The Karg Brothers

The Karg Brothers


Nashville-based brother duo THE KARG BROTHERS have been singing, writing, & recording together for over 6 yrs. Significant fanbase in mid TN, coastal NC, and the FL Keys. They are poised for rapid growth with an upcoming 2nd album release and summer touring schedule beginning on May 15th, 2008


The Karg Brothers are a harmony driven duo with country roots, an uncanny aptitude for songwriting, and a live rock and roll show that is proven to entertain audiences at both the acoustic and full band levels.

The brothers began writing, singing, and performing together in 2002 and their act has taken them to all corners of the country including the 20th Annual South by Southwest Music and Media Conference in Austin, Texas, Star of Texas State Fair and Rodeo, and the 2004 National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) Convention in San Diego, California where they received the "Class Act" award and opened for They Might Be Giants. They appeared on National Public Radio's "A Prairie Home Companion" with Garrison Keillor on April 21, 2007. They opened for Steve Holy at the 2004 Mullet Fest in Emerald Isle, NC, and performed at the festival the following 3 years and have also been performing in the surrounding areas Jacksonville, Morehead City, Goldsboro, and Wilmington, NC. Most recently the duo played at the 2008 Marine Corps Celebrity Players' Family Night on Camp Lejeune for our Marines in Jacksonville, NC.

The elder of the duo, Richard Patrick Karg, Jr. was born on February 8, 1981 in Ashland, Ohio. Two years later, Richard and his family moved to Nashville, TN to pursue his father's dream of songwriting. Andrew Paul Karg was born on December 11, 1983 and has been equally, if not more exposed to music than his brother, having performed in shows at Opryland Theme Park and local Nashville Theatre since age 12.

In 2005, the Karg Boys signed an exclusive, worldwide publishing/artist development deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) Nashville, where they recorded their most recent album release "What We Do To Ourselves," released in June '08.

Since signing with UMPG, Rich and Andy have had the opportunity to collaborate with some of Nashville's top songwriters and producers including, Rivers Rutherford ("Real Good Man"), Don Schlitz ("The Gambler"), Byron Hill ("Nothin On But the Radio"), Jess Leary ("Where the Green Grass Grows"), Kostas ("Ain't That Lonely Yet"), Phil Everly ("When Will I Be Loved?"), Big Al Anderson ("Unbelievable"), and Paul Kennerly ("Young Love Strong Love").

Of course, the Karg Brothers are also amazing songwriters and performers themselves. They have been influenced by other duos such as the Everly Brothers and Simon and Garfunkel, as well as hit groups and artists like Dwight Yoakam, the Mavericks, the Beatles and Coldplay. The guys credit their father, Dick Karg, as being influential in their songwriting and would like to thank everyone at Universal Music Publishing and all their friends and fans for their support.


Letting Go

Written By: Rich Karg, Andy Karg, Travis Meadows

I found an old photograph today
I dusted it off and put it back in its place
That's part of the healing

Wherever you are I hope you're fine
Yeah I took it hard, it took some time
I'm finally dealing
I really mean it (that)

I'd give anything just to let you know
That I carry you everywhere I go
But the pain, and the tears, and the wish you were here's
Were too heavy a load, impossible to hold
So I'm letting go

Verse 3
Still finding peices of me under the rug
Still trying to fill the hole that you opened up
But I'm getting better
I'm coming together


I Gotta Get Me One Of You

Written By: Ryan Michaels, Andy Karg, Richard Karg

With them legs up to your neck
You got me thinking why the heck
Have I been wasting all my time
So now I gotta make you mine
No, there's no need to think it through
I gotta get me one of you

See I've been painting up this town
I didn't wanna settle down
But when you walked into this bar
I nearly dropped my new guitar
My name is Rich, how do you do?
I gotta get me one of you

If you're already taken, is there a direction
Maybe you could point me to
Are there any others, a sister or a mother
How about a brother or two
I gotta get me one of you

So let me buy you one more beer
Then baby let's get outta here
I'll throw the top down on my ride
And leave the rest up to the night
Just tell me what I gotta do
I gotta get me one of you


1) The Karg (Boys) Bros.
Self-titled CD released in October '06 is available on ITunes,, www.,, CD Baby

2) Our 2nd CD "What We Do To Ourselves" is now available through our paypal account linked to our website and is slated to be available through ITunes and CD Baby in mid July '08.

Set List

Paralyzer- Finger Eleven
Play That Funky Music- Wild Cherry
Rock With You- Michael Jackson
Hard To Handle-Black Crowes
Two Princes- Spin Doctors
Roxanne- The Police
Kiss- Prince
Hey Ya- Outkast
Stir It Up-Bob Marley
Jammin'- Bob Marley
Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond
Sitting, Wishing, Waiting- Jack Johnson
This Love- Maroon 5
Volcano- Jimmy Buffett
Say It Ain't So-Weezer
The Sweater Song
Mary Jane's Last Dance-Tom Petty
Won't Back Down
Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith
Love Rollercoaster-Red Hot Chili Peppers
Jenny Jenny (867-5309)-Tommy Tutone
Green Eyes
Possom Kingdom-The Toadies
The Middle-Jimmy Eat World
Crazy Little Thing Called Love-Queen
Blister In The Sun-Violent Femmes
Satisfaction-Rolling Stones
Honky Tonk Woman
What I Got-Sublime
Wonderful Tonight-Eric Clapton
What I Like About You-The Romantics
Your Body Is a Wonderland-John Mayer
Sweet Home Alabama-Lynard Skynard
Just What I Needed-The Cars
Stuck In