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"The J.U.S. Evolution "Band Of The Future""

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The JUS Evolution

Rising from the streets of the Bronx, you’d figure that based upon the heroes from this borough, the Bronx’s modern musicians would sound like copy cats of KRS-One, Fat Joe and Big Pun. The JUS Evolution isn’t the case, a carefully crafted band that has an exceptional ability to interweave rock, hip-hop, jazz and blues into a melting pot that symbolizes the culture that the band was born in.

Their 2 front men, JUS and Lucky carry a stage presence that few see in rock clubs today. An axe man by trade, JUS unearths a sound that is rarely heard by lead guitarists these days. He brings an instant classic rock appeal to the band’s texture, laying technically proficient guitar work against the hip-hop like dueling vocals he shares with lucky.

The JUS Evolution has never left anything on stage all the times I’ve seen them. They bleed for their music and for that, the audience returns the favor, as they’ve had a devoted fan base at every show. Singing emotionally and heart-felt lyrics, JUS and crew create an intimate and personal connection with the audience, a feat that is tough to accomplish no matter where you’re from.

Christian Henderson
Territory Manager
Bodog Music
- Bodog Music

"The Evolution Of Music"

This past Friday, The Source
Magazine in a collaboration with Bucktown USA, BlackLight Entertainment, and
Hiip Movement gave audience members a glimpse into what’s in store with the
Evolution of Music Showcase that took place at club Drom in the heart of the
Lower East Side.

Back by popular demand, the showcase is just the first of a
series that will be going down this summer and featured music by the
legendary DJ Chris Landry, DJ Trauma, along with a guest appearance by DJ

The house was packed as bands like The Nillaz, Raye 6 and the
Bubble Girls, Ra Diggs, and Architects and Demolition Men (A.D.M.),
effortlessly, fused elements from genres of Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative,
Reggae, and Jazz all together in performances that were nothing short of
amazing as they were energetic, sexy, and authentic.

Wise of Hiip
Movement said: “Everything that you’re not used to seeing when you go to
these regular Hip Hop showcases. Evolution of music is basically something
that I conceptualized from observing the music, observing the change in Hip
Hop, observing the infusion of different sounds; Rock ‘n Roll with Hip Hop,
Soul with Funk, Jazz and Hip Hop. All different styles have started to
infuse and create good music… [The performers tonight are] the innovators.
They’re the Marvin Gayes, you know what I mean, and the Prince’s.”

However, I think that the host, Mic Handz, said it best: “It’s straight
culture. You’ll see an Adidas track jacket and a spiked cuff. So it was like
the entire culture was fused and you really get to see where the different
origins and influences of different artists starts to manifest itself on
stage and it’s dope.”

The self-proclaimed group of “crazy crackaz”, The
Nillaz, kept the audience live with a very eclectic performance that took
out the genre guesswork as they transcended every sound. While the
Architects and Demolition Men (A.D.M.) tore down the stage and rebuilt the
current state of Hip Hop as their emcees, masterfully, rode the beat that
was complimented very nicely with elements of Jazz and Rock. Ra Diggs
represented the streets of Brooklyn as well as for Hip Hop heads as he spit
a quick 16 and jumped right into getting the audience crunked up. And Raye 6
and the Bubble Girls, which put you in mind of a female version of Prince,
tantalized the audience with some sexy lap dances, with the help of some
lucky participants, while tearing the house down with powerfully soulful
vocals, dope lyricism, and incomparable style.

However, the true
representation of evolution came when former Unsigned Hype recipient, J.U.S.
Evolution, took to the stage and showed just how much his own music has
evolved since gaining the coveted nod of approval from The Source Magazine
back in 2001. With his stratocaster in one hand and a mic in the other,
J.U.S. Evolution captivated the crowd in a very Jimi Hendrix-esque
performance while killing the mic with conscious flows, earning him not only
a house full of fans, but the nickname of Hip Hop Hendrix.

So what’s next?
June 19th is when it goes down again. Same time (10pm), same place. As for
the future of Hip Hop, no one can predict where the genre will end up, but
Hiip Movement and The Source can show you exactly where it’s headed. And
definitely stay tuned for Space Jam.

- The Source Magazine


New Single: Losing My Mind
4 Song EP: (I-tunes, Napster, Sony Connect, E- music)
- Losing My Mind
- Living In Hell
- The One
- Who I Am

Also: New Video Available "Losing My Mind" (Myspace TV)



The J.U.S. Evolution Bio

American Dream

His childhood friends in Far Rockaway thought he was strange for listening to Rock music. As a young rapper, his penchant for rhyming over live instrumentals confused A&Rs. P. Diddy confessed he dug his style, but would playfully describe him as a “weird dude.” Others have called him “different,” “odd,” “eccentric,” but never has he been labeled a conformist. After nearly a decade of uncompromising dedication to his craft, Jus (born: Allah Ricks) has finally realized his lifelong dream—The J.U.S Evolution.

The Evolution began in a Brooklyn Group Home, where a teenage rapper picked up the guitar and never put it down…. literally. The self-taught guitarist would later become infamous for sleeping with his instrument on MTV’s “Making the Band.” To eat, sleep and breathe music = The J.U.S. Evolution.

Before Jay-Z rocked out with Linkin Park and before Kanye collaborated with Coldplay’s Chris Martin, the Evolution was well underway. The style has been refined but cannot be defined: A fusion of Rock and Hip Hop? A masterful blend of guitar solos and freestyle? A potent mixture of dynamic instrumentality and street swagger? Perhaps, The J.U.S. Evolution.

Music executives considered the hybrid sound “innovative but risky.” After being dubbed an “Unsigned Hype” by the Source magazine, many advised that the road to success lay not through blazed-trails, but on the beaten path. But packed shows and fervent crowds suggested otherwise. Jus still treasures his early collaborations with industry pioneers such as Paul Rosenberg, Cypress Hill, Q-tip and the Alchemist, who supported and fueled his vision. And while it was a flattering endorsement of the Evolution’s style, Jus was forced to decline Lil Wayne’s request to be his guitar protégé. Jus always knew the dream rested with Lucky, Enzo, Leo and Christian—The J.U.S. Evolution.

Meet the rest of the J.U.S. Evolution:

Lucky Church – Hype-man/Vocals

Every great Hip Hop act has a Hype-man. Call it luck that this Bronx native also happens to sing, write, arrange and play percussion. Night after night, Lucky commits to “sweating out [his] perm” on stage. The crowd’s response always makes up for Lucky’s sacrifice.

Enzo (Hitman) - Bass

This Phillipino bassist knows how to rock out. An experienced musician, Enzo has performed all over the United States and abroad. Already a star in the Philippines, now he seeks world domination.

Christian Mendazo- (Guitar)

Straight from the streets of Mexico, this young guitar player has a unique style that no one can compare too. Turning his guitar into a set of Turntables with DJ like scratches and guitar solos that will surely make him a guitar hero. Who needs a DJ when you have Mr. Mendoza.

King Leo- (Drums)

When you think of a world class drummer...... look no further. A combination of Mitch Mitchell and John John Bonham all in one. His timing and fills are effortless. What a blessing he is to this collective of superstar talent.

These guys come together to form a sum greater than its parts—just like Voltron—with Jus as the head. Based in New York City, the Evolution has toured worldwide. Defying classification, challenging convention, knowing no creative constraints—The J.U.S. Evolution pays homage to the legends of the past, while creating a new sound in the present and is destined to be the voice of the future.