The Kennedys

The Kennedys


Pete & Maura met at the Continental Club in Austin TX, went on their first date at Buddy Holly's grave in Lubbock TX, & within a year, were touring, as part of Nanci Griffith's band & as her opening act. 8 CDs later, they enjoy loyal followings in both the guitar camp & the singer-songwriter set.


Pete and Maura Kennedy met at the Continental Club in Austin Texas. In the dark confines of this roots rock sanctuary, they hit it off immediately. Within twenty-four hours, they had written their first song, "Day In and Day Out". Pete was playing lead guitar with Nanci Griffith, and he left town for a gig in Telluride, Colorado, a thousand miles northwest of Austin. After the show, they spoke on the phone and agreed to meet at the equidistant point: Lubbock, Texas. They each drove five hundred miles to celebrate their first date at Buddy Holly's grave, in the windy west Texan cotton town.

There was more cause for celebration when Maura joined Ms. Griffith's band and they set out on an extended tour of the British Isles, opening shows all over England, Ireland, and Scotland. In a dusty little dressing room on the top floor of Dublin's Olympia theatre, they penned the songs that would become their first CD, "River of Fallen Stars". The CD was awarded the "Indie" award in 1995 for "Best Adult Contemporary CD" by the National Association of Independent Record Distributors.

In 1995, the duo hit the road to record their second CD, the ambitious "Life is Large", which wove their talents with those of guests Steve Earle, Kelly Willis, Nils Lofgrin, Roger McGuinn, and the Dixie Hummingbirds. They were nominated once again for the NAIRD Indie award, and the title track became their signature song. Their third CD, Angel Fire, was a largely acoustic, lyric driven collection. The following CD, Evolver, was a big, rocking set that included the power pop "Pick You Up". In 2001, they released "Positively Live!” a live album that captured the blistering guitar jams and rocking vibe that set them apart from other acoustic acts.

The Kennedys are comfortable in a variety of styles ranging from roots rock to soulful acoustic pop, and they write books and produce videos when they’re not igniting incendiary Gretsch jams, but ultimately it's their chemistry, their love for each other, and their unashamedly idealistic pop vision that has carved them their own niche onstage and in the studio.

The Kennedys latest release, Stand, is yet another superb work of unpretentious, finely crafted folk/pop. Joyful eclectics, The Kennedys salute all genres past and present, trampling over musical boundaries in their search for the perfect hook.

The first track, “Dharma Café” is an ode to your favorite boho coffeehouse, the kind of place where you wrap your hands around a cup of non-corporate espresso and wait your turn on open mic nite. “Raindrop” is a road trip to sunshiny California: it sounds like a lost outtake from “Smile”. The guitars ring like bells, but if angels dance on the high E string, devils lurk on the low one. “Ashes and Sand” and its dark twin, “Don’t Hold Your Breath” are moody ruminations on betrayal and mortality. And have you heard the news? “Sincere” is back in the pop music lexicon. There is, in fact, joy in The Kennedys’ music, and also a measure of pathos. There are, in places, moments of revelation committed to tape. This is all part of what they do, day in and day out, and the title track, “Stand” brings it all home. A call for social, political, and, above all, spiritual tolerance, this is as close as pop comes to a new kind of panoramic gospel.

Look for their upcoming CD, "Half A Million Miles" (Appleseed Recordings), in stores August 23, 2005



Written By: Pete & Maura Kennedy

Can you feel a song rising up?
Can you hear the language of love
Can we walk together,
the winding road up to the rising sun?
There was a time when we could only see,
Waves of grain, from sea to shining sea
Now the world is smaller but our dreams are larger than they used to be

Come on now stand, Come on now stand
Come on and stand,
Plant your sword in the sand
In this age of unreason, there’s a time and a season for love….Stand

Like a pilgrim traveling in disguise,
I searched for God, I found it in your eyes
Now I know there is
a place where sweet compassion never dies
It’s between the darkness and the light
and the deepest stillness of the night
There's a fire that burns
Where hearts can find their wings and take to flight

Come on now stand, Come on now stand
Come on and stand, Plant your sword in the sand
In this age of unreason, there’s a time and a season for love….Stand If you feel love, stand

Allah, Buddha, Yaweh, Jesus Brahma
People get ready there’s a train that’s coming
Many different legends, just one story
All aboard the train that’s bound for glory

Stand, come on now Stand, Come on now stand
Plant your sword in the sand
Oh, stand, come on now stand
Come on and stand plant your sword in the sand


River of Fallen Stars (1995 Green Linnet, reissued 2003, Varese Vintage) - AAA and Americana radio

Life Is Large (1996 Green Linnet, reissued 2003, Varese Vintage) AAA radio

Angel Fire (1998 Rounder) AAA Radio

Evolver (2000 Rounder/ Zoe) AAA Radio

Positively Live! (2001 Jiffyjam) Folk Radio

Get It Right (2002 Jiffyjam) AAA and Folk Radio

Stand (2003 KOCH) AAA and Folk Radio

Half A Million Miles (2005 Appleseed Recordings) AAA and Folk Radio

Set List

Typical show is two 50-minute sets. Our sets differ from show to show, but a typical list might look something like this:

Set 1:
Life Is Large
Dharma Cafe
River of Fallen Stars
When I Go (Dave Carter song)
Easy People (Nerissa Nields song)
Shearwater (instrumental)
Anna & The Magic Gown
Cross the Big Sandy/Orange Blossom Special (instrumental medley)

Set 2:
Wall of Death (Richard Thompson song)
Fortune Teller Road
Half a Million Miles
Velvet Glove
Angels Cry
Midnight Ghost
And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles song)


we throw in a cover or two for fun or as an encore. Typically a Beatles, Byrds or Dylan song.