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The Jupiter Tide

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Charlotte's Jupiter Tide unveils EP at free show"

Charlotte hard rock quintet the Jupiter Tide celebrates the release of its new six-track EP Friday, November 2 with a free show at Chop Shop in NoDa.

The group’s debut release is a polished slice of new rock that’s both heavy enough for metal fans, but accessible enough for mainstream radio.

The closing track “Regret Nothing” for instance while heavy with ample riffing contains interesting, personal lyrics that beg for a deeper listen and a continuous layer of fluttery metallic guitar work just beneath the surface that manages to simultaneously remain subtle and showy. Diverging guitar harmonies add texture to other tracks as well. In fact the interplay between Monte Anderson and Brett Baker is one of the band's strengths. As players they know when to stay quiet and let a song breathe. And when the arrangements grow busy with complex layers they don’t play all over each other. Instead the arrangements are tasteful and well thought out while remaining heavy.

The song “Lydia” is a good example of those dynamics with quiet, almost flamenco-flavored picking that swells into a barrage of tension-building riffs.

There’s other interesting musical moments like the echoing bell sound on the opening track “This Is Us.” That song demonstrates the band’s more radio-friendly emotional arena rock side and strong vocal harmonies. It seamlessly blends post-grunge `90s rock with a soaring solo and heavy bridge that plays up its metallic tendencies.

The charging yet steady rhythm section of Joey Garrett and Daniel Hoover add colorful fills and runs while singer Adam Nelson serves as the emotional anchor and provides lyrical depth.

In addition to the Chop Shop show at 8 p.m. Friday, Jupiter Tide plays Greensboro Saturday and Rock Hill’s Firewater 110 on November 9. For more about the band click here or find it on Facebook.
- Charlotte Observer

"Live review: The Jupiter Tide"

The Deal: The Jupiter Tide played second of four bands at Amos’ Southend, but had enough crowd presence to have held the headlining spot among the bands present. This was also the first show with the band’s new drummer, Joey Garrett, so there was something new to prove. Shadow of Myself, Ruckus Avenue and Namesake rounded out the evening with a variety of sounds on the rock-metal continuum. The Good: There are few bands in Charlotte that simultaneously rock as hard and work as hard as The Jupiter Tide. In addition to playing its songs that possess widespread appeal in the alternative metal/hard rock genre, the band articulates the meaning and energy of its music through dramatic stage movement as well with hardcore head-banging, light-up-mic-stand spinning and karate kicks. Its sound is the mutant offspring of Megadeth and 30 Seconds to Mars, with blazing guitar harmonies set afire by both lead-quality guitarists Monte Anderson and Brett Baker and dynamically melodic vocals from singer Adam Nelson. Adam and Monte harmonize vocally as well, going toe-to-toe in power and control on both the singing and the metal-injected screaming. Even though Monte’s long hair, orange contact lenses, and oddly-coiffed beard make him look a bit like an axe-murdering mountain man, his axe-murdering is strictly practiced in the musical sense — he’s a string-searing bad-ass. Brand new drummer Joey jumped right in and double-kicked some serious ass as well, pounding out strong, clean time-keeping for the rhythm section with bassist Daniel Hoover.

The other bands were all decent, though the only one that stood out songwriting-wise was Namesake. For fans of high-energy emo songs, these guys’ record due out June 21 is probably worth a listen, and its show might be worth seeing a few months down the road (more about that in a moment).

Shadow of Myself’s lead guitarist Brian Baker had some impressive axe control on his solos even if his riffs were mundane in comparison, and the vocalist, Travis Keziah, had a strong voice and expression that could stand out with the right song.

The guitarist from Ruckus Avenue, Chad Chriscoe, took the lead vocals on a couple of their songs and showed enough emotion and prowess as a vocalist that he dwarfed the talent of Philip Morgan, the designated singer of the band.

The Bad: The Tide was a bit off this time on its usually good cover of 10 Years’ “Wasteland,” with the vocals just not quite gelling throughout the song. Moments of greatness peeked out from what was otherwise a pretty boring rendition of a slower song that, despite allowing for some sing-along from the audience, decelerated the momentum of the show. Luckily, they amped it back up right afterward with their new tune “Save Me,” which rings of late-90s Stabbing Westward.

Namesake, while showing off some intriguing tunes, fell flat in its performance of them. Singer Will Crafton was constantly wandering off pitch, and the sampling tracks provided as much drumming as the actual drummer Kevin Nordeste (who wasn’t bad according to his drum solo mid-set). From a stage presence standpoint, guitarist Brad Wagner stood out strongly as the only one with any real sign of animated showmanship, and bassist James Nalley might as well have been a mannequin for all his stage movement. They do have potential as a band, but need some serious work on solidifying their stage presence. - Creative Loafing

"INTERVIEW: The Jupiter Tide Bellows, “WAKE THE F*CK UP, CHARLOTTE!!” (Among Other Things)"

Out at their rehearsal space underneath the Fillmore’s stage in the NC Music Factory in Uptown Charlotte, the members of The Jupiter Tide awaited my arrival with anxious anticipation. While most home-grown bands like any press they can get, these guys knew I’d ask them some serious questions about recent events in their journey, some of which could prove difficult to answer, or difficult to answer with a straight face.

