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The Klapp



The Klapp is 3 years old, and like a messy toddler genius, the band wears a splattering of music on its bib. Playing Reggae, Rock, Funk, Bluegrass, and whatever else, The Klapp are comfortable pushing the boundaries of conventional genres, yet always coming back to that “Island Feel.”
The Klapp has played over a hundred shows. They’ve opened for The Roots, shared the stage with Primary Others, and The Boston Horns. Having built up a strong following from the North Shore on out, The Klapp can fill venues all over New England.

Recent Airplay of the single “In The Coffin” on WBCN 104.1
· #1 Track on Ground Control’s Boston Rocker’s For Life
· Top Billing at the Block Island Music Festival, RI ‘06
· Helped raise $25,000 for MS and Leukemia research in ‘06
The Klapp is led by Matt Munson and Lauren Kapp, who began collaborating at Endicott College in 2003. Munson takes responsibility for the majority of the writing as well as singing lead, while Lauren lends her explosive voice and trenchant lyrics. Clay Austin, also an Endicott graduate, joins in on Rhythm with his fierce blues licks and the up-chuck. Kyle Retallack, who holds down the bass, brings his funky metronomic style. The Klapp’s violinist, Gabe Rossi, adds a harmonic and emotional depth to Munson’s writing. Casey Rillahan brings up the rear in the latest personnel roster. Maybe it has to do with the numerological significance of being the 7th drummer in a long succession of drummers, but The Klapp finally feels that with Casey they have formed a mature and cohesive identity.

Set List

Set list can be provided, but varies show by show.
shows usually last 3 hours, featuring rocking guitar solos, funky bass lines and jaw dropping vocals....

Here are some of our originals:

Last leaf
Reggae sandwich
Not this time
Patience waits
On the rise
Alabama slamma
Munson's rum
No more questions
Evil intentions
Adulterous threats
Bombs away
In the coffin
Step back
New grass
I don't want to wait
Me and Sully
Drunk again
Giggity giggity
Physical world
Innate Debate
Bad way to die
Don't date musicians
Mr. shaky pants