Kamikaze Saucers

Kamikaze Saucers


Fun music with a unique and exciting presentation. "Super-Happy-Indie-Alterna-Punk"


the dictionary defines a band as "A thin strip of flexible material used to encircle and bind one object or to hold a number of objects together"
it also defines it as "A group of musicians who perform
as an ensemble."

Kamikaze Saucers are of the latter definition.

Named after an atari game that was never released, the Kamikaze Saucers have a sound that could be classified as Indie-Alternative-Rock with a touch of punk flavor, they sound somewhat like a cross between The Pixies, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Talking Heads. They have an expansive range of musical influences, from Final Fantasy Soundtracks to Pixies, Elvis, The Ass Ponys and everything in between. All the band members love the Beatles and agree that Jazz is very cool and Jimmy Buffet is definitely not cool. The band's distinctive sound and style began to take shape after several impromptu jam sessions.

After playing together for over a year, the band began recording some of their original songs for a self released five song EP which is now ready for public consumption.


Last Time

Written By: Yusef Quotah

I cant see I fell
Now look at me im ill now
Do I believe in hell
Why do you ask im ill now
You believe is in
Look at the world and dumb it down now
Come over to the hill
The last one there gets it all

Where do you go
And what would you know now
Try to stop where it goes
Gotta watch and refrain now
Recycle my tounge cant recycle my brain now
This is the last time
The last time

And its old and gone
He’s holding on to his grip man
The way he sees has grown
Will we die cause we are man
A hospital
A little place that I saw someone
Throw away what he won
He throw away what he won

While My Omnichord Gently Weeps

Written By: Yusef Quotah

you feel out done
if you burn the couches
I hear all the love if you really got sooome
I;m spinning a cup im spinning (you) say god damn

Didn’t think I was prone, didn’t think it would let down
And it went on its own, I never even talked down
Now I hear the you come, you will always scream god damn
Pick a new day to come I ‘ll get down in the viens oh yeah

Every sucker is fun, ever box of the chalk
I ignore all of you out of no where its shun
Wonder man wants to run wonder man takes the cue from dad now
Now I don’t think I’ll come, I don’t think I will come to

Are you floating away

Michael Flannery is a Sexual Tyrannosaurus

Written By: Yusef Quotah

Now you pull up
You smile and you say
If want a new rug
I thought you wanted to stay
And I said

Im not a lie
I really do exist
If you wanted to fly
And I know it’s a trick
I said

When will I learn
Not to drink everything
When will I learn
That you will drink everything
And I said

I am sad when im not home

What can I say
Where is the day
I walk you home
You never wanted to stay
And you said

Where is my beer
I thought I left here
I will not feer
Where is my beer
And I said

Little things play
And we just dance in dismay
When can I play
I want to dance and then sway
And she said


the Floppy EP, which is available on the band website