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West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011 | SELF

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2011
Band Pop Rock




"The Kinected Is Rising"

In almost every town, there is a music scene on some level. West Palm Beach has one, and there are some interesting bands and sounds coming out of our slice of paradise. I hosted the Palm Beach International Film Festival Gala at Eau Palm Beach Resort and Spa. That night was a very fun evening, and also the night I was able to really listen to a fine and musically talented band called The Kinected.
After a very substantive conversation, we both promised to be in touch and we would see if there was a way to spotlight them on The moment has arrived and I have all that I need to get the word out about these guys, forget about the fact that I like them and that they are nice guys, they’ve got talent and the potential to blow up, they dipped their toe in the water with a release called “Hypnotize” from the album Evolution Number 9. It got play on Sirius XM satellite radio(it is sad when “local radio” is asleep at the wheel) and they got airplay inside a chain of stores called “Journey”, there is one at the Gardens Mall. These days you should take airplay wherever it comes from.
The Kinected have been together under that name since 2011, and the name is taken from two words kinetic energy and making a connection with the audience, so combine the study movement and connection, and we also think there is a family reference in the name, of the four members two are brothers and there is one cousin, so it all works together. They have been working hard on their sound and combining types of music that typically are not combined or mixed together, but when they fuse some of what is in those, it works for them and sounds excellent!
We have arrived at a critical moment in their music career, they have been recognized as innovators and are invited to perform the world’s largest new music showcase for bands, it is in Austin, Texas and the show is called SXSW. This is a big deal, many artists and acts were discovered here including John Mayer and many others.
They are a struggling band and need traveling $, so they did the smart thing and have set up a page for those who can contribute, please do. I say if we can all get our friends and throw in 5’s, 10’s, 20’s and more if you are able, we can help these guys get there and represent West Palm Beach the way it should be. I am including the link for the traveling funds needed, plus I am including their video “Hypnotize” because it is very infectious, and you will love it.
They do have a new 5 song EP coming out very soon, so don’t wait to throw in for their trip, it is coming up the middle of March. We wish our guys well, and hope that something big comes out of this! - Palm Beach Live Work Play

"Junior's Cave Music Interview with Pop Rock/Electronic Rock Band, The Kinected"

Finding good and interesting music is one of the pleasures of this publication. Our search for great music brings us to the Pop Rock/Electronic Rock Band, The Kinected. The best part to this band’s music is the authenticity and originality of the band’s Rock signature sound. In this spotlight with the band, we get the 411 on their current mission to bring their love for making music to the masses. Here is what formulated from our wonderful online discussion.

Isaac: Many music critics have stated that Indie Music is on the rise with many new performers being discovered each day. Do you believe that indie music artists can rise to the level of stardom that their major music studio counterparts are able to now?

The Kinected: We do feel that Indie Music Artists have the potential to do such a thing. The creation of social networking platforms and video uploading sites such as YouTube has really provided an outlet for independent artists to compete without the major music counterparts’ financial backing. The same music is constantly getting shoved down people’s throats throughout mainstream radio and listeners are actively searching for places that provide a different meal per say. Prior to 2005, there was really no platform for people to do such a thing, and it wasn't as simple as uploading videos at the click of a button like now.

Isaac: What do you feel has been your biggest contribution you have made to Indie Music Industry thus far in your career?

The Kinected: Released an independent album that can cross genres, fuse styles, and still be enjoyed by different demographic. Our album Evolution #9 is a collection of tunes you can throw on at a party and have a dance off to. Go for a long jog or a high intensive workout. Other tracks you can drink wine with your significant, philosophize with friends and get all introspective.

Isaac: I am interested to know if you could go back and change anything about your own musical career, what would it be and why?

The Kinected: (Answered specifically by Marck Mangel, drummer of The Kinected). I would have tried a little harder to learn another instrument like the piano or guitar. I was and still am so in love with the drum set. Growing up learning drums, alongside of school and work I felt I had no extra will to learn another instrument.

Isaac: I am curious to know do you feel that the music industry as a whole is surrounded by an endless pool of undiscovered talents or overcrowded with mediocre performers.

The Kinected: We think that mainstream media overcrowds television and airwaves with packaged, contrived mediocre performers with shitty lyrics and ridiculous messages to dumb us down and discourage free thinking. With that said, there is ABSOLUTELY an endless pool of undiscovered talent and we hope that people actively search for music that connects with them as opposed to settling for Gangnam Style.

Isaac: Are you currently signed with any of the Indie Music Labels? If not, what are you looking for in any music label that you hope will complement your music?

