The Kings Kids
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The Kings Kids

Salinas, California, United States | SELF

Salinas, California, United States | SELF
Band Christian Punk


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well mix, and very entertaining!
i loved everything about this track, well mostly everything, the vocals need s little more mixing. overall the is a great song, and the hook is fun, punk, and enjoyable.

- alcoholicheroes
Anaheim, California
July 19th, 2008 -

Yea! This trak's catchy! This could be a lost Ramones song. The melody feels really good. Shorten it, some. A song like this doesn't need to be three minutes, especially when it's THIS catchy. You want people to want to hear the song again and again. The singer sounds like he's mimicking Joey Ramone a bit. Keep working at it, find your voice, and you can do good things.
Reviewed by: cubehead from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -

Yeh, this song is about half a dozen songs in the first 30 seconds which is great...a good singalong streeetpunk sound . The guitar solo in middle was nice and tight and the overall production created a quality sound, maybe a horn or some keyboards so as not to get to much into a bag...good luck.

Deadend, United Kingdom
July 16th, 2008 -

like how crunchy the bass is and fact that the drummer is usin those hihats off the beginning.

the lead guitar riff that follows the intro is pretty wicked sounding.

the nanananana part rules! i was hoping something like that would happen since this song is so happy sounding.

lets break down the song:

the guys voice seems like it could be good, but it sounds like he is holding back, i think he could sing a bit louder. the chorus still rules though, i rather enjoyed it

very nice tone, it reminds me of rancid a bit. although i wish it was played more like rancid, cause there was SO much room for a better bass line or a bass solo, but i was really let down... :(

i was hoping for bigger fills, although the snare rollin is pretty awesome, the part around 3:00 has some alright little fills, but i wanted an explosion of drumitude!

the guitar was alright, i did like the little solos and the bigger solo near the end, i just think they couldve been done a little smoother, but hey, PUNK ROCK!

all in all this song kick alot of butt, and i enjoyed it.

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
July 11th, 2008 -


Urgency! CD Self released June 24 2008
V/A Unified By Grace West Coast Rock Vol. 1 2009



The Kings Kids are a Christian punk rock band from Salinas California. The band started in the summer of 2004 when Jason Martinez was inspired by the lack of punk bands at that years’ Spirit West Coast. Soon he teamed up with guitarist Josh Galvan and bassist Andrew Eclavea as the songwriting process gave fruit to more than a dozen songs that would later make up their debut album Urgency! in June of 2008. By then Andrew had left the band, and was replaced by Lupe Gutierrez. A steady stream of drummers came and went over the last couple of years with Milo Zavala coming on board in early 2010. Currently the line up consists of Jason, Josh, Lupe and Milo.

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