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The Killing Floor

Nashville, TN | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Nashville, TN | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative


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"Pure Volume Premier (Dec 2014)"

The Killing Floor have been hard at work this year recording their sophomore full-length, and though we won't see the final result until early next year, the New-York-by-way-of-London alt-rock quartet is giving us a little taste of what to expect. Today, we're excited to premiere the band's first single off the upcoming album, "Corruption Capital." Pulling from influences like Muse and the Foo Fighters, the track is a seamless blend of melody and gritty, political rock. Stream "Corruption Capital" above.

"'Corruption Capital' was actually an idea that the band had knocking around for a while," rhythm guitarist/background vocalist Oliver Alberici begins. "It started out life as a simple chord progression that I had but didn't really know what to do with. That was until one well-oiled and rather foggy night in Marco's basement. We were jamming at his studio space in Brooklyn, and he was on the drums. He played me that 6/8 beat which sounded great and I thought 'Hello I might have something for that,' played the chords and we both realised we we had the beginnings of a decent tune.

"The next day Mark was over and we excitedly played him our previous night's discovery. He then picked up the bass as Marco was still hammering the kit and started with that driving bass rhythm. After a few more beers and a few more tweaks, we had the rough bones of the song down. Then for whatever reason we kinda left it for a while. It works like that sometimes. We always have a number of ideas floating around and when we feel the time is right, we'll pick them out and work on them again. That point came probably a good year or so later. We had worked on a rough melody and lyrical idea in between but it wasn't until we were writing and rehearsing at Stonehouse Studios in England, which is in an old converted barn in the Surrey countryside, that the song really came together. Pete hits his drums hard so straight away the beat sounded great and we were all cooking. That's when Mark came up with that guitar riff over the chorus, which really took it to eleven!

"We then finished writing the lyrics and melody and took it to Stronghold studios near Brighton to be recorded by producer Gez Walton, who did a fantastic job. He really managed to accentuate all the different parts and got some really cool sounds out of us. The song is basically an anti-establishment song, and a call to rebel at the continuous greed and corruption of our generation by the powers controlling us. Yet at the same time, the ability and desire to look to the future with optimism and hope. I think this is a frustration a lot of people are beginning to feel nowadays, so hopefully it will strike a chord with some folks. And if it doesn't, then hopefully they can just enjoy jumping around and rocking out to it for four minutes. I know we do."

The "Corruption Capital" single is set for a September 30 release and can be purchased through iTunes. - Pure Volume

"Live Review (June 29, 2013)"

Having already made their mark in Guernsey when they played The Fermain Tavern last year, tonight’s headliners, The Killing Floor, were starting from a strong point as it was clear many in attendance tonight had come out to catch this band again.

From the off the band showed why they recently got a slot at the Download festival at Donnington as Marco Argiro’s amazing charisma blasted from the stage, capturing anyone in its path while the band’s excellent pop rock songs brought to mind both the more American style of the Foo Fighters as well as the British end of the 90s pop rock movement with bands like 3 Colours Red being mentioned in the crowd, but all with The Killing Floor’s own extra twist.

The bands power didn’t take long to get to the crowd with many singing along to many of the songs and more and more dancing as the set went on and call and response number Shout really striking a chord with the bands fans, and winning them many new ones as well it seemed.

Certainly tonight’s gig had that special feel to it and, heading into festival season, acted as a great warm up, especially to Chaos which is famous for being the more rock ‘n’ roll end of proceedings on the islands and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is the last time we get to see The Killing Floor in a venue this size as they seem to be on the rise to much bigger things – but I hope this isn’t the last time we get to see them over here. - Tom Girard

"Live Review from Download Festival"

More bluesy rock provided from The Killing Floor who not only sound great with Marco Argiro‘s strong voice complimenting their sound, but they suit the acoustic stage so well. Though they struggle to get the crowd moving, admittedly mainly due to the shitty weather, they’re still widely appreciated by all, particularly with tracks like ‘Catalina’. - Dead Press!