The band consists of Adam Nelson on vocals, Monte Anderson on lead guitar, Joey Garrett on drums, Daniel Hoover on bass, and Brett Baker on rhythm guitar, and each member, they all say, was chosen based as much on dedication as on skill. Apparently their new drummer, Joey, whom they found through “a friend of a friend” showed his dedication by camping out in their rehearsal studio for three days to learn all of their material. Fans compare the songs themselves are to those of bands like Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Deftones, and Killswitch Engage, but there are many elements of their music that don’t quite fit into any existing rock box.

Their sound runs the gamut of rock and metal, and each member has a different way of describing it. According to Monte, “A lot of the guitars are driven with a heavier sound, but the vocals of course are more melodic … there is some screaming involved, but we try not to overdo it.”

I can hardly capture the charisma and the quick quips these guys put out when they talk to someone, and transcribing it all wouldn’t even do it justice, so here’s the podcast for your listening pleasure, along with some wacky quotations to look for while you’re listening. ENJOY!

“We have a personal agenda … to wake Charlotte the fuck up.”

“Bands don’t work … They think the music alone is going to propel them somewhere…”

“We always attract cops every time we do something… two days’ worth of bands, and they show up when we’re on stage!”

“Yes it is a job, and you have to work hard at it, but, at the same time, we love what we do.”

“Pollo Loco!! … Yeah, you owe us money, El Pollo Loco!”

“Never sleep in the same room with someone who’s had a lot of Jager[meister], ’cause they won’t shut up!”

“I got ruined on Burger King breakfast at the airport … I got a full body frisk”

“Eventually Daniel nods off… and I think someone just drove through our room with a Mack truck … and I was like, ‘motherfucker!‘” - Shutter 16 Magazine

"SHOW REVIEW: The Chop Shop Slices Up Deadstar Blues, The Jupiter Tide, And The Feral For Chunks Of Awesome Rock"

If anyone remembers what I wrote on the last review, clearly I underestimated how much the The Jupiter Tide can put on a hell of a show. There was no room for error in Jupiter Tide’s set on this night. The continuing mix of the vocal did come into play but it didn’t really faze lead vocalist Adam Nelson and backing vocal/guitarist Monte Anderson. Adam even took time to run off the stage twice to try to motivate the crowd with fast energy. Fans will be able to “Ride the Tide” even more so because the group will be heading into the studio to cut their first full-length around August of this year. - Shutter 16 Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Finally, the Queen City has found her Kings of Rock…The Jupiter Tide.

In the short time the band has been together, The Jupiter Tide has played at the renowned¬ Whisky A-Go-Go in Los Angeles, garnered several thousand fans after only releasing two songs to the public, shared the stage with national acts such as Parlor Mob and The Paper Tongues, beat out several bands for a finals spot in the Miller Lite Great Taste Music Series, competed for a lead spot on the Vans Warped Tour, were hand-picked by name as frontrunners for a spot on a possible stage for SXSW, and built a strong fan base in and around their hometown of Charlotte. Currently the band is recording their debut album with producer Jamie King, which is set to release in early summer 2012.
The Jupiter Tide formed in late 2009 with five musicians converging at the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina. Their one mission was to stand out from other bands in the area by energy and quality alone. Concentrating heavily on the arrangement of their songs, influences range anywhere from melodic bands such as Incubus and 10 Years, to heavier acts like the Big Four(Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax). This combination gives the band the ability to write quality rock appealing to a large crowd, while showing that they have what it takes to play with heavier acts of various metal influences. This has earned the band the description of being, “the mutant offspring of ‘Megadeth’ and ‘30 Seconds to Mars’” by Creative Loafing, and having their sound described as ‘Ele-Metal’ by fans. According to Shutter 16 Magazine, “The Jupiter Tide can put on a hell of a show. There was no room for error in Jupiter Tide’s set on this night. The continuing mix of the vocal did come into play but it didn’t really faze lead vocalist Adam Nelson and backing vocal/guitarist Monte Anderson. Adam even took time to run off the stage twice to try to motivate the crowd with fast energy.”
They began building a network of professional musicians obsessed with their craft. With a name and dedication as big as their sound, The Jupiter Tide set out to prove that good music is alive and well in Charlotte, and continue to grow their audience with their mission. Funding the entire album themselves, the band plans to tour heavily once it is released.

Catch the show schedule on their…….and RIDE THE TIDE