The Kinected: No we are not signed with any Indie music label. We look for a label that understands our vision, so that their marketing fits our sound and retains the integrity of the music.

Isaac: What do you feel has been one of the biggest challenges for you to bring your music to the masses?

The Kinected: Getting airplay and broad distribution. Corporate radio is called corporate radio for a reason ....They must pay for ads so the artist with the most financial backing will get the most airplay. YouTube, Satellite radio, podcasts, and other Internet media is our saving grace.

Isaac: One of the best attributes for any performer to possess is tenacity. What is your professional and/or personal drive that has made you continue to make great music over the years?

The Kinected: To grow in general is only possible if you humble yourself. We have to believe that our best piece of work as artists have not been written yet. That is our drive. Knowing that every day, we can better ourselves as writers, performers, and contribute something new and fresh that people can relate to and connect with. It is what motivates us.

Isaac: How has living in your current city affected the way you look at the music industry?

The Kinected: The importance of touring is now more than ever apparent to us because of the current city we live in. There is not much of an original music scene or music industry in South Florida. Growing up in the New York City area and working in Manhattan for a period of time really gave me a taste of what a city with an original music scene should be like; (Answered by Ron Anthony).

Isaac: We would love to see a music video from you! Do you currently have one that you can let our readers know about?

The Kinected: Yes we do. We just released our music video for "Hypnotize," which is our first single of our debut album, "Evolution #9." It can be seen on our YouTube channel at

Isaac: At the end of the day, if you never reached musically to a certain level of fame and fortune, would you be happy that you made music on your own terms?

The Kinected: Yes, we didn't choose to be musicians for fame and fortune, if that was our sole motivation and goal, we’d try to be a cheesy reality stars. Don't get us wrong, we want to get paid for the service we provide - entertainment, motivation and inspiration, but we wouldn't be nearly as interested in being musicians, songwriters and performers if we weren't trying to create something new and original. We make music to get it out, to give back to the spirits that moved us when we heard them. We want to make people feel the energy and vibrations we felt.

Isaac: For those who want to learn more about you and your music, where can fans find you online?

The Kinected: 11: For those who want to learn more about The Kinected please visit us at any of the following websites.
and also Search for The Kinected in the iTunes store to purchase Evolution #9.

Isaac: Finish this sentence for us: “Your music is something that will…”

The Kinected: “...move , inspire , energize , surprise and entertain you!!! It will take you somewhere else for the duration of the song and album. - Juniors Cave Online Magazine

"The Kinected: Evolution #9"

Sometimes we get albums that are not as good as we had hoped and we struggle to write a review because we can’t find enough to write about, this is not the case. I love this job for many reasons, one of which being I get albums like this sent to me. This is amazing, one of the best quality albums for an independent artist I’ve heard in a long time. Every song is incredibly catchy but not too much like everything else you hear on the radio from artists that have sold out. The guitar is incredibly clean and you can make out every note without having to think about it, every drum beat comes in so clear you don’t even have to listen, you can just feel it. The bass keeps the groove going and the vocals are just the cherry on top. This is one of those albums that has me wondering why it is The Kinected is not bigger. I would highly recommend keeping an eye on this band, they are bound to do something huge with their careers. They have this ability in their music to appeal to the masses who enjoy today’s music but at the same time give off this vibe of 80's rock. This is a must have album just so you can say “Oh, I had that album before anyone even knew who they were.” - Booked Promotions: Andrew Maffettone (Founder/CEO)

"The Viewfinder: The Kinected, “Hypnotize”"

At first glance, it’s as if Peter Gabriel’s “Shock The Monkey” has been reborn in the 21st Century. Upon closer look however, you’ll see that the video for The Kinected’s “Hypnotize” is so much more (And with no monkeys to boot). They’re a little bit retro (Think INXS and Duran Duran) and a little bit modern (BLACK TAXI immediately comes to mind) with a whole lotta electro thrown in for good measure making for a killer combination.

Vocalist/guitarist Alex Zapatier is a smooth operator behind the mic but it’s the collected charisma of The Kinected that takes “Hypnotize” to new levels. - POP! BLERD

"The Kerri Edelman Show presents Pop/Rock Band The Kinected"

The Kerri Edelman Show presents Pop/Rock Band The Kinected.
Visit URL to hear interview from September 11th, 2012. - Kerri Edelman

"KJAG RADIO (KANSAS) radio interview"

KJAG RADIO Interview with Alex Zapatier of The Kinected - KJAG RADIO (KANSAS)

"Fearless Radio presents: The Kinected"

Ron from The Kinected called in to the studio on May 25, 2012 to talk about their internet presence, their plans for the studio, where the band got their name, and more. - Fearless Radio

"Rock over America press release: The Kinected"

A relatively new four piece band out of Florida, The Kinected has recently released their debut album, ‘Evolution # 9’. While it is rather difficult to find very much about how the band came to be, they are all over the internet, and their website does contain a short bio, plus touring information and just about everything else you’d expect of a band website.

