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The Killaz

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Wars are raging everywhere from the Middle East to the living rooms of suburbia to the minds of our youth. But there is one war that goes unnoticed except to those who are bound by it. Whether by blood, loyalty, or greed, this war is their lives.


The Killaz (formerly known as G.I. Joe Killaz) make their triumphant return with the release of “No Bullets Necessary”, the widely anticipated follow up to their 2002 self-titled debut. The EP also marks the first release from The Killaz under their new name and revamped image. However, the originators of “Lazer Gun Rap” assure fans that nothing has changed, and that this is only the next step in their quest for world domination.

The male/female rap crew made headlines two years ago when they emerged in the public eye portraying characters from the hit 80’s cartoon, “G.I. Joe”. Destro, The Baroness, and DJ Cobra Commander quickly won fans over worldwide with their dark, electronic beats and aggressive, sometimes humorous rap fairy-tales. This, combined with their always theatrical stage show which includes colorful costumes, characters, and extremely unexpected surprises has resulted in a loyal following of “soldiers” pledging their allegiance to the cause.

The Killaz shot to fame following an appearance on MTV’s “The Wrap”, taking part in a no-holds-barred interview where their message of world conquest was heard loud and clear. Everything seemed to be going according to plan for the power hungry tyrants, when only a week later at a live performance in Toronto, Destro shocked those in attendance by murdering his supposed best friend DJ Cobra Commander on stage. He then announced a new agenda, a new name, and a fresh start for the group. Rumors that the change was brought on by a lawsuit from Hasbro (the owner of the “G.I. Joe” trademarks) because of copyright infringement, have been vehemently denied by the group. They insist that the change is “all part of the plan”.

With “No Bullets Necessary”, The Killaz, now consisting of Des (formerly Destro), Stacy (formerly The Baroness) and DJ Billy (the deceased Cobra Commander’s son) continue their quest for world supremacy, spreading their message with tales of social restructure, mass violence, and the importance of laser guns. “1 Gunshot” chronicles the group’s storied history and disdain for their leader leading up to DJ Cobra Commander’s demise. “40 Inch Rims” is a day in the life of Des as he tries to keep his tank so fresh and so clean; A task that quickly becomes complicated once Stacy arrives. And “VX” is an eerie lesson in chemical warfare, detailing the horrific effects of numerous chemical weapons, and where The Killaz might use them.

Futuristic beats, slick rapping and singing, and wildly original narratives are what The Killaz are known for, and as usual, they deliver.

The Killaz are indeed back and poised to unleash the fury of Lazer Gun Rap on anyone who stands in their way. “You’ve never seen anything like this.” says Des from The Killaz secret fortress. Anyone who has heard or seen them before, whether they like it or not, can’t help but agree... The Killaz are here to take over, and from the looks of things it won’t be long until they do.


No Bullets Necessary EP (2005/The Red Mist)

Evil Is... Murdercore (compilation) (2005/LRD)

Seriously Underground... (compilation) (2003/Musikexperience)

G.I. Joe Killaz (2002/Alien8 Recordings)

Takin' Over Tha World EP (2001/No Type)

The Xmas EP (2000/Cobra Records)

G.I. Joe Killaz (2000/Cobra Records)

Set List

The Killaz set list consists of 10-15 original songs, and lasts 45 minutes to 1 hour. Each show is different, however a typical set can include any number of the following in addition to the musical performance… Ninjas, zombies, soldiers, “poison attacks”, poison antedotes, mind control techniques, genetically-engineered mutants, free drinks, cyborgs, free money, hostages, futuristic weapons, casualties, blood, gore, and surprise guests.

Example set list:

The Saga Continues…
One Gun Shot
Eau De Cobra
Zombie High School
He’s Crazy
40 Inch Rims
Python Patrol
Flauge Godz
Who Spilled The Juice