The Kelly Jo Connect

The Kelly Jo Connect

 Greenville, South Carolina, USA

Out of Greenville, SC, The Kelly Jo Connect is a powerhouse of Soul Rock that is hard to turn away from. Then Kelly Jo lures you in further with her contagious melodies and soaring vocals. The band falls in right behind her building what becomes an epic solidarity.


Hailing from Greenville, SC, The Kelly Jo Connect is a fiery combination of soul, pop, rock, and latin music, drawing inspirations from bands like The Pretenders, Mother’s Finest and Carlos Santana just to name a few. They are a reverberating powerhouse, clocking in with six members whose backgrounds range from gospel to grunge. Kelly Jo leads the pack with soaring, smoky vocals as the Connect precisely interpret and freely explore her original music.

Kelly Jo has been captivating audiences throughout the Southeast as a solo act for years with her inimitable sound, combining strong, seductive vocals with percussive, tight rhythm guitar. After years on the local bar circuit, she produced her first solo album ZerimaR in 2008, which earned her much fanatic and critical acclaim. The project landed the attention of Grammy nominated producer Kent Wells in Nashville, TN. Inspired by Kelly Jo’s unique style, Wells stepped outside his country background to produce her current EP My Favorite Mountain.

The KJC have a great reputation for putting on great, moving shows filled with originals and maybe even some tasteful covers. They have had strong support from several regional and internet radio stations (WROQ, WNCW, WXRY et al). Last year we opened Fall for Greenville and Downtown Alive, two major Southeastern music festivals. We have played alongside Karl Denson's Tiny Universe, The Work, and Kelly Jo even opened for Grammy award winner Shelby Lynne on her 2008 tour.

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For You I Will

Written By: Kelly Jo

Machine man with velvet hands
And these hands are around you
Feel like I can’t do a damn thing about it
And you don’t want me to
You tell ‘em
That I ran, I ran, I ran
But you found yourself a machine man
When everything I said was true
I’m looking for a chance that you wanna get out but
I see no proof
Now tell me that I’m wrong
That you’ve been waiting for me to fight for you
For you I will
Be a force like a fire
I will
Be hopeless in your arms
I will
Cross the ocean divider
Just to get where you are
I will
Be force like a fire
I will
Be hopeless in your arms
I will
Cross the ocean divider to get where you are

Pretend You're Mine

Written By: Kelly Jo

It’s getting late, I know I should be sleepin’
But I stay out just to see if
Maybe there’s a chance that you and I could see each other tonight.
But reality is you have a girlfriend
So I’ll just go on home
Where it’s comfortable to be
So deep in a love that’s so far out of reach
‘cause there I can
Pretend you’re mine
I can pretend you’re mine
We kiss all time
But only in my mind
Only in my mind

Waking up from another dream
Where we’re making love and it’s ecstasy
I’m saddened by the thought that you are not
There when I open my eyes
Maybe it’s a mistake
Maybe it’s not ok
To think of you all night and day
I’m starting to believe
That I’m out touch with reality
‘cause now I can

Tu Coma'e Para Tu Compa'e

Written By: Kelly Jo

I’m afraid of not being able to call you mine
‘cause the train to get back home to see you is too
Expensive and the distance is
Separating in more ways than one
I’m trying, darlin’ why can’t you see I’m
Fighting for the future I know I saw
In your eyes but the present presides
In more ways than one

So who am I to pretend to be your lover
When I, I’m just a lover
Of being yours

Tu comae para tu compae
Tu comae para tu compae
Someone to lead the way
When I’m lost in the haze
Tu comae para tu compae

I know that the distance in between
Made you cold and that’s the only reason you
Keep saying that you’ve been praying
In more ways than one

So So Good

Written By: Kelly Jo

I know you soon will find a way to justify her actions
Each and every day
But the truth is that you can do no longer
Of being wronged by her
Kisses, caresses that she would refuse
I would take them all from you
Oh baby, you need a lover more like me

‘cause I know you don’t wanna be
Alone at night, alone, alone at night
So just let me love, let me love you
The only way I know how to

Good, good
Baby you know I could love you, love you
So so good, good
Baby you know I could love you, love you
So so good
And you know that deep inside I’m for real
That’s why I’ll love you better baby and always will

And you know better than to love her
The source of all your pain and all your hurt
You say that you need someone by your side
I say you need someone to do you right
You say you need a little lovin’ baby
Well c’mon over here and get you some
‘cause I’m tired of playing around
And not havin’ no fun


Written By: Kelly Jo

I know that this sounds crazy
But I really loved that girl
They took her from me
They say she doesn’t belong in my world
But I crowned her queen
As crazy as it seems
But she was a showman
And she took their hand instead of mine
Oh, I cried

Come back to me
My Persephone
Oooh, I gave you everything that I had
Oooh, How dare you say that here you were sad

I know you might be thinking
She must’ve left for some reason
But I swear she’s lying
Or she lied to me
I’m just a man blinded by love
I gave her the fruit, ooh nana ooh nana
And I told her what to do
But she was a showman
And she took their hand instead of mine
Oh, I cried


Zerimar, Album 2008
My Favorite Mountain EP 2010

Set List

ORIGINALS: So So Good, Pretend You're Mine, Kissing or Crying, Tu Coma'e Para Tu Compa'e, Keep My Name Out, For You I Will, Make 'em Happy, Morning Sun, Nervous Kisser, Persephone, Maybe If I'd Written Neater, Another Blues Ditty, Pull, Bend, My Beloved, Starting Over Thing, Stay With Me, The Stumble Inn, My Music and You, You're Still Young...

COVERS: Red House/ Jimi Hendrix, Mercedes Benz/ Janis Joplin, No Ordinary Love/ Sade, Crazy In Love/ Beyonce, Heatwave/ Martha and the Vandellas, While My Guitar Gently Weeps/ George Harrison, Franklin's Tower/ Grateful Dead...