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"The Kamals- The Kamals {EP}"

Since the world has finally recognised the Black Keys’ as a damn fine blues-duo, we’re now in the midst of a revival: nearly every town and city across the States has a young, bearded ensemble with a plug-in-and-play ethic, smearing the lines of rock, R&B – yes, rhythm and blues, as oppose to what it stands for today – and soul. The Kamals’ are no different.

For a record that rummages so excitedly through rock history, there’s plenty to digest: opener ‘Tell Me’ invokes the spirit of stadium-rock titans during a festival jam, while ‘Hands in the Water’ is a 15-minute epic, steeped in summertime country and soul – think Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers jamming round a bong: trippy, seductive and magic. Finding new ways to shake up that old-school blues-rumble is tough. For The Kamals’, it’s the easiest thing in the world. - Chybucca Sounds

"New Band to Burn one too: The Kamals"

"Ah man, dig that freakin' groove! I feel like I am in a seventies flashback right now. The Kamals lay down some mean seventies heavy psychedelic rock. With screaming solos, pounding hammond organs and far-out sound effects the band welcomes you with the killer vibe of "Tell Me". The band then takes you down a 15-plus minute path of acoustic-driven country rock on "Hands in the Water". Next up is the twangy-stomp of "Happy E". The EP closes with the psychedelic fuzz and beauty of "Between the Tides". The music gets into your blood and reaches into your soul. Check these cats out and chuck a buck for this demo. Cool stuff! - Heavy Planet

"The Kamals"

Gotta love a sound that is a mixture of hard rock, stoner rock, heavy psych, fuzz rock and psychedelic rock. They even dabble in a little country rock. They’re an all round band, they give each of their songs a different identity and sound great doing so. They have one 4 track EP out now that sounds most excellent." - Ozium Records

"Introducing...The Kamals"

Gotta love a sound that is a mixture of hard rock, stoner rock, heavy psych, fuzz rock and psychedelic rock. They even dabble in a little country rock. They’re an all round band, they give each of their songs a different identity and sound great doing so. They have one 4 track EP out now that sounds most excellent. - The Soda Shop

"Daily Bandcamp Album-The Kamals EP by The Kamals"

The Kamals are a 5-piece rock n’ soul band hailing from Oklahoma City, OK. They are comprised of a group of close friends all with strong musical backgrounds. The idea of the group actually coming together wasn’t realized until some casual jamming between recording sessions at Old Dog Records around August of 2011. Seeing as how all members were highly experienced playings shows and writing music in other outfits (not to mention they have been jamming together for over 5 years), they decided to pool their resources together and try something new. With everyone having nearly the same base influences and a collective idea of what they wanted to do, it wasn’t hard for the group to come up with a diversified set they could play live, playing with the likes of The Trading Co., The Black Jack Gypsys, Jonathon Tyler and the Northern Lights, and Bright Light Social Hour. River Myers, Trey Allen, Zak Kaczka, Loren Williams, and Brad Nance are still recording and writing their own material, with a debut E.P. released in February, and continue to play live shows in and around the OKC metro area.

Here is some fucking bad ass blues based psychedelic rock. Light up, inhale and enjoy! - The Soda Shop

"The Kamals play Opolis tonight"

NORMAN — The Kamals play psychedelic soul music. Forty years after bands such as Big Brother and the Holding Company, Blue Cheer and the Jimi Hendrix Experience rocked America, this Oklahoma City quintet are carrying on the tradition. They are hosting a self-titled EP release party tonight at Opolis along with Old Dog Records label mates the Trading Company and the Black Jack Gypsys.

The Kamals are vocalist and guitarist Zak Kaczka, bassist Trey Allen, drummer River Meyers, guitarist Brad Nance and keyboardist Loren Williams. They’re all under age 30 with Meyers being the youngest at 19.

“We’ve been jamming together for a long time. We’ve been friends since junior high and have had various bands in our circle,” he said of old outfits like Plaid Rabbits and Vultures of Culture.

“Those bands died and we formed The Kamals last August,” he said.

Their new 4-track disc is the product of concentrated effort and they recorded it themselves using a variety of techniques during the last three months. Crashing percussion, stratospheric guitar heroics and Kaczka’s canyon deep vocals make for a trippy blend.

“In our live shows we do a lot of jamming and improvisation,” Allen said. “We played a show in a friend’s field on St. Patrick’s Day and pretty much played all night.”

At Opolis they’ll be performing original material from a songbook that’s been growing each week. Creating new compositions is a collaborative effort.

“Don’t look for deep meaning in our songs,” Allen said. “But some of the lyrics are poetic and pretty heavy.”

Penning the words often falls to Williams who described one experiential song chronicling a murder and the perp’s subsequent hard time in prison.

“I wrote the lyrics for ‘Between the Tides’ at a time when I was moving out of my dad’s house and also got out of a long relationship with my ex-girlfriend,” Kaczka said. “It’s about changing times and becoming a different person than you were.”