"Indie Week Review - The Killing Floor"

The Killing Floor Indie Week

Who: Killing Floor
From: Brooklyn, NY
Preformed: 2am – Oct 10 (night),2012 – The Hideout

Pre-show hype: The Killing Floor’s second release Survival of the Fittest is full of sweet riffs and catchy hooks. This was their first time playing Indie Week and we wanted to see what this band was all about

Crowd: 1/3 full filtering in and out industry types and some local regulars.

Style: Somewhere between mainstream and true 70's rock. These boys remind me of Sloan, Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Jimi Hendrix and this is certainly in a very good way.

Technicalities: Good sound and lights for the most part

Memorable moment: These guys were very thankful to play Toronto Indie Week and very respectful to the crowd. The entire set was memorable.

Sex appeal: Tight pants, leather clad New York boys and Alberici’s CBGB’s T-Shirt screams instant street cred!!!

Mentionable song: “Your Enemy”

Comment: Mark Alberici had a chance to show his Hendrix style ability towards the end. However, I would have liked to see more solos throughout the performance.

Total rank: 7/10

By: Darrell Shelley
THE SCENE - The Scene Magazine

"Live4ever Presents The Killing Floor"

Who: Mark Alberici, Oliver Alberici, Marco Argiro, Peter Landi
Where: London / New York City
When: Fontanas, NYC, August 9th. 10pm sharp.
Why: For fifty years, the UK and US have led the rest of the planet by the hand through that greatest of musical and cultural revolutions we all lovingly know as Rock n’ Roll. So it’s probably not the worst idea to bring those two worlds together in a head-on collision of British melody and American grit – which is exactly what The Killing Floor have done.
London brothers Mark and Oliver Alberici, together with Marco Argiro and Peter Landi of New York City, have laid down their compelling fusion sound in the famous Electric Lady Studios, resulting in the 2011 self-titled debut album which showcases a cross-Atlantic formula that makes them the perfect choice as the latest headliners of Live4ever’s Presents series of gigs held monthly at Fontanas, NYC.


"Uber Rock Review (July 2010)"

"Built around the arena rock guitar histrionics of brothers Mark and Oliver Alberici, tracks such as 'Temptation' and 'Shout' are custom made for mass appeal, especially when the band's meaty vocal hooks start to get under your flesh. 'Leap To Safety' and 'Stealing Prayers' meanwhile take the anthemic formula of the pervious tracks and twist them with a nihilistic simplicity. Vocalist/bassist Marco Argiro sounding a dead ringer for Stephen Dewaele on the haunting 'Stealing Prayers', whilst his understated throbbing bass mixed with drummer Chris Bunatta's dry snare makes 'Leap To Safety' the perfect antidote for anyone experiencing Foo Fighters withdrawal symptoms right now". - Uber Rock UK

"Album Review by Uber Rock"

Following a triumphant UK tour with Jesse Malin back in the summer of 2010 Anglo/American Alt-Rockers The Killing Floor flew back across the Atlantic to write new material, looking to flesh out the material they had already recorded, in the form of the band's previously released 'Tour EP', as well as produce some brand new material. This writing and rehearsing process took up the latter part of 2010 and the beginning of 2011, often seeing the band locked away for months on end amidst the unusually heavy snowfall - something that I feel has most definitely contributed to the overall sound of this their debut release.

The end result of being holed up all winter is an Alternative Rock album in the vein of artists like Keith Caputo and the legendary Psychedelic Furs, offering College Radio friendly tracks which are decidedly moodier than the usual Alt-Rock fare without becoming too miserable or angsty. The album itself is a diverse mix of strong Alt-rock singles, sing-along tracks, some almost Punk-like rockers and blues based Americana which will no doubt appeal to a wide variety of moods and listeners.

Opening track and leading single, 'Leap To Safety' is a perfect tone-setter, introducing the aforementioned dark Alt-Rock sound that is consistent throughout the album, combining atmospheric vocals and lyrics with tight musicianship to create a strong single-quality song and the ideal lead track for the album. Follow up 'Shout' showcases some real live sing-along" potential, something which is shared for a couple of other tracks, namely 'Temptation' and 'Stranger's Isle', which also reveals a poppier side to the band and will no doubt see them gaining plaudits for not being afraid to experiment with catchy choruses which have an infectious quality in so much that once they get stuck in your head they're there for the duration.

