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"San Francisco Chronicle"

Parental guidance suggests that this San Francisco rapper's career began when he was still in his original crib. Robert Quintana, a.k.a. the Kid Rated R, can't remember a time when his parents weren't exposing him to soul, funk or salsa music. Practically before learning to speak, the Kid sang verses on a Fisher-Price tape recorder. He earned his nickname in junior high in Daly City, when a rap contest judge said, "Yo, I can't even rate this kid. He's on his own level." After high school, the Kid Rated R headed off to New York City, studying hip-hop in the boroughs before coming back to California. When doing interviews, the Kid Rated R likes to let his lyrics do the talking, like these from his cut "Music 2 My ...," where he says: "My mama played Willie Colon every Saturday morning. I'd hear Hector Lavoe while I was still yawning" and "Yeah and I'm an '80s baby, and right now I'm reminiscing on the sounds that made me."

Delfin Vigil
- Delfin Vigil

"A Prequel to The Kid Rated R"

A Prequel to The Kid Rated R
by Sheila López

From the depths of one’s soul, music can enrich, enlighten, and enthuse. The Kid Rated R is an example of this, with his fresh, crafty, and lyrical songs. He is a musician that grew up around a musical father, which helped hone his taste toward various styles of songwriting. “Different genres of music never stopped playing in my household, from salsa to soul, to old school hip hop. I have been heavily influenced by the music of my life.” It’s no wonder why listeners of all background can become inspired by The Kid’s music. “I feel that it is a blessing to have the appreciation for music that I have. Music changed my life, and I hope to do the same for others through mine.”

The Kid Rated R chooses not to compare himself to others, since—in an essence—music is to be heard, regardless of the genre. “My style is called hip hop, but I make music for those who appreciate good production, good lyrical content, and a delivery from the soul.” This creative philosophy allows The Kid to establish his art with no boundaries—an art that depends on humanity and the self for creative expression. “My art feeds off of my emotion.” Thus, the fans of The Kid’s music come from all walks of life and are listeners who appreciate his musical versatility. “My music is a combination of different emotions rolled up in one, which all people can relate to…My image conveys raw emotion and an honest opinion.”

Despite his diverse influence, The Kid likes to draw inspiration from some well-known artists of the hip hop world: “Timberland for his production, Tupac for his songwriting, and Biggie for his lyrical content and swagger.” But when The Kid isn’t working on music, he indulges in a little R & R with family and friends. “I like to relax, clear my mind, and watch movies.”

The Kid Rated R is definitely an artist to look out for. He likes to stay busy and collaborate with as many artists as possible. “If it’s hot, I want to be on it.” And no matter what, it is a priority for The Kid to stay original and stay on top of what he does. He encourages everyone to believe in themselves, “even if all the doors are closed. Believe in you and others will follow.”

Check him out at, or at his MySpace, at Also, The Kid and his posse will be posting a new music video on both pages—which shall be very exciting—pretty soon. They’ll soon be selling The Kid’s new release titled, “Remember the Name,” on iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, and Verizon’s V-CAST.

"Your Daily Lick: The Kid Rated R"

In "Music 2 My…," Rated R calls out the music that made him who is: "Everything from Jimi Hendrix to Madonna … Doggystyle: that's the kind of rap that makes me want to rap right now." Why else does he do it? "Just to make ya jump up and down like gas prices." His debut is new, consistently good, marked by expressive raps and solid beats. — Nate Seltenrich



EP- We Ain't Perfect 2010
Remember The Name- 2008



In an industry full of impostors and phonys pretending to be emcees, true talent is scarce. Hip-hop, once an outlet of passionate expression and creativity, is now riddled with rapidly manufactured cartoon characters and fruity loop produced crews. Many find the genre on decline—some may say hip hop has long been dead. Why? Because it lacks authenticity, it lacks taste, and most of all it lacks true talent.

In steps Robert Quintana, aka The Kid Rated R, born in San Francisco and raised by the melodies of soul, funk and salsa. Since childhood, the Kid displayed signs of his passion for music—reciting verses on a Fisher Price tape recorder. After high school, he embarks on a journey to New York where he pays his dues in the city that started it all. The Kid travels the boroughs as a student of Hip-hop and returns to California with a fresh outlook on his own musical endeavors.

The Kid Rated R offers music that is fundamentally grounded; a tribute to a musical genre that used to live in the streets—not the club or the suburbs. With his debut, Remember the Name, KRR establishes himself as a worthy contender among some of the industry’s most notable veterans. Every track on Remember the Name immediately showcases the Kid’s cuthroat lyrical style and a knack for selecting exceptional beats.

In spite of the hordes of makeshift emcees flooding the hip-hop scene, the Kid somehow finds his own unique niche within the industry. His music tip toes on the delicate balance between commercial viability and the approval by hip-hop purists. Without flaunting it, the Kid offers what Hip-hop lacks--true musical talent. And sometimes musical talent can’t be learned simply my memorization and practice. Sometimes you’re born with it.