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The best kept secret in music



(Written how I experienced it)

I recently got to see this band called Junior Pantherz play at Saskatoon's Amigo's(sept.6th) also on the bill was Modest Mouse and Cobra High.

The Day began with a long ride of listening to the new radiohead for 50 minutes on the way to stoon.Three buddies and I drinking coronas, the time 12:45pm.
After a long ride of me trying to get daryl to play anything but radiohead(not that i don't like em', just that the new album was exactly getting me stoked)we finally arrive in saskatoon,take care of a little business, then head to our buddy joel's place, pick up another six pack, drink it up, yell at every girl walking on the street from the deck we are on.Then pack it up and head to amigos, time 7:01.We get to amigos and grab a couple jack and cokes, play a few games of pool, drink a scooner or two, then are kicked to the street for "sound check".Have a few beers outside and wait in a annoying fucking line till about 10pm.
So we get back let in grab a beer and whiskey, grab the closest table to the front, and go off drinking and trying to get the table next to us to eat the leftover food that was chillin on the table when everyone got let back in,so this goes on with some reminiscing and talk about modest mouse, when the first band arrives to the stage.
3 guys in there early twenties a guitarist, a bassist, and a drummer.Not so stoked yet I think. They are about to start there first song, so i go join some buddies sitting on the floor in front of the stage like we are waiting to here our kindergarden teacher read us a story.
They(pantherz) break into there first song which is entitled "Ballistics" which is off there new cd also calld "Ballistics", it starts of with an echoing from the guitar, making you realize that something good is coming up, then after about 30 seconds into the first song, everyone is standing on there feet and all of a sudden story time is over and has been replaced by 40 ppl holding beers banging there heads to the drummer going off.The guitarist is fucking great to, its the clean type of echoing effects,with very little distortion to hide behind.By now i'm pretty hyped on this band,they have great music, and even though the lyrics are good, they also let there music speak, rather then cloud the whole song with non stop singing.
So they continue to play some new songs off there "Ballistics" album and a couple off there "The last two million years" disc. Then the show ends with a crowd very much in tune and now very stoked thanks to the opening show.
I grab a another Pint, buy the new disc(which was only )go back to the table and say "that was fucking intense" in which i get alot of "yea man i know" replies.
Up next Cobra High and Modest Mouse.
Then me rocking the "Ballistics" cd for a solid 3 weeks straight after.
So Junior Pantherz "Ballstics" cd scores ****/5

- Independent

"NXNE 2002 Report Card"

NXNE 2002 Show Review
Chart Magazine
Achievement of Rock 'n' Roll Expectations
# 80-100: Band exceeds skill and knowledge expectations. Rocked us so hard we peed our pants.
# 70-79: Band achieves required skills and knowledge. Meets rock 'n' roll standard.
# 60-69: Demonstrates some skills. Approaches rock 'n' roll standard.
# 50-59: Band demonstrates some required skills and knowledge in a limited way.
# Below 50: Band has not demonstrated required skills or knowledge.

Grade: 80

World Domination Status:
Progressing well towards world domination
Progressing with some difficulty towards world domination
No chance in hell for world domination


Set to carry the Canadian indie rock torch?

Learning Skills:
E=Excellent, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, N=Sad Really

Oral And Visual Communication
Eye Contact: G Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Pronounciation: G With bangs falling in time with the music, heads bobbing with the bass drum and high kicks smashing the cymbals they look to be in fine form to follow in the footsteps of other Canadian indie rock stars.
Stage Presence: G
Stage Banter: G
Image: G
Appearance: E
Use Of Stage: G

Musical Analysis
Cooperation With Others: G Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Level Of Participation: G With whining guitar solos, solid bass lines and soft vocals they were easily the band with the most promising future. Their softer songs still couldn't escape some rockin' out, they kept the pop in check and closed the set with an "epic" featuring heavily sonic guitar. In short, the future looks bright.
Problem Solving: G
Teamwork: G
Work Habits: G
Organization: G
Audience Participation: G
Sound: G
Composition: E
Songs: E

Other Skills And Areas Of Interest
Charisma: G Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Problem Solving: G Even though they underestimated the length of their set by 25 minutes they were able to fill the space with some of the strongest songs of the night. The adjustment was seamless and didn't require any discussion between the members.
Teamwork: G
Sexiness: G
Haircut: E
Indie Rock Footwear: G
Nods To Disposible Fashion: S
Cool Equipment: S
Level Of Inebriation: N
Actual Ability: G