Vocalist and guitarist Alex Zapatier, vocalist and keyboard/synthesizer player Ron Anthony, bassist Michael Begleiter, and drummer Marck Mangel describe their sound as Club Rock, Pop, and something I’ve never heard of called Sex Funk. While listening to ‘Evolution #9’, I also found hints of Hard Rock and Electro thrown in the mix... maybe that’s where the ‘sex’ in Sex Funk came from.

The first track, “Hypnotize” is solid- the vocals are very strong, especially when Zapatier and Anthony are singing together. The music is very bass-heavy and funky during the verses, building into very Electronica vibes during the choruses- this is definitely a song to dance to. The band made great use of Hard Rock guitar sounds toward the end of the song tying everything together. “Feels Too Good” starts in a much more reserved way, still reminding the listener that this is a Funk band. Even though heavier sounds do come in to play, this song is just different from the two before it, in a way that’s very hard to describe. I absolutely adored the short guitar solo before the last chorus, and the way the song faded out at the end.

“Radio” has a definite club feel to it, it’s fast paced, heavy on synthesizer and energy. The Kinected didn’t skip on the Rock with this track either, Zapatier and Begleiter working hard together to give “Radio” serious edge. “Victim of Circumstance” finishes out the ten track album, wonderfully dark and grinding sounding at the beginning, this song is just very frank sounding. Somebody has definitely been pissed off and it shows through not only the music and lyrics, but the way the lyrics are being sang. “Victim of Circumstance” displayed very much musical diversity and was a wonderful end to ‘Evolution # 9’ if you ask me.

Overall, ‘Evolution # 9’ is a good cd if you want to dance, put yourself out of a bad mood or are a fan of Funk and Dance music. Those of us who lean more toward Hard Rock, Metal, and the like may want to be wary. The weak point of the album is the lyrics; some of the songs just aren’t there and don’t seem to have the meaning that The Kinected said in making the album they set out to have. Other than that, this was a great first release and if the all people who have been voting for ‘Evolution # 9’ on websites like iHeartRadio are any indication, The Kinected have a wonderful career ahead of them. -

"Music 2 Rise presents: The Kinected"

West Palm Beach, FL brings us a Pop Rock called The Kinected. The Kinected is currently charting #1 in the Hits category for iHeart radios, Discover and Uncover. On June 13th the Kinected will be featured on The Daily Buzz Morning Show which is syndicated on over 175 stations. Be on the lookout for the Kinected as they will be featured on Channel One News this summer. - Music 2 Rise

"AUTHORIZED TO ROCK: The Kinected by Guitar Trump"

THE KINECTED is an original four-piece band that blends together a unique mix of pop, rock, funk and electro to create songs that will get you on your feet and swaying your hips in no time. The band was recently placed on Clear Channel / iHeart Digital in HITS where they went to #1 for Top 20 On Demand after just one week.

THE KINECTED has played with many popular artists including: Duran Duran, The Strokes, Gnarles Barkley, Daughtry, The All American Rejects, Journey, Bryan Adams, Foreigner, Candlebox, Switchfoot, Mat Kearney, VHS or Beta, Vertical Horizon, The Brazilian Girls and MGMT. At Sunfest 2011, the band won “Favorite Act”, beating out other artists like Cee Lo Green, MGMT, Jason Mraz, Sheryl Crow, the Avett Brothers and more! Click the link and check out the interview with Alex Zapatier of The Kinected -

"Channel One Music presents This week's featured artist: The Kinected"

Their pop-rock-funk sound connects a lot of musical dots. In a phone interview with Ron, he listed funk, classic rock, Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Depeche Mode and of course, The Beatles, as well as newer bands including The Killers and Neon Trees as influences. The songs themselves -- you can hear three from their album, Evolution #9 here -- were written mostly by Alex, but as Ron explained, "we've found a real musical kinship. They were produced in my home studio. The album is about a lot of things -- romance and love, but there are also some saracastic tracks and we hope that comes through. We think it's important to have a message." For them, that message is the idea of evolution. "I'm interested in reading and learning because once you stop evolving, that's it." -

"The Kinected Album Review by"

