The Junkards

The Junkards


Straight Forward No Nonsense Rock Music w/ A punk Twist


We all come from different backrounds of music.Hard Rock,Punk Rock, Classic Rock,Outlaw Country etc.We blend it all together to make a great mix that comes across very listenable.Our influences would be Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, NOFX,Rancid,Metallica,Nine Pound Hammer and on and on!We don't get all the effects out to play our shows!We use the guitars the amplifiers and the mics!!J. & Chris and Mike played together in the 90's and took a break to have kids and get drunk and whatever else happened!Marc lived out in the sticks and played parties and whatnot.In 2007 Marc met up with J. and everything just kind of took off!!He we are in 2009 and playing out consistently and everything is going great!!


Alcohol is played on 102.7 WEBN in Cincy on Native Noise!We have a six song self-titled EP that features
Break Me Down,Seeing Something,Rotten Soul,Better Wake Up,Behind Closed Doors & Alcohol

Set List

Skin A Buck (Nine Pound Hammer Cover),
Seein' Something,
What You Wish For,
Rotten Soul,
Missing You,
And Now,
Once Again,
Break Me Down,
Better Wake Up,
Pour Me A Shot.
The set usually takes between 30-45 minutes