- Chart Magazine

"Montreal Mirror Review"

Junior Pantherz
Death by Life (independent)
Their brooding, propulsive riffs that explode into mini-maelstroms on record would probably cause some serious emotional upheaval live. Despite the inherent darkness of their brand of indie rock, musically and lyrically—Calla with a touch of Nirvana?—the band knows when to pick it up and throw an upbeat curveball, even if the song decries “A Month of Sundays.” 8/10 (Lorraine Carpenter) - Lorraine Carpenter

"NXNE 2005 Report Card"

Junior Pantherz @ The Drake Hotel
Friday June 10, 2005 @ 01:00 PM
By: Staff

rcimage Band: Junior Pantherz
Hometown: Saskatoon, SK
Venue: The Drake Hotel
Date: June 9, 2005
Reporter: Steve English
Background/Composition Big, brawny, beef-eating indie rawk from that most classic of r 'n' r lineups — the power trio.

Grade: 91

Comment:What bulldozers would sound like if they could play kick-ass rock 'n' roll.

Achievement of Rock 'n' Roll Expectations
80-100: Exceeds skill and knowledge expectations, i.e. rocked us so hard we peed our pants.
70-79: Achieves required skills and knowledge. Meets rock 'n' roll standard.
60-69: Demonstrates some skills. Approaches rock 'n' roll standard.
50-59: Demonstrates some required skills and knowledge in a limited way.
00-50: Has not demonstrated required skills or knowledge.

Learning Skills: E=Excellent, G=Good, S=Satisfactory, N=Sad Really

Oral And Visual Communication
Eye Contact: E Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Pronounciation: E There was a professional, no-nonsense air to the band. After the upbeat Bella set, their decidedly more serious rock assault was going to be a tough sell, but they delivered the hard, heavy goods like seasoned vets.
Stage Presence: E
Stage Banter: G
Image: G
Appearance: G
Use Of Stage: E

Musical Analysis
Level Of Participation: G Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Problem Solving: G Tough, gritty rock tunes usually based around a pulverizing riff or recurring melodic motif played with maximum proficiency and at maximum volume. Loved the enormous Hawkwind-meets-Nirvana space-rock jams. Apparently, it's possible to play bass as a percussion instrument after all.
Teamwork: E
Work Habits: E
Organization: E
Audience Participation: E
Sound: E
Composition: E
Songs: E

Other Skills And Areas Of Interest
Charisma: G Strengths/Weaknesses/Next Step:
Problem Solving: G Judging from the responses from an "enthusiastic" gang of girls nearby (sample holler — "Take off yer fuckin' pants!"), bassist S.J. Kardash is a rather attractive fella. Most uber-indie hair — singer/guitarist Terry Mattson's shaggy fringe.
Teamwork: E
Sexiness: G
Haircut: E
Indie Rock Footwear: G
Nods To Disposible Fashion: G
Cool Equipment: G
Level Of Inebriation: G
Actual Ability: E - Chart Magazine


Rock history touches down in Saskatoon, and the review is better late than never; The Pixies with the Junior Pantherz, brought to you by the tag-team of Mr. Moustache and Binary Fission and accompanied by photographs stolen from

I remember back in 1998, when I was a huge Nirvana fan, reading a book about them, and reading about some band called “Pixies”, who apparently influenced Nirvana. I thought I should check out this band, and see why Kurt Cobain liked them so much. When I heard “Gouge Away” for the first time, I immediately saw what the attraction was. An obvious influence on grunge, this was the early “Alternative” music that would end up becoming the template for everything you hear on AOR today.

Fast forward to February, 2004. An announcement that there will be a Pixies show coming to Saskatoon, April 17, 2004. Rumours of a reunion and tour had been around for over a year, but who would have thought they were true? And not only that, but coming to Saskatoon for the first leg of their reunion tour. To say I was excited is an understatement. As soon as I could, I had my ticket.

The show was held in the larger Wheatland building, after the show sold out for the first time. Two large sections for beer were sectioned off, but the prime area in front of the stage was quite available to everyone.

