The Kings Kids

The Kings Kids

 Salinas, California, USA

From the valley of Salinas, Ca. comes the sounds of The Kings Kids... punk and rock n' roll with a message of truth, redemption and faith.


The Kings Kids are a Christian punk rock band from Salinas California. The band started in the summer of 2004 when Jason Martinez was inspired by the lack of punk bands at that years’ Spirit West Coast. Soon he teamed up with guitarist Josh Galvan and bassist Andrew Eclavea as the songwriting process gave fruit to more than a dozen songs that would later make up their debut album Urgency! in June of 2008. By then Andrew had left the band, and was replaced by Lupe Gutierrez. A steady stream of drummers came and went over the last couple of years with Milo Zavala coming on board in early 2010. Currently the line up consists of Jason, Josh, Lupe and Milo.

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Rescued One

Written By: The Kings Kids

Through the open door, of my heart
verses and memories torn apart
fragile pictures storming my mind
You fill the void that's undefined
mended wounds and battle scars
You set the stage for my desire
through the bloodshot eyes
and the pain, I'm sheltered by holyness in Your reign

na na na... You set the stage for my desire, now I'm the rescued one!

Through the trenches, of my soul
God's Holy Spirit and rock'n'roll
timeless regrets, lessons learned
guilty as charged, this court is adjourned
I've been thrown out, been a victim!
been a product ruled by the system
this time it's all for You
These stories and memories, all are true.


Urgency! CD Self released June 24 2008
V/A Unified By Grace West Coast Rock Vol. 1 2009

Set List

So Much More
The Redeemed
The Upright Stand
Skies Await
Wreckless Hideaways
Jim Braddock
Fallen Short
Hoisted Anchors
One Way Ticket
Unknown Road
He is Who Found Me
Clean Face In a Dirty Place
Rescued One

45 minutes long, though we'll throw in a couple of newer songs to make it an hour long set.