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San Diego, California, United States

San Diego, California, United States
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"Album: EP by The KABBs"

The KABBs are a San Diego, California based psychedelic garage rock band. The band consists of band members Brian Clinebell, Kyle Whatley, Brandon Whatley and Chase Elliott. Above you can find a stream of EP and a link to their Bandcamp page can be found HERE where their offering a free download for EP. - HAMradio

"The KABBs: Brief Bio"

In early March 2009, four friends decided to turn a causal interest in music into something more by performing their original music and lyrics live as The Kabbs. The acronym, derived from the members’ first names, included Kyle on lead guitar, Adrian on rhythm guitar, Brandon on drums and Brian as lead vocals. Originally content to play in front of friends or at house parties around their North Park neighborhood, The Kabbs quickly realized they were gaining admiration from fans as well as fellow bands. By suggestion from members of the progressive post-punk group, Earthman and Strangers, The Kabbs played their first real gig at The Kensington Club just weeks after forming.

Along with playing venues like The Wave House and Soda Bar and festivals like JJ Rad Fest and The North Park Music Thing, The Kabbs were also gaining attention from the media. “My guess is that these guys were friends for a long time prior to this project—and will remain so for long after it. Nothing wrong with playing some rock ’n’ roll in the meantime, though, especially with the repetitive pseudo-rockabilly guitars of ‘Golden and Blue’,” wrote Todd Kroviak from City Beat. By summer 2009, The Kabbs were settling down nicely into their musical niche when they experienced the shock of their lives. On the night of July 4, 2009, rhythm guitarist Adrian Vusich was killed in a freak biking accident near Ocean Beach after being separated from his friends. This incomparable blow not only affected The Kabbs, but Adrian’s many friends, family members and admirers. Later, a memorial would be constructed in Adrian’s memory where all those who knew him could read stories about him and reflect on his life. All profits of The Kabbs merchandise, currently available at all shows, goes to Adrian’s son Mason’s college fund.

It has been about six months since members of the retro garage rock inspired band, The Kabbs, experienced personal tragedy, yet today, new songs continue to flow and they are racking up more gigs than their start earlier this year. Wanting to preserve Adrian’s memory and to continue making the music they love, The Kabbs introduced bassist Chase in late October 2009, adding complexity to their garage rock roots while maintaining their original style. Currently, The Kabbs are still going strong and will continue to, as long as North Park, Adrian’s memory and their throngs of fans have anything to say about it.

The Kabbs will be playing at The Ken Club on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2009 at 8 pm with No Bunny, The Atoms and Jungle Fever. You can also catch them at Whistle Stop on January 1 at 10 pm. To learn more about the band, listen to awesome tunes or view show photos, check out their band page at

To read tributes, add stories or view photos of Adrian Vusich or to donate to Adrian’s son Mason’s college fund, please visit - Abstractions of Autumn by: Autumn Rashak

"Bandcamp recommendations 11/18/2010"

The Kabbs offer their debut EP for free. They play a 60's inspired garage rock. Very cool stuff indeed. Six songs, 20 minutes long, a very solid set of songs. - The Soda Shop by: Bill Goodman

"In the DEE Mail 2010 Vol. 5"

San Diego’s The KABBs spit bluesy lyrics as a steady romp and angling guitar chords simmer along side a thumping bass. We’ve got them officially on radar now as another band to watch, among so many others. Now let’s see them catch a little fire from all of you out there with the ears for what works and doesn’t. - Indie Rock Cafe

"The Rumble"

Finishing the night are THE KABBS. A band described by SD City Beat as “catchy garage-pop without the lo-fi hipster pretense.” We were super impressed with them at the Apes of Wrath CD Release show last month and thought they’d be the perfect completion to the May Rumble bill. - by Indigenous on April 26, 2010

"Featured local winner: The KABBs"

1. How long have you guys been playing together and how did you come up with the name KABBs?

We have been playing together for less than a year with the current members. Our name is a moniker/acronym from the first letter of our first names (Kyle, Adrian, Brian & Brandon). Originally The KABBs were comprised of Kyle Whatley, Adrian Vusich, Brian Clinebell and Brandon Whatley. But on July 4th, 2009 Adrian passed away in a tragic bicycle accident. Later we met Chase Elliott who slaps a mean bass and has developed a crucial part/rhythm in The KABBs sound.

2. How would you describe your music?

We are gritty garage rock that has a psychedelic and blues influence. We keep it rough, simple and energized!

3. What’s one interesting fact about each person in the band?

Brian- spins a basketball on all five fingers on his right hand.

