The Kelly Affair

The Kelly Affair


Girls + Guitars = The Kelly Affair. xoxo


The Kelly Affair formed in New York City in 2002, when guitarist Amanda Christie tricked her friend Rania Haditirto into joining her band as a bass player. Rania checked out a “How to Play Bass” video from the library, and Amanda did the same, teaching herself how to play her beloved hollow-body Danelectro. They lined up a couple different dudes to play drums for them until late 2003, when they met Amanda Cantrell. Cantrell had been playing drums for six months when she heard a demo and thought it sounded cool. She joined up and the earth shifted, elves danced around, little kids pee’d themselves – in short, the chemistry was finally right. The Kelly Affair has played loads of shows, logged in countless hours of rehearsal, written a passel of new songs and imbibed untold amounts of malt liquor. And God only knows how much time they have spent bitching about boys. Which reminds them – if you meet a member of the Kelly Affair, you better be nice to them or they will write a mean song about you. And it will rock, and people will walk around singing “[Your name here] is a douchebag, oh yeah,” and you definitely don’t want that. Ms. Cantrell has since moved across the pond to London, leaving Amanda and Rania in New York to write songs, play with random boy drummers, and keep the Kelly spirit alive.


The Joachim Sessions:
Love Letter, With a Knife, Break my Heart, Oh Canada
lo-fi versions, available on

One Thing You Want (6-song EP)
Oh Canada, Rafael, Love Letter, Daniel, Break My Heart, The Timing
select songs available on
EP available thru mail-order or at our shows

Set List

Set list from our last show at the Southpaw:

Oh, Canada
One Thing You Want
The Timing
Bite Yr Tongue
Love Letter
Break My Heart
With a Knife
The Last Song

we typically play 9-10 songs, about 40-50 mins, depending on the timeslot