The Kevin Fox Band

The Kevin Fox Band

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

High-energy, delivers energetic performances and songs fashioned from real life experiences. Memorable hooks and driving performances that not only entertain, but engage. Songs about life, love, and having as much fun as you can possibly have before you die. Latest CD RELEASE "ALL OVER THE PLACE"


The Kevin Fox band is pop, roots rock. Winners of two Cincinnati music awards "Songwriter of the Year" and "Best Roots Rock band". In 2005 and 2006 we covered most of the east side of the country from Jacksonville, Florida, to Madison, Wisconsin, to New York, NY. What set's us apart from most bands is our combination of catchy lyrics, interesting music, and the ability to Jam when it's necessary. Our influences vary all the way from James Taylor to Van Halen to Dave Mathews to Nirvana and back again. We've been compared to bands like Bare Naked Ladies, John Mayer and Santana. It's usually the catchy Refrains combined with insightful verses and a sense of humor that earn us our fans. In 2005 we were invited to three major music conferences MPMF of Cincinnati, MECA in Chicago and MEIC in Louisville KY. We played the Motor City Music Conference in Detroit, the MECA in Chicago and the Midpoint Music Festival in Cincinnati. We've recently opened shows for Tracy Byrd, Anthony Campbell, and Sister Hazel. Our latest CD is "all Over the Place"


Different Places

Written By: Kevin Fox

I am in a dancing mood but you won't leave your chair. So i'm dancing on my own.
Say you want to go home soon I want to stay here. Nothings wrong with going home alone.

You are here and I am here, but were in Different Places.
The sun is shining over me, but you like darker spaces.
sadness is your winter coat I wear smiling faces.
you are here and I am here but we're in Different Places.

What's the use in talking there's music in the air.
Why are you so afraid of silence?
No need to make a scene to show that we don't care.
demeaning is another form of violence.

You are here and I am here but we're in Different Places.
The sun is shining over me but you like darker spaces.
Once you turned your back on me black magic couldn't save us.
You are here and I am here but we're in Different Places.

I feel the heat when you are cold I can't change the weather.
nobody can tell me what to do.
trying to convince myself we still belong together.
is sorry telling lies about the truth.

Lets Go

Written By: Kevin Fox

Lets Go,
Riding through Indian Hill i'm getting higher yeah I aspire to be rich some day I drive around checking out all the big houses I wouldn't spend my money that way I'd have a one room aprtment in any old city some place I never want to go cause what am I doing in a mansion or a shithole but looking out the window

Never want to be at home Let's Go-
Let's go round the world
Never want to be alone Let's Go
Open up the door and Let's Go see the world

Taking myself downtown on a monday I'm looking for some music that's alive I hit the MadFrog with the sound of Tropicoso Man I wish that I could dance like those guys and I'd rather be doing it than watching it anytime is there anytime those words aren't true but I dance myself into the shadow of a corner and i'm looking out the window

Never seem to feel at home Let's Go-Let's Go round the world
Never want to be alone so Let's Go Open up the door and Let's Go see the world

When nothing can drag us from the TV someone save us there's so little time to see so much I knew a girl from the west side who never left her neighborhood wound up marrying her highschool crush I said what if your true love lives halfway round the world don't you want to fly she said the day I leave here we'd probably both get on a plane and pass each other in the sky

Makin Up

Written By: Kevin Fox

Stingey til your dying day then you try to give it all way, If you think it works that way then you've got some waking up to do. Cause money finds its way to sin, some say that's where it all begins, when those saints go marching in
REFRAIN- you've got some MAKING UP to do you've got some MAKING UP to do you've got some MAKING UP to do One day I turned thirty five, in shock that I was still alive, now a new life has arrived and i've got some waking up to do. Cause the way I beat my body hung, on the sole intent of dying young, drown my liver smoke my lung now i've got some MAKING UP to do-REFRAIN
Most of us have got some nerve, hoping God is grading on a curve, think you won't get what you deserve, then you've got some waking up to do. So cheat and maybe bend the truth, lay that hammer turn the screw, I aint gonna lie to you i've got some MAKING UP to do-REFRAIN
Some get used and some get kept, some things I just plain forget, some days I just overslept, now i've got some waking up to do. But I don't believe in self regret and it hasn't bitten my ass yet, I hope there's time to pay my debt cause I've got some MAKING UP to do
Take some time and make amends, remember how we all were friends, if you think this is where it ends then you've got some waking up to do. Cause the world is full of evil men, who sat on death row born again, i'm not saying you're one of them but you've got some MAKING UP to do-REFRAIN

