The Kevin Sharpe Group

The Kevin Sharpe Group

 Springfield, Massachusetts, USA

Straight ahead Jazz, Funk, Baroque, R&B, and Metal simmering over percolating rhythms, stewed together with a Gospel broth by a master chef, the aroma of choral harmonies fill the air. That is the music of KSG. Exciting, Energetic, Heartfelt.


The Kevin Sharpe Group is a dynamic, high energy modern Gospel ensemble with their own unique flavor. The 9 voice ensemble and band explore a variety of musical territory from "straight ahead" jazz, funk, smooth, rock, and even odd metered, esoteric experiments but often with a nod to their roots in traditional gospel. KSG, recipients of the 2006 New England Urban Music Award for Contemporary Gospel is lead by vocalist/multi instrumentalist Kevin Sharpe.
Kevin began his musical career singing in his church choir at age 7. By age 11 he was playing drums for that choir and eventually became one of the primary drummers in the Church of God in Christ in the region. Later in college he studied classical percussion, arranging, voice, and choral conducting. After spending years honing his smooth baritone sound (that's often compared to Barry White and Larry Graham)in the vocal Gospel trio FELLOWSHIP, Kevin was lead to branch out on his own.


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