The Kevin Maines Band

The Kevin Maines Band

 Orlando, Florida, USA

Gritty mix of Southern soul and Blues Rock


My band came together 3 years ago when myself, Todd Field, Steve Taylor and Frank Marchant to perform our own blend of jazz, blues, soul and funk. After two years I parted ways with most of the guys. I wanted to start writing and playing songs that were less built on improvisational jamming and more built off simple dirty grooves, lyrics and powerful vocals. And to do that I felt I needed a fresh start. So I brought on Dave Merkli on Bass and David Marder on Drums. We played sparingly in 2010 really trying to find our space and giving me time to work and pay back over due bills that had been piling up from years of being a broke musician. Now we're full speed ahead and recording our first full length album with local Orlando producer Justin Beckler. Then we'll hit the road and look forward to those bills I just paid off growing out of control again.



The Death of Sweet River (2011)

Set List

Del Sol
Sweet Potatoe Pie
Alabama Dancer
Backyard Suzy
Get Down Daisy
All Night Beggar
Downside of Lovin you
Radio Prophet
Curbside n Crazy
3 more days
Good Love
Aint Waistin Time No More
I got a woman
Pappy Check
Coyote Mongoose
Cissy Strut
Soul Shake Down
The Weight
We typically play between 1.5 and 2 hours but have been known to fill 3 full hours. We're an original bands but we play a decent amount of reworked covers that are band favorites.