All the men recounted being influenced musically by their families. Kaczka is the product of an African American mother and Caucasian father, and they raised him listening to an appropriate blend of Motown and Led Zeppelin.

Williams’ father was an Afrika Bambaataa-digging break dancer which may take the prize for coolest parent ever. Meyers’ cousin turned him onto live hard rock that was being played by friends in a neighborhood barn in south Oklahoma City. That’s where he met his current band mates.

“My dad is 64 and he got me into a lot of oldies music,” Nance said. “I grew up on KOMA and the first tune I remember is Lou Christie singing ‘Lightin’ Strikes.’ It gave me chills down my spine and honestly still does to this day.”

When Allen was a toddler his mom discovered the most effective lullaby was Black Sabbath’s “Planet Caravan,” a track from the group’s 1970 album “Paranoid.”

“My mom hung out with Metallica when they came through here in the 80’s, mainly Cliff,” Allen said. “That’s why I play bass. I think there’s some of him in me somehow. My mom is a saint.”

The Kamals applied to play Norman Music Festival V and they’re waiting to get the nod.

“The Norman Arts Festival folks are coming out for our show at Opolis and we’re in the planning stage for another show for the Nompton Times,” Williams said.

Nance and Williams are former Norman residents and have key connections to the music scene here through musician Rhett Jones and mover-shaker Stephen Tyler Holman. The former two gents have recently launched new music ‘Zine, The Nompton Times.

“Those guys helped us get into the Deli when we were Plaid Rabbit,” Nance said. “And we know they’re going to help people hear us again.”

You can experience The Kamals shred the Opolis at full volume tonight. - The Norman Transcript

"Kam they do it?"

Oklahoma City rockers The Kamals recall many bands on first listen; some moments sound like Queens of the Stone Age, while others like vintage Black Keys or, even more old-school, Robert Johnson. If there’s one descriptor that ties it altogether, it’s sweat, and the five-man crew shed a lot of it recording its debut EP, set for proper release Friday.
“We recorded it all by ourselves. We worked our asses off since October, trying to get everything right,” singer and guitarist Zak Kaczka said. “We stopped when everything sounded as good as we could make it.”

The group formed just half a year ago, when Kaczka, bassist Trey Allen, keyboardist Loren Williams, guitarist Brad Nance and drummer River Myers found themselves jamming in between recording sessions at Old Dog Records, which Kaczka co-founded with Rob and Mike Derrick of The Black Jack Gypsys.

Although relatively fresh from the womb, The Kamals think they’ve already found their niche in the Sooner soundscape.

“We haven’t found a band like us in Oklahoma. We’re combining our influences in a way most people don’t,” Kaczka said. “This band can thrive in any environment.”

The soul- and psych-inspired rock sound The Kamals capture on their four-track EP gives a glimpse into that sentiment.

“I hope this will give people a true understanding of what we are about. We’re unique to the Oklahoma music scene, and we’ll always do our own thing, regardless of what’s going on around us,” Kaczka said. “It’s always going to be about staying true to ourselves.”

Luckily, The Kamals have found true counterparts in The Black Jack Gypsys and fellow metro rock act The Trading Co. All three share the bluesand vintage rock-inspired sensibilities, with an uncannily similar number of followers and formation dates. (All are part of Friday’s bill at Opolis.)

It feels like fate, and all three have enjoyed the opportunity to emerge together and build the Old Dog Records studio and label, which will follow up The Kamals’ EP with records from The Black Jack Gypsys and The Trading Co. in the coming months.

“The three of us do almost everything together,” Kaczka said. “It’s a good mix, and we have one massive crowd that becomes this almost family affair.” - Oklahoma Gazette


The Kamals EP(FEB 2012)
The Kamals- Dwellers (JUNE 2013)



The Kamals are a five piece Heavy Blues band from the Heart of America, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The band's sound comes from a combination of 60's psychedelia, underground soul, and the 90's desert scene of Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. The band has a self-titled EP (Feb 2012) and have released their debut LP, "Dwellers" in June of 2013. The Kamals adopt a DIY attitude when it comes to their producing their music.

“We recorded it all by ourselves. We worked our asses off since October, trying to get everything right,” singer and guitarist Zak Kaczka said. “We stopped when everything sounded as good as we could make it.”
-Joshua Boydston, Oklahoma Gazette

Formed in August of 2011, the Kamals have played nearly a hundred shows in and around the Oklahoma City metro area. They have opened for national touring acts such as Radio Moscow(Alive Records), The Dirty Streets(Alive Records), The Bright Light Social Hour, and Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights at the historic Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK. In March of 2013, the band was invited to play SXSW.

 "...The Kamals unleashed it, as their rock veered almost into metal/thrash speed and heaviness. They don’t totally let go of melody, as a keyboard and a harmonica solo appeared."

"If you like your rock heavy, then The Kamals are your band."
-Stephen Carradini, Oklahoma Gazette

The Kamals are 
Loren Williams (Vocals, Fender Rhodes)
Trey Allen (Bass)
River Myers (Drums)
Bradley Nance (Guitar)
Zachary Kaczka (Vocals, Guitar)