the kgmr band

the kgmr band


The kgmr band presents post-modern wine-drunk ice-skating music featuring piano, rhodes piano, guitar, bass, drums, and trumpet. Their music features both instrumental and lyrical songs involving lush, color-rich chords and quirky-smart melodies.


kgmr has been called a "mad scientist" at the piano. She and her band have been known to frighten teenagers with their subtle but persistent dissonance and uncommon arrangements. Layered and effected guitars mix with piano and vocals in a way that is both simple and complex, yielding an accessible uniqueness. The kgmr band has opened for The Decemberists and enjoy playing dimly lit venues.


she makes wonderful waves

Written By: kgmr

red in the night
sailor's delight
no cause for caution
worry or fright
like the great big expanse
of a heart free and wondrous
you can picture her
in a hemless polka dot dress
but red in the morning
oh sailor, take warning
a warm colored sky shows
her storm is forming
her mood is wet, dark
and faintly thunderous
the wax and the wane
can be murderous

she makes
wonderful waves
heavy, drooping
blankets to brave
don't fold them up
just wrap them around
the rains make
cavernous waves

can you swim
can you swim
can you swim away
can you swim?

in the night
isn't she pretty
in the night
she's a dream
close your eyes
sway gently
but ready to test
your sea worthiness

can you swim
can you swim
can you swim away
can you swim


instant confidante, 2005

Set List

Typical set lists alternate between instrumental and vocal songs, usually between 45-60 minutes, and between 10-15 original songs.