The Kevin Maines Band

The Kevin Maines Band

 Orlando, Florida, USA

We're a roots based band combining aspects of soul, blues, jazz and funk. We do allot of free form playing with Saxaphone and slide guitar solo's. Our theory is to write groove based tunes people can identify with and sing along to. Then blow the doors off the place instrumentally.


We really are a true collaboration of different styles that essentially all come from the same place, so in the end they end up meshing well. I (Kevin) grew up with influences like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Albert King etc, and then found the slide guitar and was truely inspired by Elmore James, Taj Mahal, Duane Allman, Warren Haynes and mostly Derek Trucks. As a vocalist I like old school soul singers like Ray Charles and Otis Redding and as a writer I dig guys like Ben Harper, G-Love, Johnny Cash, and Bob Dylan. Frank Marchant, being a saxophone player is originally rooted in straight ahead jazz players like Dexter Gordon and Coltrane but plays a very progressive energetic style of horn that really comes alive when playing over Steve and Todd's rhythm grooves. Steve Taylor's biggest influence is Eric Wilson from Sublime as well as allot of older funk bands like Tower of Power. His Dub style of thick pocket bass lines truely ground the band and give us a more modern sound. Todd Field varies in his playing from the sweaty funky, snare heavy grooves of Herbie Hancock and Elvin Jones, to more modern jazz drummers like Billy Martin and his biggest influence and former teacher, David King of The Bad Plus. Together we try to let each players personal styles have a direct influence over how songs will eventually sound. There is rarely a time that a song will sound the same at the end of the writing process as it did at the begining. Everyone contributes their prefered tone, and then we blast off.


We have just finished our first demo which we hand out at shows. It is a 5 song disc with all songs written, recorded, mixed and produced by The Kevin Maines Band. Most of the songs can be listened to on our myspace page at We have many other original songs that we play live but just have not gotten them down in the studio yet.

Set List

A typical set for us lasts anywhere between 1 and 2 hours depending on the show and venue. We play mostly originals but we play a few covers each show that we've changed to fit our style. Our Original songs are: Sweet Potatoe Pie, Backyard Suzy, Del Sol, Alabama Dancer, Barstow, Curbside and Crazy, Sidewalk Sitter, Get Down Daisy, and Diggin. Our Covers include Aint Waistin time no more by the Allman Brothers Band, Beautiful by G-Love, 3 More Days by Ray Lamontagne, Super Bad by James Brown, Coyote Mongoose by Galactic, Jailhouse by Sublime, Use Me by Bill Withers