The Kinniebrew Group

The Kinniebrew Group

 Detroit, Michigan, USA

We provide educational and cultural presentations. Additionally, we use music to entertain audiences as they learn. Students leave our presentations inspired, encouraged, and motivated.


Royce Kinniebrew started The Kinniebrew Group over 10 years ago. He was determined to help people better understand the achievements, contributions, and participation of Black people throughout history.

That desire was later combined with helping students increase opportunity for themselves. Whether in K-12 education or post high school, Kinniebrew has been working to help students reach their full potential.

His cultural presentations are much different than what one might see commonly. He acts, sings, and lectures to electrify audiences. His acting talents include one-man stage plays as Paul Robeson and Carter G. Woodson.

His educational programs are data driven. He attacks the dropout crisis in K-12 education head on. He does this by helping students thinking differently about the importance of education.

Maybe Mr. Kinniebrew's most important works occurs with college and university students. He uses his failures and success' in undergraduate education to prepare others.

His program on Paul Robeson is wildly entertaining as it is educational. You can learn about a true renaissance man.

Lastly, Royce Kinniebrew has worked national and internationally. He has lectured and presented educational programs in Canada, Puerto Rico, England, Brazil, and China.