Also offered up is a smattering of the Americana in the form of 'Who's On Your Side' and 'Grace', tracks which seem destined to end up being played in a dusty bar frequented by patrons who'd prefer you'd "leave the bottle", having a soft, sad tone without completely falling out of the bottom and turning into The Hold Steady.

In stark contrast to these softer songs the band also move to almost Punk Rock overtones with the tracks 'Star Baby' and 'Mind Control', which have more in common with bands like 3 Colours Red and Queen Of The Stone Age rather than the likes of Biffy Clyro or Kings Of Leon, both lyrically and by also being decidedly more aggressive than the other tracks on the album (though they do avoid jumping too deep into this Punk Rock sound).

'Self Titled' eventually wraps up with the 7 and a half minute epic, 'Your Enemy' ending on an extended instrumental jam which fully showcases the band's musical abilities, and fittingly does so without coming across as gratuitous or over-indulgent.

The overall aesthetic of the album then is a blend of brooding tone, navel-gazing lyrics, radio-friendly choruses and somewhat sedate, tight musicianship mixing together to offer up something which perfectly fits the environment in which it was created - a removed and dark yet familiar and recognisable landscape. The sedate nature of many of the songs on the album is interesting - these songs sound like they may erupt at any moment, but then stay just below bursting point, keeping the listener hooked in for the sucker punch, an effect reminiscent of say Soundgarden's 'Nothing To Say'.

With their debut album The Killing Floor don't so much challenge the institutions of the genre as work within those boundaries to create something, which is both, recognisable but also very distinct, having the ability to expand out and incorporate a variety of different influences and styles into their music.

Although The Killing Floor doesn't challenge the formula of Alternative Rock with this album the old saying of; "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", really is very true here.

To find out exactl - Uber Rock UK

"Uber Rock Interviews TKF (December 2010)"

With Jesse Malin back in the UK touring right now, we thought it rather apt (or spooky call it what you will) for us to catch up with the band who opened for Jesse during his summer 'Love It To Life' UK tour, the four guys from New York and London going by the name of The Killing Floor.

Fusing an intellectual approach to modern day rock with a gigantic barrage of riffed up anthems, The Killing Floor made enough of an impact on yours truly on the opening night of said tour for me to not only purchase two of the band's gig only CD's but audaciously claim that "stadiums awaited them" in my subsequent live review. They really had made an impression.

Normally that's where most of our relationships with bands end but not here, as the background story to this interview goes something like this...

6th July 2010 and it's the second show on the 'Love It To Life' Tour that I've attended, I've not long got back into the UK and I'm making my way out of an intriguing interview with Jesse and Todd from The St Marks Social Club when I'm approached by an excited bowl haired individual trying to coerce yours truly into a totally spontaneous interview, it's about 100 degrees in the venue and I'm honestly not feeling so good...I would later get to know this individual as Mark Alberici guitarist from The Killing Floor but at the time jet lagged and not exactly feeling with it I polietly made my excuses and made for the exit promising we'd do an interview when I actually had some questions to ask his band. Some two to three months later and I've now not only made virtual mates with Mark, but also the band's lead singer/bassist Marco Argiro and he's just got back from being on a tour with Marky Ramone. So the start of Novemebr seemed like exactly the right time to start to make good on my earlier interview promise. Add in Mark's guitar playing brother Oliver to proceedings and we had all the right ingredients for some quality chat, Killing Floor style.

Hi guys firstly many thanks for taking the time to talk with us at Uber Rock.

Mark; Good to talk to you again.
Marco; Hello John! Nice to hear from you.

The Killing Floor are going to be something of a totally new entity to a lot of our Uber Rock readers and that is in spite of you having recently supported Jesse Malin here in the UK in the summer, so please tell us a bit about the band's history.

