The Kentucky Cadillacs

The Kentucky Cadillacs


The Kentucky Cadillacs are a high energy mix of rock, country and Americana. They are an original blend combining to make a standout band. Their originals are thought provoking and memorable and they make all those classic covers sound brand new. ...Dachshund not included


"Special thanks to drummer Michael Duncan for a drum solo so astonishing, I still can’t figure out how to praise it enough"

- Michael Alicea Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

“The Kentucky Cadillacs” have recently been thoroughly satisfying audiences in and around the South Florida area and are set to perform in 2008 throughout Georgia, Kentucky, Alabama and NYC. Their live stage show revolves around Dave Van Epp’s incendiary guitar solos and Michael Duncan’s formidable drumming combined with Kathleen Mahoney’s powerful and mesmerizing vocals. Primarily, their show consists of cuts from their upcoming 2008 Indie released EP “Drunk, Crazy & Cryin” but they frequently spice things up with covers ranging from classic Merle Haggard, Billy Joe Shaver and Loretta Lynn remakes to more recent favorites such as Lucinda Williams, Kasey Chambers, Kathleen Edwards, Old Crow Medicine Show and Sugarland. Their performances have been described as electrifying and they make covers sound like they could be originals and their originals are exceedingly memorable and well composed. Between Kathleen’s strong vocals, Dave’s stellar guitar and Michael’s dynamic drumming, this trio’s sound will fill any room. All three members of “The Kentucky Cadillacs” are accomplished musicians and performers.

Dave Van Epp is at this moment one of the most sought after chicken pickin guitar players in NYC. Previously he was endorsed by ESP guitars and was a founding member of rock-a-billy legends, “The Underbellies” in Miami Florida.

Michael Duncan has been at his instrument for most of his life; he started playing the drums as a young boy and is still wailing today. His playing has been called lyrical, dynamic and astonishingly expressive. He was a founding member of legendary Florida bands “Night Train” and “Hell Hounds” who were featured on the Dan Akroyd’s House of Blues radio hour, as well as local heroes “The Tucker Brothers”. His playing is consistent and riveting and he is widely considered to be one of the best drummers in South Florida.

Kathleen Mahoney picked up her classic Gibson JD45 Jumbo guitar when she was just 15 years old. The first thing she did was write a song of her very own (ahhh….”Turtle and Tuna Night”, that was a good one). Over the years Kathleen has been featured on stage and screen as an actress as well as a vocalist. She is an accomplished singer, songwriter and performer of vivid depth and perception. Her lyrics have been described as raw and evocative and her vocals have been known to elicit tears from more delicate members of the audience.

*** Dachshund not included


Soldiering On

Written By: Kathleen Mahoney

I was just soldiering on
Stopping and waiting for that pain to move on
Wishing instead for your hands around my waist
Longing instead for that smell and that taste
But that can’t happen now you’re gone
So I…….just keep soldiering on

Hot Jim Beam and cold diet coke
These are bad days here in old South Dakota
Heat rises up in my heart
And to hold my world together
That old whiskey’s just a start
So much can’t happen now you’re gone
So I……just keep soldiering on

Freedom isn’t has never been free
At least not for good folks like you and me
He was just soldiering on
Sorry to inform you m’aam he’s gone


I wake up now with nothing but the day
Clothes on the line and kids out to play
Sometimes I freeze in just this one place
Try to remember the lines on your face
But that won’t happen now you’re gone
So I……..just keep soldiering on

Freedom isn’t has never been free
At least not for good folks like you and me
He was just soldiering on
Sorry to inform you m’aam he’s gone


Set List

Drunk Crazy & Cryin, Soldiering On, Blue Ridge Mountain Rain, Lizzie Boone, 4th of July in Florida, Right Now, Whatever Happens

Down in Mississippi - Sugarland
Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show
Only Hurts When I Cry - Dwight Yoakam
Heaven's Just a Sin Away - Kelli Willis
Back to Me - Kathleen Edwards
Home of the Blues - Johnny Cash
Old Weakness - Delbert McClinton
Makin Believe - Wanda Jackson
Runaway Train - Kasey Chambers
Fast Train to Georvgia - Billy Joe Shaver
Mama Tried - Merle Haggard
Let's Kill Saturday Night - Robbie Fulks

And many many more!!!!