The Kids Are Radioactive

The Kids Are Radioactive


Jordan Elliot is The Kids Are Radioactive, a young dance producer from LA. A phenom within the LA electro scene, TKAR has taken his skills as an expert guitar, saxophone, and piano player to his productions. His songs are infectious and ready for your headphones or the dancefloor.


The Kids Are Radioactive is Jordan Elliot from LA. At just the age of 18, he has garnered an amazing amount of interest from theelectro community. TKAR is a part of Binary. TKAR's music is immediately accessible disco-house. His productions are up-tempo dance that get you moving whether you're in your car, at home, or in a crowded club.TKAR can play both a full DJ set or an entirely original set. His DJ set is rooted in the most recent cutting edge electro out there, and his mixing abilities will make anyone get up and dance. His live original set is guaranteed to blow any crowd away. The energy never dies down and there are endless twists and turns straight to the final note.

TKARs songs will be featured on the upcoming compilation album from Binary Records (Binary Presents: LA Lights). He is hard at work writing material for his debutEP, and in the meantime will continue his stellar remixes. First featured on the 2008 MOTU compilation, TKAR has gone on to be a blog phenom with his hard hitting Cyrptonites remix. He is an accomplished musician that has played the saxophone internationally, and his musical knowledge brings a unique twist to his electronic productions that give them an undeniable TKAR style. Jordan is pushing boundaries with his new material and there is only so much time before this youngster blows up.


2009: Binary Presents: LA Lights (2 songs)

Set List

30-60 min

Live original dance music.