Going to The Pixies, I was completely unaware of their “local band opening ways’ and I entered very curious as who they had chosen to start off one hell of an awe inspiring show. Entering into the building I noticed a large merch table with large line ups at the back of the place, and right directly to my left was the opening bands’ merch table. This would answer my questions. There, placed on a black t-shirt were the words, “The Junior Pantherz”. I gazed in astonishment. A local band opening for The Pixies, how romantic! I was also quite pleased it was The Junior Pantherz, as I knew they would be an excellent representation for the city; this was a great experience for them to have, and they were quite worthy indeed. They were also an excellent band to open because of the various age groups attending the show, and the fact that The Junior Panthers also have the different ages versatility The Pixies attribute. I was curious to see how they would handle it, after all they were opening for such a miraculous, well loved band, and playing in a rather large venue at that. The show started, and I stared up at them, tilting my head at a higher degree than ever needed to in the past, anticipating their first note. Moments later- the first note was sent, and shot through me like some sort of wild felines’ determined fangs. The wounds deepened as the first note was followed through with many more notes, all played to perfection and celebrated by the crowd. Throughout the set, I couldn’t stop thinking how great they were playing; their music displayed great levels of professionalism, as if it was an every day occurrence to open for a band like The Pixies. This added to their performance and the crowd delighted in their various songs. They finished with a bang; raising the bar for the next band to play. Luckily, the band playing next was The Pixies, and they could handle the challenge. -

"NXNE Toronto Show Review"

Junior Pantherz look for all the world like three milk-fed, rosy-cheeked prairie innocents. They come from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and their NXNE show was part of the eastern leg of their current tour. It was the third show they would be playing in Toronto in six days. I was not expecting to be blown away. But within 30 minutes—after careening guitar solos, crashing drums, and spacious melodies—the alternately ferocious and gentle music would have me thinking the same thing being yelled by the young women at the back of the club: one more song!

Earlier that night, I had seen two acts—Phattoe and Arsoncityscape—perform in a combination of timeslot and venue that could only be described as a dingy purgatory. Here was something different. Junior Pantherz was playing a showcase set at the chic Drake Hotel. Instead of a random smattering of family, friends, and loiterers, the room was filled with beautiful people.

Where earlier I had been able to easily suss out who in the club was the band and walk right up to them, this time the band was undistinguishable from the rest of the crowd. They seemed to appear out of nowhere when it was time to take to the stage.

I had read in one of the local weeklies that “most bands only dream about the kind of success the Junior Pantherz enjoy.” The band has released four albums and opened for the Pixies and Modest Mouse. After hearing the Junior Pantherz play, their skill and charisma proved that they’ve got something even more powerful than exposure for other bands to envy.

Bringing a fresh jolt of energy to the power trio format, they married drifting melodies to violent guitar jamming. Before the first song was over, it was clear these guys were a different order of musicians. Their charisma filled the room as every song had a sense of drama and dynamics and every note was played with purpose. The crowd loved it. Two or three times, in the midst of a heavy guitar jam, I can honestly say that the band’s spirit approached that hallowed place where Jimi and Zeppelin learned to live.

I don’t know where a killer NXNE set will take Junior Pantherz, but by being who they are and playing where they played, I think they can justifiably call the night a success. - Pop Matters


"Death By Life" 2005
"Ballistics" 2003
"The Last Two Million Years" 2001
"Polar Opposites" 2000
"Gravitational Pull E.P." 1999


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing from the small prairie city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Junior Pantherz are truly in a league of their own. Most bands get discouraged when they’re far from the action of the big cities and bright lights, but this band thrives on breaking down those boundaries and has proven they can accomplish anything they take on. From producing, recording and distributing their own albums, to booking their own tours; this band is the definition of independent.

Formed in 1999, this three-piece indie-rock machine has since released FIVE albums.

“With bangs falling in time with the music, heads bobbing with the bass drum and high kicks smashing the cymbals they look to be in fine form to follow in the footsteps of other Canadian indie rock stars.” “…In short, the future looks bright.”

-Sacha Jackson (Chart Magazine)

In the past, the band has played shows with THE PIXIES, MODEST MOUSE, CONSTANTINES and THE DEARS to name a few. They have toured across Canada several times, receiving national radio play and media coverage and gaining new fans along the way.

In the near future you can expect to see Junior Pantherz knocking over lemonade stands and moving in for business in a town near you.