The Kiss-Off

The Kiss-Off


Julie Taymor, Terry Gilliam, David Lynch, and Stanley Kubrick formed a band in 2078 to confront the growing homogeny and painted-on emotions portrayed in the underground music of the day.


Glam, Goth and a touch of Prog stitch together a sound that tips its hat to 'Scary Monsters' era David Bowie and Peter Gabriel's '3' while still staying firmly rooted in driving rock that's enshrouded in an ever present darkness.


Upcoming 2007 LP
Produced by Guy Benny

5 song self-titled EP 2006
Produced by J.P. Bowersock
tracks are available at

Set List

8-10 song set usually running from 35-45 minutes in length.
- Knots
- More News
- Just Like Sleeping
- Pillars
- Laying Dead
- I'm Your Monster
- Idol
-All Things Happen
- The Weeping
- The Breakdowns
-Old Enough To Know