The Junktones

The Junktones


Some people compare us to Motorhead or The Ramones. Dunno if that is true, we have just heard it numerous times. Probably the most interesting description we ever received was "Party Circlejerks". hehe. Well, see for yourself.


Story of The Junktones (updated)
Everything began in the end of August 2004 when Heiland and King Bootsy decided to form a new band because they were tired of whatever they had done musically in the past.
A new guitarist was recruited, B.Tinio, and the trio started writing new material and started to get to know each other. After only 2 months a complete album was recorded and first shows were played.

In 2006 quite a few gigs were played with good success but by the beginning of July the band had suffered from internal differences musically and personally. B.Tinio quit the band after an argument. A new guitarist had to be found so King Bootsy tried to look for one. At that time Bootsy was playing bass in another project and decided to play upcoming Junktones shows with that band.

After practicing more intensly with the other band and after Tony got a copy of The Junktones' CD from the drummer Todd it was decided to just be The Junktones together and continue with a dual identity for the time being.
The new Junktones were born and in August of 2006 the first show was played with the new lineup with overwhelming success.

There's not much to say about the new Junktones except the fact that the band has played itself into the heart of many surprised audiences with intense live performances and lots of new and enhanced songs which will be released on the upcoming album.
The Junktones continue....


get drunk or pass out trying

Set List

land of nowhere
no money
on a mission
we hate hiphop
black thunder guitar
vanny the tranny
hate me shoot me
this is not a popsong