Mark; Well we all met in NYC at Jimi Hendrix's studio Electric Lady in the west village. Marco and Chris were together in one band and Oliver and myself were in another and we both used producer Mark Plati on our records. If I remember correctly Marco lent me his Marshall Stack for my session. We basically stayed in contact from that day on and when Marco came over to the UK on his solo tour I invited him to my studio to try some vocals on a bunch of new songs me and my brother had written. He came down and I believe we busted out about 8 demos that afternoon, and that was basically the start of THE KILLING FLOOR.

So how exactly did the Malin tour come about?

Oliver; The tour came about after we played a great show at Jesse's Bowery Electric club in NYC. The word got back to him and he asked us to come down for a jam one afternoon, which was a lot of fun. He then invited us on the tour. Pretty much simple as that.

Mark; Yeah and Jesse actually said that he had tried out a number of other bands for the tour but thought we were the band that killed it, which was a nice compliment. We had to learn 'Burning Down The Bowery', 'Black Boom Box' and 'Disco Ghetto' in one day which wasn't easy but I guess we pulled it off.

What did you guys learn from playing with such seasoned professionals as Jesse Todd, Johnny and Ty ??

Oliver; Well we did learn not to ever try Johnny's hot sauce again! My god that stuff is ridiculous, he gave us the smallest drop and we were all on fire! After that he was known as Johnny Fireballs. He must have asbestos innards. No seriously i - Uber Rock UK

"Live Review by Uber Rock (June 2010)"

Taking up a balcony spot for Anglo/American four-piece The Killing Floor, they manage to continue the fine tradition their headliner has of bringing cool new bands out of the road with him. Singer/bassist Marco Argiro has a sort of Paul Nicholas seventies rock star charm about him that should see a fair few ladies waft his way as the tour progresses. The band's guitarist Marc Alberici meanwhile rather spookily resembles a certain member of D Generation circa their debut album. Sounding like a mash up of Soulwax and Post Stardom Depression with some Grohl like pop sensibilities the band's imminent album has a fine single cut in the shape of 'Shout'. Stadiums await I think. - Uber Rock UK

"Soletron Exclusive: Rocking With The Killing Floor"

Soletron recently caught up with an up and coming band called The Killing Floor. Guaranteed you’ll never see another band like this. The Killing Floor commands a stage better than most and they’re doing some pretty big things! Made up of four members, two from London and two from Brooklyn, The Killing Floor just collaborated with legendary Hollywood director Joel Schumacher. You can check out the trailer for the video below! Get with The Killing Floor on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what they’re doing. Hit the links below to download their music!

How did The Killing Floor get started?

“TKF basically started with an idea and a bunch of songs that Mark and I had that we wanted to develop into a new project. We had met Marco and Chris before when working at Electric Lady studios in NYC using the same producers, and after keeping in touch with them and sending them some ruff demos, we went into the studio in London and Liverpool to begin recording and writing, and forming what is now TKF.”

- Oliver, Rhythm Guitar/BVs

“Yeah I remember the first time I met Marco was in NYC. He lent me his 100 watt Marshall Stack for a recording session at Electric Lady. After that we stayed in touch and remained friends. He came over to the UK for a tour. Unfortunately I was in Germany at the time so could not make it to any of his shows. Oliver and I were already looking for singers and we had him in mind for fronting the band. I said to Oliver, “go check out Marco’s show in Brighton and see what you think”. Well Oliver called me in Germany and told me that after Marco’s performance he jumped up on stage with the headline band whacking the hell out of a cowbell and having the crowd sing “go Marco go Marco”. We knew we had our man! Both Oliver and I had the guitars covered but we had no one to play bass. I suggested to Marco that he should try playing bass and singing. I really liked the idea of having a tall front man playing bass like Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy. Anyway, it sounded great and that was that. All we needed was a drummer and Chris was the obvious choice as he had played with Marco in NYC in previous bands. That was the start of TKF.”