Kyle- is a certified paralegal – Don’t ask him why. He just is.

Chase- has an orange cat named Blue .

Brandon- exercises/runs on the beach daily- He’s a machine!

4. Do you guys have anything exciting coming up that people should keep their eye out for?

Look out for the RVCA surf web video coming out soon. We are going to have a couple songs being used in the video. We are hoping to make it to SXSW 2011 and we are currently working on some new material that we hope to share with anyone willing to listen by the end of the year! Also we have a show Sept 16 at the Casbah with Nashville natives Jeff the Brotherhood. Should be ripping, so come check it out!

5. What’s your favorite thing about Commune?

We love that Commune brings the local community together with a common interest of being part of and sharing great local music, art and supports the up and comers within the communities of San Diego.

6. Why do you think it’s important to take a stand against Big Tobacco?

A couple of us are former tobacco users who have felt the pressures of Big Tobacco from their persuasive, commercialistic and addictive products at a young age. In retrospect, there was no benefit in any shape or form, just a large dent in the pocketbook and health.

7. Anything else you want people to know about the KABBs?

We have a 6 song EP out now for sale (CD), only $5 or if you hit us up soon we have some download codes where you can download the EP for free! Email us at

Also every show and our EP are dedicated to our brother Adrian Vusich. We love and miss you man! - join the COMMUNE: by Jenny

"Now you know: The KABBs"

“I came from NASCAR country,” says the Kabbs’ singer Brian Clinebell at Bluefoot Bar in North Park, a couple of blocks from the duplex he shares with bandmates Kyle (guitar) and Brandon (drums) Whatley. “[Kyle and Brandon] came from rodeo country.”

“And I came from Orange County,” says bassist Chase Elliott. “I had to hide my monocle and tuxedo when I got here.”

The Kabbs played their first show (and the first live performance for everybody in the band except Chase) last Halloween at a North Park house party with the Old In Out. Their set grew out of living room jam sessions between Brian and the Whatleys, who met skateboarding at Mission Beach in 2001.

“We got stoked on a song, recorded it...and all of a sudden we came together into a band,” Red Bluff native Brandon says.

The band has since played nearly every bar in town, including the recent Johnny Rad Fest with the Zeros at Ken Club, and are wrapping up a five-song EP recorded live with Mike Kamoo at Earthling Studios in El Cajon.

“Everyone says we sound like the Doors because Brian has long hair,” says Chase, half joking. In beyond-shoulder-length hair, beard, and aviators, the southwest Virginia–born singer certainly does recall the Lizard King. His vocals hint at a sound somewhere between Glenn Danzig and a whisky-sodden Morrison. Others have likened the Kabbs (pronounced “cabs”) to the Seeds, Wolf Parade, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre.

“We want it to be very simple and very natural,” says Kyle of their psychedelic garage rock. Accordingly, Brian’s lyrics tend to focus on timeless rock-and-roll themes of “girls, love, life. Ya know, as you grow older, what the f--- are you gonna do?”

Lyrics such as “I don’t need no redirection, I just want your affection” and “Your love is an uphill battle, my engine’s running hot, I can only take so much, before I fall apart” exemplify the Kabbs’ unassuming yet resolute energy.

The band intends to record a full-length album, tour with friends the Ferocious Few from San Francisco, and perform at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. In the meantime, they’ll be playing the Casbah with the Death Eaters and Grand Tarantula on August 25 and the Del Mar racetrack August 28 with Dirty Sweet and the Howls. - San Diego Reader: by Chad Deal


Self-titled EP- The KABBs:

1: GOLDEN & BLUE (Was aired on the local FM94/9)

2: LOVE RACE (Was aired on the local FM94/9)







We are The KABBs, (pronounced like "The CABs"), we started as just four friends hanging out drinking, socializing and playing some music. Our style well...we play "catchy garage-rock with jangly guitars and convivial vocal choruses." - Peter Holslin, San Diego CityBeat who summed it up best . Our moniker is an acronym that came from the first letter of our names (Kyle, Adrian, Brian, Brandon). It just worked and we love playing music together. Although, on July 4th, 2009 a tragic accident happened when our brother Adrian Vusich was involved in a fatal bicycle accident. We were all devastated and couldn't believe what had happened. We eventually decided to keep the band going in Adrian's honor! We then recruited Chase Elliott who plays a mean bass(where as before we only incorporated two guitars), in which, created and developed The KABBs sound with some depth and drive! We now dedicate every show and our newly recorded EP to our our brother Adrian. Rest In Peace Adrian. We love and miss you man!