The Kinde Trio

The Kinde Trio


The Kinde Trio is an instrumental band based in Rochester, NY. It's rather hard to pin down the exact kind of music we play, but let's give it a shot: it's instrumental, it's funky, it's interesting.


We are an instrumental jazz funk group out of Rochester NY. Our main objective is to have fun we do this buy having a wide pallet of originals, and covers in a number of different styles. We like diversity with in our sound so we can adapt to please any crowd necessary. That is why we play in a number of venues from coffee shops to bars to out door festivals. We want our sound to be heard and we want people to enjoy themselves. Do you like poster art? our guitar player has created posters for : Ben Folds, Bela Fleck, John Scofield, John Hammond, The Slip. and many more check out the art section of our website for art as funky as our music.


lyrics we don't need no stink'n lyrics

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Big Big space (live disk 2002)
Grillin (studio CD 2005)
Donation for an unchanged nation (studio CD fall of 2006)

Set List

Categorization fails with The Kinde Trio, as they are an infusion of numerous musical tastes brought together by instrumentalists with diversely varying backgrounds. Overall, one could say they fall into a jazz-funk scene, with steady groove breakdowns and energetic improvisational jams interweaving their wave throughout the music. Songs in a set can range from delicate, melodic jazz to dark, stomping funk while always maintaining The Kinde Trio sound.