- Mark, Lead Guitar/BVs

“Mark had been sending me demos for a new project he & his brother Oliver had been working on. At the time, I was touring the UK with my band at the time (Le Mood), and at the tail end the tour, I took a leap of faith and decided to venture to South London where the Alberici’s had their recording studio. The first song I laid vocals on was a track called “Leap to Safety.” At the end the day we listened to the rough mixes and we all knew we had something special! Ironically, that first song we recorded that day is now the first track on our debut album.”

- Marco, Vocals/Bass

“Marco & I had a hell of a time hitting the town with the English boys in NYC after our former bands would finish up for the night at the studio; eventually we figured if we could play music as well as we drank / hung out together, we could have the makings of an incredible band! Months later, Marco was back in England doing some early Demos with Mark & Oliver but the drums weren’t quite cutting it and it turned into “Oy, Marco! We need that bloke from your band!” The boys contacted me and sent over a disc with 8 songs — after listening to about one verse and chorus of the first tune (which was “Leap To Safety”) I was sold on the tunes and on a plane to London shortly thereafter! It all came together very quickly.”

- Chris, Drums

How many band members are there and where are they from?

“We are a four-piece. My brother, Mark, and I are from London, England and Marco and Chris are New Yorkers, although Marco is originally from Florida.”

- Oliver

“Yeah, 4 of us. I’m a South Florida native, but I’ve called NYC home for around 8 years now. I currently live in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill area.”

- Marco

How long has the band been together?

“About three years now.”

- Oliver

What makes The Killing Floor unique?

“I would say the thing that makes us unique is that we have some decent songs and we can rock the s**t out of a crowd live! I know that doesn’t sound particularly unique but there aren’t actually a lot of bands that can do that at the moment. Not properly anyway ”

- Oliver

“Yeah we rock hard like QOTSA or AC/DC but we add a bit more melody. I guess you could say it’s “tuneful hard rock”. The songs are strong songs, even stripped down on acoustic, which I think is a good test for any song, and they all work really well. I think that makes us a little different from most current rock bands.”

- Mark

“I guess one of the obvious answers is that most bands aren’t both British and American. It gives us a different sound and always makes for interesting radio interviews when they hear our accents.”

- Marco

“TKF brings good ol’ fashioned balls & bravado, showmanship, and fine English songwriting to the table. The s - Soletron

"Album Review by Rock Over America"

I was pleasantly surprised when I started listening to this CD. So much of what gets released these days is better suited to high school gyms, not pressed discs for the masses. The Killing Floor wasn't what I was expecting. I was thinking that I was getting into another CD with unintelligible "singing" and a cacophony of guitars fighting to be noticed. What I got was eleven tightly put together tracks that could easily find their way into mass consciousness.

The Killing Floor is a four piece band from New York City from what I was able to find. The band is Marco Argiro on vocals and bass, brothers Mark Alberici on lead guitar and Oliver Alberici on guitar, and Chris Bunatta on drums. The band also writes all of the music on the CD which makes this even more impressive.

From the beginning of the first track, “Leap To Safety”, you know that this isn’t the typical unheard of band. The guitars are tight, the vocals are clean, and the rhythm is spot on. Lyrics are thought out and make sense and that’s a refreshing change from what so many bands are putting out. “Grace” is another stand out track that really makes you take notice. The guitar work is excellent and again the vocals are crystal clear. I found “Images Repeating” to be the track that I enjoyed the most. It’s a compelling mix of heavier sounds and lighter sounds that I was just instantly drawn to. The balance that The Killing Floor found on this is something to be commended.

If you’re a fan of Rock music that’s more than yelling and shredding this is definitely one to check out. Not that there isn’t a place for the heavier sounds, but every now and then it’s refreshing to find something that effortlessly straddles the line between Rock and more melodic music. Taking the best of both worlds is something that this band has achieved. I’ll be keeping an eye on this band to see how they continue to evolve. - Rock Over America

"New York Post breaks news of "Star Baby" video directed by Joel Schumacher"

