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"The Kilns"

THE SKINNY: A group of musicians with an array of influences ranging from Bach to Ben Folds look to make intricate and catchy pop music.

The members The Kilns from Buena Park, Calif. began their journey as a group when they met in the choir of their private college and later worked together to compose the soundtrack to an independently produced musical. They developed not only a tight friendship, but a desire to form a band based on their musical inspirations. The Kilns influences vary from classical baroque to Queen to Ben Folds. Their musical sensibility and inspirations are easily heard in each of their songs.

Lead singer, pianist and guitarist Jason Harris admits that as a band the music is more important to them than the lyrics. The lyrics are created last in their songwriting process. The Kilns look to build textured, intricate melodies that display their skills as musicians and the lyrics help by complimenting what they have already created. Despite their focus on the music as opposed to the lyrics, The Kilns still focus on creating pop music that can be sung and appreciated by audiences in a live setting. When listening to the songs up on the band's MySpace you can tell that this is a band made of talented, professionally trained musicians. And despite only being in their early stages of existence, they show great promise and possibility of creating impressive pop pieces for audiences to enjoy.

The Kilns recorded a four-song EP this past spring that exemplifies who they are as a group. These songs are currently up on the groups MySpace. They are working hard to create even more songs to enter the studio record a full-length album in the near future.

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"But Still" featuring Nettwerk artist Molly Jenson.

Debut Album will be released in Early March



With a musical background that spans four states and musical influences that span several hundred years, The Kilns have emerged onto the music scene, armed with classically-trained melodies and insightful, if a little ironic, lyricism. The Los Angeles-based foursome references equal parts Ben Folds, Queen, and Mozart in their music, placing an emphasis on catchy and singable melodies, while maintaining a subtle complexity.

Their music speaks for itself. It demonstrates the diversity found in the combined efforts of lead singer pianist and guitarist Jason Harris, guitarist Chris Larson, bassist Clayton Chaney, and drummer Paul Doyle. "But Still," which features guest vocals from Nettwerk singer/songwriter Molly Jenson, is a tongue-in-cheek battle between two conflicted lovers, which culminates in a Mercury-esque soaring bridge. "The Strategist" weaves witty lyricism and piano playing, a la Ben Folds, and "The Talented Ms. One-and-only" is heavily influenced by baroque music with a polyphonic interlude that demonstrates the band's classical sensibilities.

With such variety in their music, it is no surprise that when the Kilns write songs, they focus on the music first. "Lyrics are usually the last step in my process," says Harris. "I know that might be a little backwards, but, I'm much more interested in writing the music and melody than in writing the lyrics."

Another focus of the band is in creating complex musical forms and chord progressions that can still be easily sung by the audience at a show. "Chris and I would constantly have conversations about how watered down pop music had become," recalls Harris. "Power chords dominate the scene these days and we wanted to try something new. Instead of treating the guitars as only "chord players" we wanted to treat them like violins and cellos too, writing in a more polyphonic style, so that when we did play chords, the contrast would be huge."

Despite the band's short existence, the unity of their love of music and creative drive have been present from the start. Harris, Larson, and Chaney all met while in a school choir and later solidified their friendship while composing the soundtrack for an independently-produced, award winning musical "The Drop-out". Doyle was added later on a whim that paid off. According to Harris, "Chris, Clay and I needed a drummer to play a gig, and we randomly wondered if that crazy red head kid (who none of us had ever approached before) would be game. He accepted the gig, and we've been together ever since."

The Kilns are currently continuing to expand their fanbase by touring an energetic and intricate live performance and preparing to re-enter the studio to write their debut album in January.