The Kimbles

The Kimbles

 Austin, Texas, USA

Following the release of their debut EP, this Austin-based band performed original music around Texas while their top jazz single, “Dear Freddie”, went viral on YouTube with 1M+ views. The band wrote new songs culminating in “Meet The
Kimbles,” a diverse collection of both rock & jazz compositions.


Austin & Kelsey Kimble recently released a CD, A Riff in the Age of Melancholy, featuring their original music. After a successful Kickstarter campaign in Spring 2013, they returned to the studio adding bass and drums to record a two-disc set of original music: this time rock and jazz. The Kimbles' new 2-disc set, "Meet The Kimbles," will be released on 10-10-13.

Band members have performed all over the world: Paris, Shanghai, New York, New Orleans, and the list goes on. In Texas, they've performed all over Austin, including KXAN TV, KVUE TV, News 8 Austin, KLBJ radio, KOOP radio, KUT radio, KUTX radio, Austin Music Hall, Frank Erwin Center, Elephant Room, etc.

"Meet The Kimbles" was largely funded by The Kimbles’ loyal fan base. The band launched a fan-funding campaign in Spring 2013, spread the word, and their fans heeded the call, exceeding the goal with time to spare. With plenty of funding, the band headed to Estuary Recording Facility in Austin, TX.

Musically, The Kimbles both polished and expanded their approach, retaining their rich, uplifting sound on “Babaji,” a funky groove tune which calls to mind Kenny Dorham, and
“Black Russian,” a slower minor key gem with a deep pocket. “Dear Old Stockholm,” one of only two covers recorded, is a magical interpretation of the Swedish folk song recorded by jazz giants such as Miles Davis and John Coltrane.
To contrast Disc Two’s jazz styles, Disc One is an eclectic tour around the world of rock, with the upbeat “Can’t You See” paying homage to ska and Jamaican styles and “On
Being Free” exploring Middle Eastern sounds with high virtuosity. “Stories” paints a beautiful landscape, celebrating nature with an intoxicating melody.

In scope, palette, and composition, "Meet The Kimbles" is a more daring and successful leap for a band that already kickstarted their career with a promising debut.


Can't You See

Written By: Kelsey Kimble

Colors dancing ‘round me in my head.
Sitting on the sofa looking dead.
Don’t mind me, I’m in my paradise.
Can’t you see that we’re as good as dead?

Used to watch the cloud float through the sky.
Now I sit outside and wonder, “Why?”
No one else around me seems to care.
Can’t you see that something isn’t right?

Open up your eyes.
They’re beautiful like mine.

Standing in the kitchen, feeling mean.
The food around me isn’t fit to eat.
Walk back out and sit down in my chair.
Can it be there’s nothing here for me?

But the colors dancing ‘round me in my head.
Entertain me if I’m looking dead.
Don’t mind me, I’m in my paradise.
I’ll sit right here, enjoy the ride instead.


Walk outside and put my rainboots on.
So beautfidul that nothing can be wrong.
The birds outside wake up, sing to me.
Can it be, I somehow know their song?

So, take my hand and come into my head,
Or I can change your mind for your instead.
Come with me, into my paradise.
Can’t you see that we’re as good as dead?


On Being Free

Written By: Kelsey Kimble

I’ve been hiding for some time, behind facades of simplicity,
While the world sits back and laughs at me, to the tune of some other guy’s song.
But I think I’ve come to know me, to feel the grip of my own hand.
Not just to know, but to understand. Now why did it take so long?

I’m not so bad, you see. Just wild and free.
You’ve been a fool trying to chain me. I’m destined to be free-

Ooo… oo oo. Oooooo

Can you forget your fears and come outside and play with me.
Instead of always running away from me. I promise I’ll show you some fun.
You’ve got a lovely mind, and I’ve been a dreamer too.
Can I just stand right next to you? I think that we both could be one.

I’m not so bad, you see. Just wild and free.
You’ve been a fool trying to chain me. I’m destined to be free-

Ooo… oo oo. Oooooo


Written By: Kelsey Kimble

Today’s the perfect day for catching stories from the wind,
And when I catch the seven wonders, a story I will spin.
I’ll write of singing birds, whispering trees, and how it all begins.
Then I’ll sing it back to you and hope that you will be my friend:

La la la la- la la la la la-
La la la la, la la- la la, la la.

I’ll catch exotic birds, learn their words, how they throw them at the sky,

And when their words inspire change, everyone’ll wonder why,
Cause it’s nothing I’ve not heard before, you can hear it in their cry.
They say, “This world’s a lovely place and we don’t have to die.”

No, we’ll never, never die-
La la la la- la la la la la-
La la la la, la la- la la, la la.


"Meet The Kimbles" (The Kimbles, 2013)

"A Riff in the Age of Melancholy" (Austin and Kelsey, 2013)

Set List

1. I’m Fine
2. People, Living
3. Can’t You See
4. Nowhere to Go
5. Left Behind
6. Six Twelve Song
7. On Being Free
8. Stories
9. Steps on Concrete
10. What Have I Don

1. Babaji
2. Austination
3. Dear Old Stockholm
4. Austin’s Line
5. After You’ve Gone
6. Austin’s Thang
7. Black Russian
8. Blues and the Absinthe Booth
9. The Master