The Kastaways

The Kastaways


The Kastaways sound is unique and catchy, and continues to evolve as the band grows together. All four members bring their musical taste and styles to the table, and the result is an exceptional original sound that defies a specific type or "genre" of music. One of the great up and coming bands.


The Kastaways have been playing together in the greater Milwaukee area since 2006. Each member brings an eclectic body of musicial styles and tastes to the unique sound that makes The Kastaways who they are, and what they represent.
We won the 2007 Milwaukee Original Music Battle of the Bands, and are currently recording our first album, which will be available on itunes in early 2009.
We have played on stages of all sizes, including in 2007, The Harley Davidison Roadhouse stage at Summerfest in Milwaukee, WI.


Our debut album "Walking in the Dark" will be available on itunes by early 2009, and you can hear portions of the album on Myspace:

Set List

We have over fours hours of music in our repertoire. A typical show for us would consist of a good mix between our original music and covers of all types. Artisits we cover include, The Talking Heads, Beastie Boys, David Bowie, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Toadies, Coldplay, The Editors, CCR, The Rapture, AC/DC, Kings of Leon, & Neil Young.
We have an electric presence, and encourage our fans to enjoy the experience of seeing us live...which typically entails some of them joining us on stage for certain songs, which we feel brings a connection between the fans and the music.