The Kashmir Kings

The Kashmir Kings


The Kashmir Kings play a wide variety of styles that appeal to a larger audience. We right all of our own music and predominately play our original songs. The style of our music includes funk, reggae, rock, pop, country, jazz, alternate and more


Kashmir Kings play a wide variety of styles that appeal to a large range of audiences. The Kashmir Kings have competed in the Port Macquarie Hastings Battle of the Bands and successfully came second in 2008. The judges at the time of this event included the likes of Phil Jamieson who described the band as "Excellent..." The band also attracted attention from the likes of judge Ted Gardner who also described the band as "Refreshing" "Unique" "Amazing" and "Very Professional". The band loves playing music that audiences can dance and groove to. The bands main influences come from artists such as The Cat Empire, Lowrider, Angus and Julia Stone, John Mayer and many more. The band has played many local gigs and have gathered much local support. The band has played gigs ranging from Lennox Head to Sydney with great response. By starting off as a 3 piece, The Kashmir Kings have developed into a 5 piece band with a more developed sound.


The Kashmir Kings have a 5 track demo that was recorded in mid 2008. The band also has some live recordings playing at the Port Macquarie Glass House. The band now is going to record an EP which will be released very soon. The bands demo songs can be listened to on the bands myspace and also videos of the band performing new original songs live at the Port Macquarie Glass House can be seen on the site. The band has played live at the ABC Local Radio station and also has radio airplay at a local radio station.

Set List

The Kashmir Kings usually play sets ranging from 1-2 hours but have played gigs for up to 3 hours and less than half an hour. The bands set list consists of predominately original compositions but occasionally plays some cover songs.