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We are working on our first album to be released in early 2013 now.



Justin Aaron Gee was born on September 9, 1987 near Conyers, GA. Unbeknownst to him at the time, the love of music was already flowing through this newborn baby’s blood.
Justin’s dad, Ronnie Gee, & many relatives on his paternal side of his family were avid music lovers for many years before Justin came into this world. Ronnie took part in garage-type bands & played shows locally. Ronnie taught himself to play guitar & as a child, Justin loved to spend hours watching his dad play & sing. He wanted to do the same thing. Justin’s grandfather on his maternal side of his family, Edward Taylor, had a love of playing the guitar & singing as well. So with this coming at him from both sides, it was almost inevitable from the beginning that Justin would develop a deep love & admiration of music himself.
Justin’s first experience with music was when he joined Pine Street Singers during his fourth & fifth grade years at Pine Street Elementary School in Conyers, GA. As he progressed into Conyers Middle School for sixth grade, he was in the school Chorus. Justin’s chorus teacher was so impressed with his talent & ability, that she moved him into an Advanced Choir for his seventh & eighth grade years. During all these times, he would perform in concerts with the Chorus/Choir for school or local community events.
When he transitioned into Rockdale High School for ninth grade, he went into the Show Chorus & remained there throughout his tenth grade year. This chorus enabled him to incorporate dancing & acting into the singing. There again, they would perform for local community events & school programs.
For Christmas of Justin’s sophomore year, he was given a gift that would change his life forever. He received an acoustic Ibanez guitar. For the next several months, it was all about learning to play. He never took a formal lesson & like his dad before him, taught himself how to play. That guitar became Justin’s best friend. He played it when he was happy & he held it like it was a baby as he played it when he was sad or going through a rough time. I’m sure that guitar could tell us some stories!
As Justin entered his junior year in high school, he had to change districts, so he was now at Newton High School & away from everyone & everything he knew growing up. As he had played sports for an opposing team before transferring to Newton, he could not sign up for sports until he completed a one year athletic hold. That only intensified the amount of time he had to play his guitar. Being a member of the Advanced Festival Chorus at Newton High School, he befriended other people that had interest in playing the guitar & of course singing. Now the shows presented by the chorus would include Justin performing solos, duets, and trios – while incorporating his guitar playing in with the singing. Justin & his friend were a huge hit in the talent show that year! This is where Justin’s initial fan base developed. Everyone loved to hear him play & sing. People were wanting CD’s & for him to bring his guitar to school to play. Justin was taken aback by the attention, but began to develop a sense of confidence in himself that continues to develop in his performing to this day.
During his senior year of high school, he would play & sing recreationally or at a local party or get together that was being held. He & his friends would go to local sports-bars & sing karaoke. He & friend played at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Conyers, GA one year. This is a local, yearly craft show, so he got a good bit of exposure to the local community. Justin was also selected to sing in the Colgate Country Showdown held at the Swallow in the Hollow in Roswell, GA. for two years as well as being selected to participate in the Sherman’s Last March BBQ Cook-off Talent Show in Covington, GA for two years. He has also tried out for the American Idol & Nashville Star reality shows, but wasn’t chosen at either. This only fueled his desire to make it more. He sincerely knows that he is going to have to deal with a lot of no’s before that one yes comes & he knows there are a lot of naysayer’s out there that want to bring him down or make him feel inadequate. Justin is the opposite – tell him he can’t do something & you had better watch out, because he will run you down proving to you that he has what it takes & that he can do it!
In February, 2009, Justin made the decision to move to Nashville, Tennessee. I mean, that IS where all the up & coming country talent go to get their start, right? Yep – it sure is. While there Justin would play on street corners for tips, he would burn his original CDs & sell them on the streets during the CMA Festivals in June, he performed regularly at the Commodore, at the Blue Bird Café & several other local bars in the Nashville area. He met with & was looked at by several independent labels, but no deal was ever fully worked out nor signed.
After weighing out his options on competing with the talent that was in Nashville look