The Killbabies

The Killbabies


The Killbabies make music for people that are sick of music. By infusing elements of electronica, alternative rock music structure and life or death lyrics, The Killbabies provide all of the needed elements to make a statement heard with a resounding: "Yes, I get it."


The story of The Killbabies begins in the spring of 1995 with an arts and music festival featuring sets by instrumental rockers Band X and space-blues band Through the Looking Glass. Enamored with the sonic instrumentals of Band X and dissatisfied with playing second fiddle in his own band, Jackie-O decided if ever there was a band that he should front, it should be Band X. At the venue's very next festival, Jackie was doing exactly that. Though the band ultimately produced more nonsense than results, a strong personal and musical bond was formed between Jackie and guitarist Copelinn. Within a month of Band X's demise, the pair had a new forty-five minute acoustic set written and honed- proving to both of them, that together, they had that certain intangible something that spawns quality material at a rapid rate. Despite this seemingly strong material, the pair decided that a strictly acoustic approach wasn't going to satisfy the desire for that ever elusive next level and the project was quickly scrapped. Over the next few years, they would play together in several different local bands with a varying supporting cast without ever finding that sound they were looking for. Eventually, they drifted apart and into their own worlds. *** In the winter of 2005, Jackie was working on songs with prodigious underground producer/programmer Sydney Suxx under the name The Jigsaw Revolution. On the other side of town, Copelinn was hard at work on the third album from his critically acclaimed electronic project, The New Digital Sound. Though both Copelinn and Jackie had found the next level on their own, and though they hadn't seen each other in quite some time, being in the same room together for five minutes was enough to consumate what would soon become known as The Killbabies, with young Sydney rounding out the lineup. *** The first pressing of The Killbabies debut six-song EP "Little Black Rain Cloud" is on sale via and soon Itunes, Napster, etc...


Little Black Rain Cloud EP

Set List

1. Basic Human Need
2. Something in the Way
3. I wish I was a monkey
4. Watch the Flies Consume me
5. The Kill
6. Harmless
7. Bound for the Floor
8. Return of the Revenge monster
9 . Misery Complex
10. Greetings from Hyde Park
11. End of the World
12. Machinations of Men
13. One eye open