The Key Party

The Key Party


The kitchen sink with guitars. Neo-punk folk. Panic! At the Disco minus the drums, bass, taut guitars and hair.


The Key Party, brainchild of SF ex-pat now NYC native Darren Gaines, is like the mythical party of the same name, you never know who you’re going to get but you know it will be different. The debut CD Hit Or Miss is a DIY to do. Created in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and even one backyard, this $100 microphone affair is what punk rock teethed on. There was a “key party” bowl involved, both as the bowl where musicians dipped their hands in to choose, among other things, what instrument they might bang on and as an instrument. There were toys, homemade instruments and even the kitchen sink thrown in for good meter. And there were friends, “a house party of unusually artistic coterie” said CMJ (2007), who mingled into the soire. What came of this mismatched shebang has been hailed as “15 songs of rock and roll poetry celebrating the debauched, the broken, the drunken and the misfitting.” (PopMatters 2007).>


Hit or Miss (LP-15 songs) released 2006/07. 4 tracks including We Love You, Sideshow and To Begin Again have been in heavy rotation on Radio add date is June 4th.

Set List

6 to 9 songs. 30ish minutes.