The Kiss and Tells

The Kiss and Tells


The Kiss and Tells call to mind a band out of time and place. A time when people played from their guts on real instruments and without vocal pitch shifters. A place where bands played high school proms and secret engagements known only to the in-the-know.


Scarcely a year old, The Kiss and Tells have already built a rabid following of dance party R n' B punk soul hard lounge-core enthusiasts. This enfant terrible debuted on the Main Stage of the Peterborough Festival last year, played New Year's Eve in Toronto with The Silver Hearts, headlined shows acros Ontario, and recently shared the stage with members of legendary Motown hit machine, The Funk Brothers. The band features the astonishing powerhouse voice of Kait Do-it with angelic accomplice Wyatt 'Red Squirrel' Burton on stringed things and vocals. The rhythm section features Jenny G-Spot on the very low end of love and the triumphant invading blows of Genghis Kom on war machine. Rounding out the group is Charnobyl and his uncompromising nuclear assault on keys and trumpet.


Love School - to come out from Banbury Park Records in 2007

Set List

Rockin' R&B Burlesquey Punk