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The KatHouse Rhythm


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Under One Moon (solo release by Kat)
Middle of the Road (solo release by Marc)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sweet tones, sick riffs, deep drums. When the KatHouse Rhythm plays, they rock the house! Call them “rock with a point”, “mixed blues” or “eclectic jazz”, but the one thing that you MUST say is that they’ve got “IT”!
Whether you fall in love with Steve Triolo’s tight, smart bass lines that drive the songs along, or you rock out to the dynamic drum stylings of Megan Williams, the KatHouse Rhythm has a sound to make all hearts & ears fall in love. Kat Verderosa, the groups lead singer and songwriter, has been writing music and singing since she was just a little girl. Her voice has been called a sweet mix of the rawness of Alanis Morrisette with the angelic tone of Sarah McLachlan. Pulling the sound together is guitarist Marc Tappan, who can stand next to the best of the best. Drawing from the classic guitar heroes we all hold dear, Marc has infused the classic sounds of jazz, rock & blues together with his own raw feel to help create a sound for TKHR that grabs the attention of the crowd.
The point is, The KatHouse Rhythm has the flavor to please all music palettes. They fill you up right and keep you wanting more.

Friends & Lovers
The life of TKHR began in the early summer of 2006, but the story started long before that. Kat, Megan & Marc met back in high school in central, NJ. While Megan & Kat performed in the school band, forming a friendship that is still strong today, Marc spent most of his time involved in sports & art programs. In the late 1990’s Kat & Marc attended the Richard Stockton College of NJ where their friendship flourished. It was at this time that Kat was introduced to the artists who would become her musical idols & heaviest influences. Friends introduced her to Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos & Radiohead just to name a few. In 2000, Marc left Stockton to attend Luthiery school in Phoenix. This endeavor gave him a better understanding & respect for the six-stringed instrument he loved so much.
Sometime after the tragedy of 9/11 marc & Kat realized that their friendship had turned to an attraction & in the fall of 2002 he moved to NY to be with her.
For 2 years they supported each other’s art & performed both as solo artists & together with friends in makeshift bands around Brooklyn & Manhattan. In 2004 Marc took a job as a technician with Ben Kweller & Death Cab for Cutie. It was at this time that Kat moved to San Diego to explore life outside of the tri-state area. Marc traveled the world embedded in the world of true rock stardom & Kat lived as a struggling artist playing the local venues in Southern California.

The Story of Us
In 2005 Marc & a few long-time friends formed Leroy, a heavy-blues jam band out of Neptune, NJ that included Steve Triolo on bass. Known only as a local garage band with promise, other opportunities pulled the band apart in early 2006. Not long after that Kat & Marc were married. & after the honeymoon it was back to work & back to the music. However, with the demise of Leroy, Marc & Steve were left with the task of putting together a new band. As fate would have it, Kat had lined up a gig at a small show in NY she’d planned on doing alone. At first, Kat had decided to ask Marc to perform with her at the show.
“If we have another guitar, we should add a bass to help make the sound more full. Like a jazz trio. & if we’re gonna add a bassist, we should have a drummer to keep time.”
In the time it took to say these words, The KatHouse Rhythm was born. Determined to keep working with Steve Triolo, Marc called his friend & asked him to join in. He said he would. The next task was to find a drummer to fill the spot for the show. Megan Williams was the first & most obvious choice. Since high school, Megan had mostly been working in construction & playing in a few failed Metal & Hard-Rock bands. She’d been on the short list for the drummer position in Leroy, but geographically it didn’t work out. Now she was without a band & ready to play.
The four friends practiced playing Kat’s songs for 2 weeks before the first show. Rearranging them, finding ways to add to the already beautiful songs without taking away from Kat’s vocal driven style & learning how to play with each other in general. The night of the show came & went. Huge, positive reactions from the crowd & other musicians left their, initially bare, mailing list full. 3 weeks later TKHR performed another show at The Court Tavern in New Brunswick, NJ & the band was quickly offered a monthly show at the local hot spot. The barely month old union was already making positive buzz & growing a fan base outside of just friends & family. “…It’s like Edie Brickell & The Experience got together & made a supergroup.” Said one fan after a performance at the Saint in Asbury Park.
“Thanks.” is all the band could say.
In 2007 The KatHouse Rhythm plans on playing the venues of NJ & NY. Growing their fan base even larger into that of a following & continuing down the road to success. The band is schedul