Joel Schumacher will direct the first music video for hard-rock band Killing Floor. Schumacher will shoot the clip Friday in Brooklyn, featuring actress Mallory June, along with band members Marco Argiro, Mark and Oliver Alberici and Chris Bunatta. The plot for the video is still under wraps. But since the song’s lyrics include the lines, “If I find you sleeping with someone else . . . I’m gonna stop your heart from beating,” edgily inclined Schumacher sounds like the right man for the material.
- New York Post, Page 6

"TKF ranked #6 in Deli Mag's list of 2011 Emerging Alt Rock Artists"

"Drawing from the tradition of hard rock as well as from the more emotional and melodic indie guitar rock of the 90s, NYC's The Killing Floor forge a sound that's at once powerful and impassioned. What stands out though is their proficient songwriting, that allows them to write tracks that rise above the average." - Deli Mag

"Melodic Net gives TKF album 4/5"

It is easy to hear comparisons to bands like Queens of The Stone Age, Led Zeppelin and even the Foo Fighters on this hard rocking debut. The production of this album is top notch. Songs are filled with great bass lines that are easily noticeable on their single “Star Baby “ and “Images Repeating”. The guitars and drums sound great but suffer from the same problem as the vocals. They all sound like they have been scaled back during production, which leads to some missed opportunity by The Killing Floor to really add some edge and aggression on the album.

This happens to many great bands in the studio, so it is hard to fault these guys here. A safe CD that showcases their musical assets is what will get these guys noticed and on rock radio stations. Any lack of gritty hard rock feel on this album is more than made up for in their live shows. These guys give it their all on stage, so if you have any doubts about them after listening to this album, just go check them out and you will be loving this band.

A track that you will likely be hearing on rock radio in the coming weeks, if you haven’t already is “Star Baby”. It is a great choice to hit airwaves. It has a little bit of everything I enjoyed from this band, strong bass lines, passionate vocals with hard guitar riffs and a catchy hook. It is all there.

A huge reason why this album will appeal to many is the depth of the music here. This isn’t just an album that sounds like one long song all the way through. The variety of songs kept me coming back to this album again. You have fast hard rocking tracks like “Star Baby”, “Mind Control” (My favorite song on the album) and “Strangers Isle” which are offset by tracks like “Your Enemy”, a beautifully crafted song that is reminiscent of bands like Oasis, The Foo Fighters, I Mother Earth and Led Zeppelin.

The Killing Floor have put out an enticing album here which will appeal to the masses and help them establish a good following in North America and around the world. Time will tell if they can surpass those bands, which they have been influenced by, but The Killing Floor is a great debut for these guys and will undoubtedly lead to good things in the future.

Troy Kramm Nov 2011 - Troy Kramm

"Album Review by Them Blue Midnights"

Oh, hard rock. There just doesn’t seem to be as much of it these days. If you ask around, bands fitting the description are (typically) Foo Fighters, (unfortunately) Nickelback, and (for some reason) Kings Of Leon. Rock ‘n roll in itself these days seems to exists en masse through artsy pretentiousness but what happened to simple, gritty, heavy rock?

Maybe I’m not catching up very well with the format, but it still seems to lurk in the annals of post-grunge. On their first album (self-titled), Anglo-American rock quartet The Killing Floor certainly has all the traces of a hard rock band… However, one that lets go of grunge influences and replaces them with a much heavier (albeit streamlined) sense of musicianship. The guitars are heavy, the drums are loud, and what you get is total in-your-face rock ‘n roll.

The Killing Floor, I have to admit, does not necessarily bring anything new to the table but what they offer is very refreshing. On vocals, Marco Argiro does not try to sound like James Hetfield nor Eddie Vedder – he instead offers a softer croon that recalls at times Alkaline Trio, and it is this very simple difference in singing style that makes the band stand out.

They certainly have the right formula: tight musicianship, strong songwriting and excellent dynamics. Songs like Star Baby, Leap To Safety and Stealing Prayers display a band that has complete control over their sound, and you get into it right away. That’s the charm: there aren’t any secrets here, you’ll know exactly the kind of band you’re dealing with 30 seconds into your first listen.