Doesn't Do It

Written By: Kevin Fox, Jason Phelps, Annie Boxell

Let me tell you bout my girl
I can't get her alone
It seems everywhere we hide
somebody's always in the way
Friday night in my back seat
we didn't get too far
came a knockin on the steamed up window
Love is never found in the back seat
Of a Police Car

Making Love on the Phone
Doesn't Do it for me
Her friends won't leave us alone
That Doesn't do it for me
Her brothers in the next room
that Doesn't do it for me
when I get her alone her mamas on her way home that Doesn't do it for me

I took her to the movies
sittin in the back row
We didn't make it through the previews in through the door walked her Aunt Flo
She had a job at Old Navy
ahe had a boss named Bob
we forgot aobut the two way mirror
love is never found in the dressing room she lost her job


Written By: Kevin Fox, Steve Waak, Angela Tarr

I've been given the perfect woman quit taking care of her one day
each time she offered me a chance to love
I gave it all away
Now I live in a reflecting pool with broken mirrors of her trust
there's such a thing as going one too far
I can't bare to think of us

Separated reaching out to touch what is just out of reach
I know it's too late to go back to my world cause
I isolated the only thing worth anything in my life when I Separated from the one I love

I liked to believe that love was hopeless
something that I would never find I'd go out searching for that pot of gold in a diamond mine
Crack every heart like it's an oyster steal the pearl and toss the shell taking the one thing that was beautiful
open empty and farewell

It's never too late to learn a lesson the truth will always set you free don't take your mind off of the things you love you could end up like me

Platonic Burrito

Written By: Kevin Fox, Eric Betts, Marc Burkhardt, Buff Bowman, Doug Turnau

A fish tailing band van fish tacos to go what's in the bottle drink up nobody knows the fumes made me dizzy the smoke wa good too Platonic Burrito spider in my shoe

All I could think about All I could think about All I could think about was gettin back to you

I gave away my keys i've got 84 degrees Charpees and sharp knives be very careful please give me a royal flush split 22 ways ferry godmothers and three perfect days but

thanks for the wise words smoke up an appetite the daughter the mother they both llok good tonight I think that was my beer did you pass it on who's got a foot of wood the bass man played on

Here comes the bridge the worlds most dangerous bridge but we're going to cross it cause that's where the fun is and if it should crash and we sink to the bottom don't look for my license I haven't got one no no

The waitress was perfect we all took a vote sinking U2 songs and pony on my boat trudk drivers band girls honking their horns Smokey got mixed up in gay doggie porn


The Kevin Fox Band "All Over The Place" 2005

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"The World in My Head" CD released in 2000

"Somewhere's Waiting" CD released in 2002

"Freeze" Written by Kevin Fox, Jason Phelps and Chris Estes. Performed by "Pay The Girl" TVT Records, reached Number 20 on the Hot AC Billboard Charts January 2003

"Don't You Want to Stay All Night" and "I Can Barely Breathe" Written by Kevin Fox, Anthony Campbell, Chris and Amy Estes from the Anthony Campbell CD "Release Me" on Bestes Music were released on January 12th 2005

The KFB song "I Miss Everything" was picked for the Budwieser True Music compilation Cd released July 2005 sponsored by WEBN

"Hurry Back Home" an all acoustic tune dedicated to the military men and women over seas, written by Kevin Fox is currently #20 on

Send $5 dollars to the address listed above with a return address. Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

"I Will" Written by Kevin Fox and Chris Estes of Bestes Music Nashville Tenn. is currently on hold with recording artist Corey Franklin

The KFB song "You've got to Go" is the opening track of the compiltaion CD "The Saturday night Guitar Pull" Cincinnati. Produced by Dave Mckell (Kenny Rogers fame) www. 2003

The KFB song "It's Not Over" landed track four on the MidPoint Music Festival Compilation CD 2003

The KFB song "Smokey (nothin but a good dog) will be on the S.O.S Save Our Strays 2005 Compilation CD "Return of the Snugglers" and is scheduled for national release in june 2005

Set List

The Kevin Fox band have about 100 songs in their catalog. KFOX band has enough material to cover a four hour show but prefer the one to one and a half hour set where they can break out their strongest tunes. During any show you can expect to hear their most requested songs