Today the speakers have been blasting a new favorite. Let’s meet The Kinected and their original music. A solid sound with some excellent guitar riffs in the music. You will hear hypnotic bass and some seriously good rhythm. The song lyrics are meaningful with timely hooks. In fact the vocals are very well executed through-out the entire song with interesting harmonies and melodies. The listener will find a nice build in the song’s energy that leaves you wanting more when it’s over. A suitable solution to that is to play it again. The mastering and quality of this LP is outstanding. Be on the lookout for this group in the headlines. They have what it takes to become legends. Find out their performance schedule to catch a live show or more information about the guys in the band on the webpage at - Ranelle Golden of

"Have you been Kinected yet? by Music Junkie Press"

The 80's not only had some great Rock and Roll but it also provided a time to enjoy New Wave and Modern Rock music. Well those times are long gone…. But guess what, there is a great new band out there called The Kinected that is bringing it all back to life, blended with their own unique sound that is taking the airwaves by storm. It is great feel good music that reminds me of the first time I heard Pet Shop Boys or Duran Duran. They have an amazing sound that is a fresh blend of rock, pop, funk and an electro edge. There first single “Hypnotize” from their new album titled Evolution #9 has been dominating airplay on XM Sirius Channel 3 “20 on 20?. It will have you moving and wanting more and more!

The Kinected is Ron Anthony on vocals, Alex Zapatier on guitar, Mike B on bass and Marck Mangel on drums. I had the opportunity to interview vocalist Ron Anthony who has such a smooth voice on this album. Check out the URL site for a bit of that interview - MUSIC JUNKIE PRESS

"Interview with Ron Anthony of The Kinected"

Shauna O'Donnell of Muen Magazine interviews Ron Anthony of The Kinected - Muen Magazine by: Shauna O'Donnell

"CD Review: The Kinected Become Part Of The "Evolution""

From Florida comes the debut album, “Evolution #9” from The Kinected. The album was released back in February through New Ocean Media and their music combines electronics of keyboards and synthesizers with a funk, pop-rock backbeat with smooth, catchy lyrics.

The album begins with “Hymnotize” which combines all the elements described above to create a modern pop music hit. Their music is geared for the dance floor just as much as it would appear on rock radio. The songs “Headgame” and “Money” rely heavily on keyboards and dance beats, while the band try to expand their sound on “Fly” and the Maroon 5 sounding “Feels Too Good.” The album closes with “Pressure” which carries a darker tone to the song with an industrial rock backdrop and “Victim of Circumstance,” which is the heaviest rocker on the album.

The band is currently touring around their home state with a shows at Palm Beach Gardens and Delray Beach. Tour dates are lined up through mid-July. For a complete list, please visit their website at - JP's Music Blog

"Spotlight On: The Kinected"

The Kinected is an original four piece group who's sound is somewhat of a hybrid. They blend pop, funk, and rock with an electro edge. The music features well-crafted songwriting sensibility with intelligent, relatable lyrics. The songs contain several hooks, both rhythmic and melodic, that seamlessly groove together to form this unique sound. -

"Artists On Demand"

If you can say you know anything about music, I have no doubt in my mind that you will love Evolution #9, the debut album from south Florida’s next up and coming band The Kinected. This album is upbeat, melodic, and highly energetic.

Right out the gate “Hypnotize” snags your attention with its catchy beat causing your feet to move on their own accord. Before the end of the song, I guarantee you will be out of your seat dancing away. The album continues on keeping you interested, adding in a bit of heart-felt lyrics.

The album as a whole has a few areas that could use a bit of sprucing up, including some passion behind the lyrics on a few of the later tracks, but for the most part Evolution #9 is a success. With an 80’s-like vibe, dance beats, and sing-along lyrics, The Kinected gets a round of applause for the new album! -

"Outside the Dial Underground Rock Radio : The Kinected"

Floridian four piece band, The Kinected, strike gold with their debut album “Evolution #9”. With well executed guitar riffs and catchy dance style beats, it’s very hard to walk away from this album. I felt very nostalgic listening to “Evolution #9” reminding me of the early 90s rock i.e. DoubleDrive and Dinosaur Jr. While listening to The Kinected I realize that there are still bands out there who don’t saturate their music with tons of special effects, they just produce pure rock. “Evolution #9” is a perfect example of a hard working talented band who knew the sound that they wanted and stuck to it. I give this album an 9 out of 10 for their riffs and beats as well as their lyrics. I love bands that tell stories and not just repeat the same three words. You can check them out on Itunes and hear for yourself why The Kinected has taken over the southern Florida music scene and will soon be dominating across the nation. Aim for the world boys, you deserve it! -

