The Junks

The Junks

 Yorkton, Saskatchewan, CAN

The sounds of two cultures colliding together. One is a hippy, the other is a punk.


Our story? Well a few years back a hippy and a street punk met at a dirty club in Yorkton, Sk called the City Limits Inn (aka 'the CI'). That night they were both arrested. In the cells, they discussed a pact they named 'the hippy pact'. From there, they set on their musical ways and formed a band that many deemed impossible, due to the vast differences in culture. They proved the critics wrong and at the end of the day, when everything is left naked in the wind, they are still simply a hippy and a punk.


Interstellar Overdrive (2006)

Balogna Face: Revenge of the Alien-Bodied Noodle (2008)

Dr. Qtron (2009)

Nate n' Ben (2010)

Techno Beats ! Techno Beats (2011)

The Rise and Fall of Brian Read (2011)

Set List

We have hours of material, instead of typing out every single song, we hope you believe us. If not, you can check out our links for some of our music.