlight contest on
"The Junior Panthers impressed us as vibrant and psychedelic rock mix that caught ours ears and imaginations. In a tough field of great
contestants they emerged as our pick for a band to watch."

With influences such as the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and the Rolling Stones, the Junior Panthers like to shake it up with their own style of raucous riffs, driving rhythms, and addictive melodies. The band has toured the US with Mark Gardener (of RIDE), played festivals including CMJ, Noisepop and Mission Creek and has shared the stage with Adam Franklin (of Swervedriver), The Soledad Brothers, Moving Units, Persephone's Bees, The Pattern, Mates of State, Comet Gain, the Lovemakers, Go Go Go Airheart, Loquat, Oranger, the Love Scene, Creeper Lagoon, Imperial Teen, Whysall Lane, Bellavista, The Dilettantes, Pink Clouds, Gram Rabbit and BRMC.

MCMAF Show Review: The Junior Panthers @ Cafe du Nord 5/15/07

"The Junior Panthers play lush, head-filling indie pop. I'm compelled to call them shoegazery, but really their sound is too upbeat to label them anything introverted and/or self-involved. As soon as I got close to the stage at the Du Nord, I found myself wrapped in pleasantly complex, melodic tunes that made me forget my ex-girlfriend, global warming and the three slices of sausage and pepperoni pizza with chili flakes I'd eaten that afternoon." -Ben Mirov, The Bay Bridged

R E L E A S E S:

"SIRENS" (2008)

"Sirens is a new limited edition cd from this fine Bay Area foursome! Our first encounter with Junior Panthers was back in 2002... no, not really all that long ago! Their band name was fitting, collegiate and energetic. Their self-titled debut album was a bright sunbeam of buoyant pop. The next we heard from them was their Derelicts cdep in 2006, and it seemed they were still destined for jangly indie pop darling status. Now just two years later, they're a whole 'nother band... still very good, but very different. Think: a lot less bounce, and more beefed up rock. Ultra drenched in reverby guitar effects, Sirens is far more shoegazerly and spacily psychedelic than past recordings seemingly inspired by equal parts My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Jesus & Mary Chain, Swervedriver and Polvo. Cool." -Aquarius Records August 22nd, 2008

"SIRENS" is available at:
-CD Baby
-Aquarius Records -

"DERELICTS" (2006)

These San Francisco cats notorious for raw guitars and addictive melodies are showcasing their current release, "Derelicts". A departure from formulaic pop, the Junior Panthers aren't strung out by unusual chord progressions and frayed edges. Although the band pays homage to their influences, the melodies, hooks and feel are distinctly their own.

"...Delicious indie pop nuggets...and infectious hooks galore." -Aquarius Records

"San Francisco's Junior Panthers produce catchy, bouncy, jangly, summery pop." -Elise Nordling, SOMA FM / RightRound

"This EP from the Junior Panthers has made perfect listening for the unseasonably warm, sunny weather we’ve had in the City for the past week, the kind of music that makes me want to drive down Highway 1 with the top down (if I had a top to put down), volume cranked to ten. The follow-up to the former Damsels’ 2003 self-titled debut album, Derelicts features five songs (and one untitled bonus track) that show the growth of the band through a solidified lineup and a greater depth to the music, while still bringing the jangly, shake-your-booty guitar pop that fans have come to rely on from this San Francisco four-piece. Clean production showcases the band’s breezy harmonies and tight rhythms as they channel Going Blank Again-era Ride, especially on “Paranormal,” with singer Edwin Gomez doing a spot-on Mark Gardner. Other highlights include the ebullient power pop of the lead track, “Pills,” and the Dandy Warhols guitar fuzz on “No Turning Back.” Call it the feel-good record of the year; the Junior Panthers will help keep things warm and sunny long after the end of our Indian summer." – Jennifer Elks, Skinny Magazine

"DERELICTS" is available at:
-CD Baby
-Aquarius Records -
-Amoeba Music (San Francisco)
-Streetlight Records (San Jose)

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CMJ Album Review July 2003 "San Francisco's The Junior Panthers provide the perfect soundtrack for getting through the dog days of summer: 13 well-crafted, energetic, feel-good pop songs." -Caroline Borolla

Music Spork Taste Test June/July 2003 "San Francisco's The Junior Panthers have released a sweet, sweet gem of a debut. Recalling the pop rock of the '60s with their sugary harmonies, and the power pop of the '70s with their crunchy, hooky guitar riffs, The JPs reminds me of Big Star with more of a '90s Britpop influence. In f


Damsels Getaway

Written By: The Junior Panthers / Edwin Gomez

She said "Let's go home,
we're out of blow,
the show is over."

She said, "Let's go home,
we're out of crystal,
the show is over."

She said, "We're not the same when we came in,
we're not the same as you Kate,
we're not the same."


"Sirens" (Summer 2008)
"Derelicts" (Fall 2006)
Get Lost Records

"The Junior Panthers" (2003)
The First Time Records/Get Lost Records

Airplay: US / College Radio, Internet Radio, UK, Japan, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Canada

February 2007 chart toppers at 103.3 KSCU:
The Junior Panthers - "Derelicts"

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Set List

Another Side
Black Swan
Under Attack
Solar Attraction
Slow Release
Derelicts & Sirens
Siza's Girl
No Turning Back
Cover Up
Damsels Getaway
.45 Carousel
Defy Your Radio


Set Length: 45 minutes