It is this control in their sound that can also show The Killing Floor’s weakness. They completely shine when rocking their asses off, and there are certainly more than a few very interesting chord changes in their songwriting. But one can’t help but want an edgier sound, because we know they can deliver it. A song like Mind Control has a backbeat that makes you wanna take your car and drive it at 120 miles an hour. Ok, so I don’t have a driver’s license, but you get the picture. The control and croon in Argiro‘s voice however is still intact and you wish he would loosen up and put a bit more Motorhead in the voice. To take this example as simply put as possible: You want them to have their own White Limo, a song that made the Foos’ fans believe in heavy music again.

When the songs don’t really work as well, it’s usually because the band is working on overly familiar territory – probably to themselves, I think. The closing track Your Enemy, is a seven and a half minute epic that works all so well because the band takes the time to breathe and cut loose – listen to the breakdown midway to the song and it makes you think of Pink Floyd, but then it builds up into a massive guitar solo that just simply sounds like the whole band is having fun and doing what they know best.

Despite some repetition in its sound here and there, this is a very strong first album. It hints at great things, and, should they keep on and make what I think will be an amazing 2nd album, The Killing Floor is surely going to be a band you’ll hear playing on your radio’s rock stations (if there are still any left at that point).

Keep in mind, this isn’t music made to be played at small clubs, this is meant for the arenas.

The Killing Floor’s first album is released through Sound Mine Music Works and can be found:


-LP: - Shawn

"TKF album review by James Swigart"

"The Killing Floor's new self-titled album of classic rock with a modern edge is simply amazing. The Killing Floor is full of driving guitar and beautiful guitar solos. Every track lulls, soothes, and shreds. Mark Alberici's lead guitar pierces, winds, and takes with ferocity and grace. Oliver Alberici's rhythm guitar supports and drives like a Maserati. Marco Argiro's vocals and bass guitar are both relentlessly excellent. Chris Bunatta's drums are frequently understated and always perfect. Backing vocals are masterfully understated and only occur at the right times like her touch. If you can't have sex to this you're dead!!!"

James Swigart 11.8.2011 - James Swigart Blog

"Golden Plec TKF live review"

"The Killing Floor are an Anglo/American rock band, a cross between GNR and Queens of The Stone Age with some nice melodies". - Golden Plec UK

"Miami New Times on TKF"

Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Marco Argiro was a precocious talent on the local rock scene. As frontman of the Screeching-Weasel-style pop-punk act the Outrights, Argiro was headlining at local clubs by the time he was barely old enough to drive. A few years later, after relocating to New York City, he started up a more mature band dubbed Le Mood. Older, taller, and sporting some impeccably natty threads, with this four-piece he poured out updated classic power-pop, something like the Kinks with 21st century pep.

But ever the quintessential frontman, Argiro has cool and charm to spare. And while he still plays with Le Mood, in recent months he's joined the international quartet The Killing Floor, started in London but now based between there and Brooklyn (of course). This project is darker and even more Anglophilic, but mining a different era in England's wealthy rock past.

TKF songs like "Stealing Prayers" hinge on post-punk minor-key chord stabs, with the kind of crotch-pumping, anthemic choruses that would make Billy Idol cry more, more more. But as with anything Argiro touches, there's enough pop sheen to ensnare the unsuspecting. The Killing Floor brings rock and roll slaughter to two intimate local venues this weekend, Friday at the Bubble in Fort Lauderdale, and Saturday at Propaganda in Lake Worth. - Miami New Times

"Florida South Social Review"

Marco Argiro’s musical career takes off

South Florida is familiar with Mario and Phyllis Argiro, owners of the classy Moda Mario men’s and women’s store on Las Olas Boulevard, as well as an outlet in Plaza 3000. But bet you didn’t know that their son, Marco Argiro has joined with two musicians from London and musician friend Chris Bunatta of New York (where Marco lives) to form a group that is making its voice heard in national tours as well in England at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival and Liverpool Sound Studio. The group, “The Killing Floor,” played to a standing-room-only crowd recently at a Fort Lauderdale club. Keep a watch on this group’s star to continue soaring. Marco Argiro, son of GQ poster man Mario Argiro and his wife Phyllis, owners of Moda Mario upscale stores in Fort Lauderdale is seen seated, far right with fellow members of ‘The Killing Floor.’ The photo of the group was taken outside the Water Rats Club in London. - Florida South Social Review

"Winners Of Indie Week Canada 2015"

"TKF showed off their professional chops with a clean, perfected sound and lively performance that brought this act to the next level" - Mediazoic


Still working on that hot first release.



