The Jupiter Deluxe

The Jupiter Deluxe


Creative indie-rock steeped in vinyl classics and 90's alt.


When Neon Thrills broke up in 2005, frontman Mark Rinzel became another orphan of the New York scene. Lost in a sea of $90 haircuts, Rinzel discovered fellow wayward Guided By Voices-fan Colin Grubb (guitar), who had just moved to New York for no good reason, in a basement on Stanton Street. The two liked each other.

By some stroke of extreme good fortune, drummer Tommy DeVito fell into the mix through a short-lived, ridiculously-named Led Zeppelin-tribute band (The Back Door Men) the boys had thrown together. After a successful rendering of Zeppelin's II at Arlene's Grocery, the group decided to work on their own material. The Jupiter Deluxe formed in February 2006. A debut EP release in early 2008 put the band on the map, and a theme-song commissioned by VH1 came soon after.

In the summer of 2009, Rinzel produced an unnofficial, unnauthorized Matador Records Tribute show in Brooklyn. This was little more than an excuse to play a set of GBV tunes, and it was great fun. It also brought Wisconsin-bred wunderkind Waylan Daniel (bass) and longtime friend and Neutron Drivers tunesmith Mike Cecchini (guitar) into the group.

The result? A hybrid of select 60's/70's vinyl classics, with a healthy dose of indie-rock self-awareness for good measure. You'll hear traces of The Beatles, AC/DC, Oasis, Cheap Trick, The Kinks, Sugar, Guided By Voices, Big Star, Tom Petty, Raspberries, The Animals, The Jam, The Who, Badfinger, David Bowie, U2, T. Rex, The Knack, The Stone Roses, and The Verve. You may wonder why no one else bothered to throw all that together for you. Or you may just be grateful they did.


Lucky Numbers

Written By: Joe Stamer & The Jupiter Deluxe

Everyone has a lucky number
Bet I can guess your favorite color

You're beautiful. It makes me wonder.
What is more lethal, lightening or thunder?

If you get hurt, stung or betrayed by the trusted, hold on.
If you get hurt, stuck in the ways that you're worst in, hold on.

Strike a match. Spark up the kindling.
Blow on it gently. Burn down the building.
To trust someone, means you maybe let down
Despite good reason, despite best intentions.


Without Warning

Written By: Mark Rinzel

You're the only one left believing
All the messages we're receiving
So call the embassy and make and offer

You better take it as it comes now
Let the poison work it's way out
Force another issue on the table

Is anyone left without warning
You can guess what they did for me
All positions start with one thing
Now we're jumping in for real

Let the papers crucify you
Let the neighbors say their piece too
You got a lot of demons cashing in now

Say goodbye to easy living
Make your bed in the hole we're digging
We might even think of something nice to say



Written By: Rinzel, Stamer, Grubb, DeVito

You don't have to say another word
You don't have to pave a road to nowhere
It's enough to know you never intended
To cut beneath the bone again

And it don't make a difference if you fall on your face
Only if you finish what you once begun
It don't make a difference if you reach the right place
Only if you finish what you've already won

Save your breath for when the effort is worth it
Take a moment to reflect once more
It's all well and good to be so certain
But baby I get bored when you feel sure

You don't have to say
You don't have to say
You don't have to say another word

Bachata Rosa

Written By: Grubb, Rinzel

Come and walk the line with me
Irrelevance or ecstasy
I got a feeling you don't know who you're dealing with again

You know they say you get what you give
I've been giving cause that's how I live
Playing with quarters and writing on checks 'till the end

Momma told me what was right, but it doesn't really matter again tonight
Gonna roam the wildwood, 'till the end

What is this, this artful life?
Scrape the bottom for fuel at night
I got a feeling you don't know who you're dealing with again

We made a pact of toxic plans
A brotherhood of basements and piss-stained hands
I got a feeling you don't know who you're dealing with again


The Jupiter Deluxe-EP

Set List

Original material:
Scraping at the Edges of Something
Every Hope in Space
Without Warning
Nameless Amusements
Bachata Rosa
Jester's Ransom
Little Boy Chaos
I Got A Woman
Lucky Numbers
The Weight of The World
Helter Skelter

I Got A Woman (Ray Charles)
Next to You (The Police)