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The KaC Tales - nov. 06
Pausativ Potenshal - mar 07
The Good Times Ep - Apr. 07
Sillee Rabbit, Triks R 4 Kris - dec. 07
SpeKaCular - Aug. 08
The KaC Kollabose - Sept. 08
Tha Detektivs - dec 08
N.I.K. - May 09



Kris A Collver aka The KaC Himself Artist Biography

By Tyler Tedesco

In a world where bragging about cars, chains and popping corks is the norm, Kris A Collver aka The KaC Himself is blessed with an incredible flow and hits you with non-stop conscience rhymes. KaC keeps it real with his songs, from the anti bush song “Screw War” to a song about never calling in sick to work. KaC keeps your head nodding while at the same time teaching listeners about modern day issues.

A self professed Hip Hop fiend, KaC started recording with his friend Fancy, who along with his encouragement, KaC laid his first track in the summer of 2006. “It was written to a 50 cent beat,” says KaC, “the lyrics don’t generally follow the same path, however, what I was thinking when writing it was that this game is corrupt”

From there KaC couldn’t stop recording. Influenced by a lot of old school artists, NWA, Rakim, Run DMC, and Big Daddy Kane, but the most influential to KaC was Vanilla Ice. “I had a lot of respect for him.” Says KaC “Because he was the first Caucasian dude to get recognized in what "was" a form of black culture at the time”.

KaC, who was born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario is all about the music, if you like his songs then he will give you free cds. Want him for a show? He doesn’t charge for that either. “I love that people actually enjoy it because it is just fun for me man.”

As much as he likes to record and make music, his views on hip hop as a whole are strong rooted. “One day the mainstream is the only stream and then the next day that same stream is flooded.” KaC says “Forcing the industry into multiple separate rivers allflowing in the same direction.”

KaC is your typical nice guy; He loves his music, family and friends. They all play a major role in his life. You can usually catch one of his charity shows. Be it for the Sick Kids hospital, or rocking the stage at a memorial show for friend that passed on. “I will do anything for the less fortunate.” Says KaC “I have had a pretty good life so far, and I would love to help others who haven’t, try to have a better one.” He also donates all sales from his merchandise to charities.

With something to say, and being 100 percent unique than the average run of the mill artist. KaC and his Army look ready to go to war with the ignorance in hip hop and society.