THE KILLING FLOOR combines the best of British and American rock, and delivers an electrifying blend of alternative, rock, pop, punk and grunge.

With a blistering live show, The Killing Floor draws together raw visceral power, with impassioned melody and songwriting which has earned them comparisons to acts like, Queens of The Stone Age, Muse, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

The members, hailing from both the UK and US, came together when brothers Mark and Oliver Alberici from London, had a chance meeting with Marco Argiro at Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios in NYC where they had all been working with hit producer Mark Plati (David Bowie, Cure) on separate projects at the time. Recognizing they shared not only a producer, but many of the same influences, ideas and attitudes to music, they began writing and recording together and after taking the name The Killing Floor from the Howlin Wolf song, hit the road with their new material, quickly gathering a following and gaining the reputation of being one of the best new live acts around.

The Killing Floor then released their debut self-titled album which the press described as "an enticing record with mass appeal”, “proficient songwriting”, with an “infectious quality”. The song 'Star Baby' was chosen as the album’s first single, and the band shot their first music video with legendary Hollywood director Joel Schumacher, some of who's film credits include: The Lost Boys, Batman Forever, A Time to Kill, and Flatliners. The single was featured in MTV programs, Road Rules Challenge, The Real World and Best Ink, and received heavy rotation on US radio. In support of this, TKF toured throughout the USA, Canada, UK and Europe, taking in events such as CMJ, SXSW, CBGB Festival, Liverpool Sound City, The Great Escape, and Donnington’s Download Festival.

The band then headed back in the studios of Brighton England, Nashville and NYC, to begin writing and recording what would be their second album ‘Antisocialmedia’  from which the band released the first single  ‘Corruption Capital’ . The song received extensive rotation on US national commercial rock radio playlists including WBOS, KNDD, KXXR, KNRK and WRKZ to name a few. Pure Volume described the single as "a seamless blend of melody and political rock" and the video was premiered on Guitar World Magazine. The video also gained heavy rotation being featured in all Journeys stores throughout the USA.

Last year saw the The Killing Floor continue to deliver their hard hitting blend of rock swagger to audiences on both sides of the Atlantic with live performances at SXSW, The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, where they joined the Vans Warp Tour in conjunction with Ernie Ball, Indie Week Europe as special guests after winning ‘First Prize Best Band’ at Indie Week Canada in Toronto, and across the UK in support of the release of their Ep ’Tongue Tied’. Once again the EP and live shows received rave reviews and featured on various TV and radio stations.

The Killing Floor have just released their new full length album ‘Antisocialmedia’ with live dates TBA .

TKF Perform an Acoustic "Star Baby" on Village Basement Sessions:


Tour History Highlights:

Vans Warp Tour Las Vegas 2016
Indie Week Europe 2016
UK and USA Tongue Tied Tour 2016
SXSW 2016 (official showcase) March 2016
Indie Week Canada 2015
CMJ Music Marathon (New York) October 2014  
Download Festival UK June 2013
European Tour (UK, France, Portugal) June 2013
SXSW (Official Showcase), March 2013
CMJ (Official Showcase), October 2012
Indie Week Canada, October 2012
US Tour, Fall 2012
CBGB Music Festival, July 2012 
Opening Support for Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg, April 2012
New York Fashion Week, February 2012
Dewey Beach Music Conference
US Northeast Tour (NY, PA, NJ, DE), Summer/Fall
UK Tour with Jesse Malin (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales), Summer
US East Coast Tour (NY, VA, NC, FL)
The Great Escape Festival (UK)
Liverpool Sound City Festival