"Check out the new CD review from Pure Grain Audio of The Kinected’s Debut Album, “Evolution #9“"

The Kinected's debut record, Evolution #9, is a terrific mix of hard rock, pop, and a very healthy dose of funk. Evolution #9 immediately got my attention and the rest of the funk-dripping, hip-swaying tunes kept it for the remainder of the disc. This is a record that will get under your skin and force you to take notice and I guarantee it will have you up on your feet in no time at all. Crooning vocals, soaring guitar solos and catchy choruses make this one well worth a listen. - Bruce Moore of

"Taking Your Pulse: Local rock wins out for favorite Sunfest performer"

Before SunFest began, the buzz may have been about the national acts. But afterwards, there were a few local bands entering the conversation.

And voters in our Taking Your Pulse poll took notice.

local rock band beat out all of the national acts in the race for favorite SunFest performer.

The Kinected — a West Palm rock group who was also lauded back when some of this group’s members were part of Big Bang Radio, who played SunFest in 2006 — led the way with 25.5 percent of the vote.

They beat out such well-established musical acts as Jeff Beck (7.3 percent), Earth Wind and Fire (7.1 percent) and Styx (6.6 percent). - Jonathan Tully of The Palm Beach Post

"Review Fix Exclusive: Interview with The Kinected’s Ron Anthony"

Review Fix chats with Ron Anthony of The Kinected, who dishes out the details of their upcoming album, “Evolution #9.”

Having toured with some of the biggest rock bands of this generation including, Duran Duran, The Strokes and The All American Rejects, they’re definitely a band on their way up.

Click the Link Below to Listen in:
- Patrick Hickey Jr. of

"The Kinected’s first release, “Hypnotize” has been “Singled Out” on!"

Today Ron Anthony from The Kinected tells us about their song "Hypnotize," which is the first single from their debut album, "Evolution no. 9". Here is the story: -

"The Kinected: Odd Name, But Some of the Best Original Music Around"

There aren’t a lot of bands that sound as good when I review the video as I remembered them live… Listening live I tend to miss the pitchy vocals, the missed riffs and dropped bass lines, which I catch later when I listen to the video. Not so with The Kinected. Not only do they have some of the catchiest hooks and melody lines in their original material, they nail the vocals, they nail the leads, and the arrangements and production are nearly flawless.

But you can judge for yourself. Thursday at Clematis By Night they played to a great crowd in great weather (and Warner did his usual great job with the sound) so the video can speak for itself.

Not that The Kinected doesn’t do covers; they do a great job on the covers they do, but their original material shines. Their website is as well produced as their music, and they have songs available on iTunes that I plan to download soon and hear…

They’re a bit of a staple downtown; they play regularly at the Blue Martini, helped to open Duffy’s downtown location with a live show, and played last year at Sunfest.

We look forward to hearing more from this up-and-coming band… -





The Kinected is an original band whose fresh and unique sound can be defined as a cohesive blend of pop, electro and indie rock. The music is a recipe of rhythmical guitar with bass grooves that roll over hot beats. Catchy melodic hooks are delivered through smooth yet strong vocals.The lyrics are relatable and interestingly thought provoking. On a dynamically softer level, The Kinected’s musical approach creates soulful acoustic ballads. Performing live, they improvise and expand on album cuts which keeps the energy up and the crowd emotionally engaged.

Alex Zapatier and Ron Anthony's vocal sound is smooth, strong, and highly energetic.  Their rhythmical approach and lyrics are intelligent and sometimes sarcastic.  Alex also delivers catchy, syncopated guitar rhythms and melodic lines thus embedding his own personal stamp to each song.  His solos reflect emotional expression and influences of Jimmy Page, Slash, Hendrix and The Edge.  Alex says, "Every song has a distinct color, mood, and identity.  Our music must have a purpose, create a visual, evoke positive emotion, and hypnotize physically as well as mentally."  

Ron's atmospheric keyboards set the tone while his piano lines aim for the heart.  His signature synthbass often mirrors the bass guitar, defining the groove and engraving it in your mind.  Ron states, "I want to connect with people the way Stevie Wonder has with me.  Our music should relate to each listener through a wide range of emotions." 

Mike B's bass lines are infectious and memorable.  He states, "I want to hear our music played in the first club on Mars." 

Marck Mangel holds down and sets the tone with his drumming style and attitude.  He adds, "Our thoughts and emotions are channeled through waves of sound that are designed to flow through the body with a pulse that makes you want to dance, grind and fist pump." 

Band Members