The Junior Pantherz

The Junior Pantherz


"An Enjoyable Evening of Rock and/or Roll"


Hailing from the small prairie city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Junior Pantherz are truly in a league of their own. Most bands get discouraged when they’re far from the action of the big cities and bright lights, but this band thrives on breaking down those boundaries and has proven they can accomplish anything they take on. From producing, recording and distributing their own albums, to booking their own tours; this band is the definition of independent.

Formed in 1999, this three-piece indie-rock machine has since released FIVE albums.

“With bangs falling in time with the music, heads bobbing with the bass drum and high kicks smashing the cymbals they look to be in fine form to follow in the footsteps of other Canadian indie rock stars.” “…In short, the future looks bright.”

-Sacha Jackson (Chart Magazine)

In the past, the band has played shows with THE PIXIES, MODEST MOUSE, CONSTANTINES and THE DEARS to name a few. They have toured across Canada several times, receiving national radio play and media coverage and gaining new fans along the way.

In the near future you can expect to see Junior Pantherz knocking over lemonade stands and moving in for business in a town near you.


"Death By Life" 2005
"Ballistics" 2003
"The Last Two Million Years" 2001
"Polar Opposites" 2000
"Gravitational Pull E.P." 1999

Set List

100% Original, perhaps an occasional Moby Dick/Hawkwind-esque Jam.