The Karl Walters Trio
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The Karl Walters Trio

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos




If someone asked me how to define The Karl Walters Jr Trio's music I'd say something like Motion-Static music. Sometimes when you listen to them you feel as if time didn't exist, but suddenly things will have a turning point where all the time that you didn't thought was there is catching up. That's the core of this Motion-Static merge that Matt Ferry on Drums, Westbrook Johnson on Trombone and Pedals, and Keegan Schelling Bass and Pedals added up. This moody trio explores different sonorities that encircle simple musical textures and aggresive New York behavior expresed by electric motionless sounds.

The intriguing part after listening to their music came when I read their notes:

"Can We Go Back Where We Began?" If so, could we keep all that we've learned in getting here? Would our new knowledge rebirth our old places? Or would we walk the same paths, take the same turns, and arrive again here?And if we could reach a new place from our old beginnings, would our present place become "where we began"? Upon arriving at this new place, would we only desire to return here, to where we began?

So, while you reflect on the idea you can listen to their music. - Music Blog Space/Andrea Baquero

"GLT Jazz Next"

"Artists you need to know about...they've crafted a sound all their own."
Jon Norton, WGLT Radio - NPR Affilliate WGTL Illinois

"Atlantis Critique"

This is different. It reminds me of a recording I have of Jaco playing with a drummer and a trombonist...this is raw and pure. - 2008 Atlantis Listening Committee

"Maximize Millennium: Catch these top 15 acts"

The Karl Walters Jr. Trio, 11 p.m. Saturday, Suba, 272 North St., Harrisburg. 233-7358.

According to its MySpace page, The Karl Walters Jr. Trio has been "keeping it real since 1947, son." With a funky bass guitar, steady yet sly drums, and a wailing trombone, this band is as real as it gets. It is groovy and funky and everything in-between. Its modern jazz sound is as disciplined as it is entertaining. If jazz is your one true love, then head to Suba on Valentine's Day for a night to remember. -

"It's the time of the Gypsies at Suba Saturday"

It's a gypsy-themed MMC13 night at Suba Saturday. Three acts. One Gypsy Dave, one Japanese gypsy rock band and one group with a trombonist.

OK, maybe the trombone is a gyspy-related stretch but it IS an instrument used in Balkan Roma bands.

The Karl Walters, Jr. Trio, however, will not be playing Roma music. The threepiece -- trombone, electric bass and drums -- specializes in crisp, exciting, improvisational jazz.

The Walters Trio will be the last band to take the stage, greeting the Suba crowd at 11. Check out a clip of their live show below.

Opening the night is Meadville, Pa. alt-country outfit Gypsy Dave and the Stumpjumpers. They will be followed by the "Japanese Gypsy-Rock" of Brooklyn's Kagero.

If only the Gypsy Sons had been marked for Suba. They play Jackson's Junction Saturday at 10:30. It's probably for the best.

The Karl Walters, Jr. Trio is a much better fit for Suba's relaxed atmosphere than the Alexandria rockers. Judge for yourself below.

Don't want to wander around aimlessly looking for the perfect band? Check out PennLive's Millennium Music Conference page to learn more about other performers. (Or just come to this show.) -

"CD Title: Can we go back where we began?"

A trombone, bass and drums, that’s all the Karl Walters Jr. Trio needs to make challenging and interesting music. Theses musicians are not afraid of taking chances and experiment with time signatures, sounds effects and melodies. This power trio features Westbrook Johnson on trombone, Keegan Schelling on bass and Matthew Ferry on drums.

The CD starts with “Fluxura,” a powerful tune with a lot of interesting changes in tempo and a dynamic trombone playing by Westbrook Johnson. Schelling's bass playing is flawless and energetic. On the next track “Someday I’ll Travel,” Johnson uses the trombone to make motor-like sound effects simulating a road travel. Great tune for a motorcycle ride. “Believe” is a short, upbeat, festive tune that invites you to stand up and dance with lots of energy and infectious rhythms on bass and drums. The kind of music one might hear on the streets of New Orleans during the Carnaval.

“Cait’s Park/Urisaglo” is a slow-tempo, hypnotic track with exotic, ambiance and echo sound effects on trombone. It has a mysterious feeling perfect for a suspense movie soundtrack. Funky bass and drums start “Precipice of a Moment” and then change into a slower tune with unique solos by Johnson, showcasing his mastery of the trombone. “Eternal Wait for What’s Next” is another good funky tune. My only complaint is that it's too short, only 44 seconds. With graceful and accessible melodies, Westbrook trombone shines through on “Forget About” and leaves you wanting more, with yet another short track.

The distorted guitar like effects at the end of “Wait Till You See” are reminiscent of a 70s progressive rock band. Mysterious bell like notes played on bass to start “Thoughts on the End of Winter” a very interesting, dark and kind of mystical tune that ends a fearless and fascinating CD. -

"The Karl Walters Jr Trio"

It sounds really good. Keep it up. - Jim Tuerk - Greenleaf Music


"Can We Go Back Where We Began?" (2008)
"Live in Austin" (2006)
"Red Team Go EP" (2006)
"...with a chainsaw..." (2005)
"The A Sides EP" (2005)



"THE KARL WALTERS JR TRIO" is Westbrook Johnson (trombone/ firmament separation), Keegan Schelling (bass and tsunamis), and Matthew Ferry (drums/ volcanic eruptions). The music of this unique ensemble hearkens back to the touching, grassroots honesty of the Jazz tradition, while peering into the future with childlike, questioning eyes. The group's clear, improvisational communication brings to life Johnson's solid compositions, in an entertaining evening for fans of all genres.

The KWJ SOUNDS like two ice cream trucks crashing into eachother at full speed, their refrigerators exploding cake-soft ice cream sandwiches across the neighborhood.

The KWJ FEELS like your third kiss, the one when your tongue learned that making out is less a mosh pit and more a ballet.

The KWJ TASTES like croutons, that Trojan Horse of spiced carb indulgence that cleverly infiltrated that holiest of holy health sanctuaries, the salad.

A KWJ LOOKS like that one night at the neon slot machines when you somehow evaded the bubbling free drinks and dizzying Vegas boob jobs long enough to leave the casino while you were up 17 dollars.

"Theses musicians are not afraid of taking chances and experiment with time signatures, sounds effects and melodies...a fearless and fascinating CD." -

"Don't want to wander around aimlessly looking for the perfect band? ...just come to this show." -

"(An artist) you need to know about...(they've) crafted a sound all their own." - GLT Jazz Next